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rates thereon and be collected along therewith, and with the same rights and remedies.

49. (1) The Council may, by a two-thirds vote, permit Poles and wires

for the Minister of Railways of Canada to erect a line of poles and wires for the transmission of electric current from the Intercolonial Railway station at North street to the proposed round house on the Cotton Factory siding, subject to the terms and conditions set out in the ordinance of the city in respect to poles and wires in the streets.

(2) For the purpose of such ordinance the Intercolonial Railway of Canada shall be deemed to be a company, and the provisions of the said ordinance respecting the use by one company of the poles of any other company shall apply to the said railway.

50. Sections 766, 767 and 768 are hereby repealed and Sections

repealed and the following sections substituted therefor:


(1) There shall be a Board of Health for the City of Halifax to consist of six members, who shall be a body corporate under the name of The City Health Board.

(2) The Council shall annually appoint four of such imembers, not necessarily members of the Council, and one of the four so appointed shall be a duly qualified medical practitioner of at least five years' standing.

(3) The Governor-in-Council shall, in May of each year, appoint the remaining two members of the Board, and one of the two so appointed shall be a duly qualified medical practitioner of at least five years' standing.

(4) The two members of the Board appointed by the Governor-in-Council shall be eligible for reappointment for two years succeeding their first appointment, but after the third such appointment shall not be eligible for reappointment by the Governor-in-Council until a period of three years has elapsed.

(5) The five members of the Board herein before appointed by the Governor-in-Council, and holding office at the passing offthis Act shall, on the first of May, 1907, cease to hold such office and shall not be eligible for appointment by the Governor-in-Council until a period of three years has elapsed.


An Act to authorize the City of Halifax to assist the

Silliker Car Company, Limited.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Power to borrow,
2. Loan to company.
3. How secured.


4. Exemption from taxes.
5. I. C. R may cross dlmon Street.
6. General business prohibited.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as. follows:

Power to borrow.

1. The City of Halifax is hereby authorized to borrow the sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand ($125,000) dollars, and to issue its debentures for that. amount.

Loan to company.

2. The amount so borrowed may be loaned by the city to the Silliker Car Company, Limited. when that company has been incorporated and has begun the construction of buildings in the said city, upon the terms of the agreement between that company and the city hereinafter referred to.

How secured,

3. The amount so loaned shall be secured to the city by a first mortgage to be given to the city by the said company, such mortgage to be upon all the real property of the company, and upon so much of the personal property of the company as is naentioned in the memorandum of agreement between the city and the said proposed company, passed at a meeting of the Council of the city, held on the twentyfirst day of December, 1906, and amended at a meeting held on the eleventh day of January, 1907, which memorandum is printed herewith as a schedule to this Act, and is hereby ratified and confirmed.

Exemption from taxes.

4. The exemption from taxation of the property of the said company set out in the said memorandum of agreement is hereby confirmed.

I. C. R. may cross Almon Street.

5. The Council of the city may authorize the crossing of Almon Street by the tracks of the Intercolonial Railway, on such terms and conditions as the Council deems fit, which shall include the erection of suitable gates at the crossing.

General business prohibited.

6. Nothing in this Act or in the charter or franchises of any company that may be acquired by this company shall authorize or empower the company to carry on a general business in dry goods, groceries, and other general merchandize.




1. The city will grant the company a total exemption from taxation for ten years on its buildings, plant and stock, and on the land on which its buildings used for manufacturing purposes are situated, or immediately connected with the same, and used exclusively for the purposes of its business, such lands to be practically in one block, but may be divided by a street, and not to exceed twenty acres in all. In addition to these lands the company may hold, for the purposes of its business, and upon the same terms, a lot of land on the water front, north of the Intercolonial Round House, Richmond, and not exceeding five acres, provided no tolls or wharfage are charged in conDection therewith. At the expiry of the ten years the city agrees that the total yearly value for assessment on such lands, buildings, plant and stock shall, for a further period of ten years, not exceed fifty thousand ($50,000) dollars, the foregoing exemption not to apply to the ordinary water rate for fire protection, nor to the rate for water used by the company, which shall be charged at the minimum rate charged other manufacturing concerns.

2. The city further agrees to loan to the company the sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars ($125,000), at five per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, the same to be raised by the city by the sale of its bonds, the difference in the rate of interest to be applied to a sinking fund for the redemption of the bonds. The company further agrees to pay yearly to the city such further sum of money which, when compounded at the rate of three and one-half per cent. per annum, will redeem the total bond issue made in connection herewith at maturity, and also an amount of one per cent. on the amount expended by the company on plant for depreciation, the amounts so paid to be also applied to the sinking fund.

3. The gums so loaned shall be secured by a mortgage on all the real property and plant of the company, the period of redemption of which shall be one year, but the city will give an undertaking, by a separate agreement, that in the event of the interest and other payments being regularly made, and the other conditions observed by the company, the city will not demand repayment for thirty years, the company to have the right to pay off any part of the bonds at any time at a rate to be fixed.

4. The company may, at any time during the said period of thirty years, pay off any portion of the money so loaned to it by the city, provided :


(a) That any amount so repaid shall not be less than

ten thousand ($10,000) dollars; and (6) That in addition to any amounts so repaid, the

company will also pay to the city therewith a sum sufficient to produce a yearly amount of interest equal to the difference between the interest payable by the city on so much of the bonds issued by the city as produced the amount so repaid and the interest on that amount realized by the city after repayment.

5. The lands and properties now owned by Silliker & Company, Limited, at Amherst, shall be included in the mortgage, unless Silliker & Company, Limited, within one year from the date of the formation of the company, by monthly instalments of six thousand ($6,000) dollars each, pays to the company on account of its stock in the Silliker Car Company, Limited, in cash, the sum of sixty thousand ($60,000 dollars, and the amount so paid is bona fide expended by the company in the purchase of land or the construction of buildings and the purchase of plant to be included in the mortgage.

6. In addition to the mortgage the compaay shall give to the city a chattel mortgage on all its machinery and all its substitutions for and renewals of the same and additions thereto.

7. The company will keep its buildings, plant and stock insured in a sum not less than on hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars in some insurance companies to be approved of by the city, loss, if any, payable to the city.

8. The amount so to be loaned by the city shall be paid to the company in instalments, as the buildings of the company are erected, or lands acquired for the purpose of the company, in the proportion of one dollar to each two dollars so expended by the company of its own moneys, exclusive of the money furnished by the city, the amount of such expenditure to be determined by the City Engineer and City Auditor. When the company has so expended one hundred and eighty-five thousand ($185,000) dollars of its own moneys, exclusive of the moneys furnished by the city, the balance of the loan shall be paid over to the company.

9. The books of the company shall at all times be open to the inspection of any auditor or accountant appointed by the city to make an inspection of the same.

10. Any buildings erected by the company and used for residential purposes, whether on land otherwise exempted

, or not, shall, together with the land on which the same stand, be assessed as other residential properties in the city.

11. The company agrees not to establish any company store, and in the event of its doing so, the exemption from taxation hereby agreed to be given shall wholly cease,

12. In consideration of the foregoing exemptions and loan, the company agrees to establish in the city of Halifax a factory or factories principally for the manufacturing of cars, and substantially in accordance with the prospectus submitted to the Council.

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