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(1) In place of section 9, the following section shall apply and have effect in the city of Halifax:

9. The following license duties shall be payable, and shall be in lieu of all other provincial or municipal duties and fees :

For each hotel having under twenty-five rooms ..$300 For each hotel having twenty-five rooms, bnt not exceeding fifty rooms

400 For each hotel having fifty rooms, but not exceeding seventy-five rooms

500 For each hotel having seventy-five rooms or over

600 For each shop license

250 For each wholesale license ...


(2) In place of sub-section (4), of section 14, the following sub-section shall apply and have effect in the city :

(4) The fee for every such license shall be five hundred dollars,

Agents for sale of liquor.

3. (1) No person shall, as the agent for, or on behalf of, any person, firm or company, having its chief place of business elsewhere than in the city of Halifax, take or solicit any order in the city of Halifax for the supply of spirituous or fermented liquor to any person in the city of Halifax, without having first taken out a license therefor.


(2) Every such license shall be for the year or part of a year, ending on the 30th day of April next succeeding, and shall be signed by the mayor and the city clerk, and issued by the city clerk.

(3) The yearly fee for every such license shall be.

(a) For residents in the city of Halifax, fifty dollars ;

(b) For persons not resident in the city of Halifax,

two hundred dollars.

(4) Every person who contravenes or fails to comply with the provisions of this section shall, for every such offence, be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundredi dollars, and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month.

(5) In any proceeding for a violation of this section it shall not be necessary for the prosecutor or complainant to prove any allegation of non-residence contained in such information or complaint, but the burden of proof shall be on the defendant to disprove such allegation of nonresidence.


An Act to amend the Law relating to the City of Halifax.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Interpretation. 2. Section 124 amended. 3. Assistant Deteetive. 4. Section 247 amended, 5. Sections 254, 255 repealed. 6. Section 301 amended, 7. Stipendiary Magistrate. 8. Sub-collectors. 9. Section 271 amended, 10. Section 272 amended. 11. Bection 361 amended. 12. Section 363, amended. 13. Section 490 amended. 14, Section 576 amended. 15. Liability for paving. 16. Unpaid taxes 17. Instalment for paving. 18. Lien, how extinguished. 19. Report to Council. 20. Street, how paved. 21. Cpening streets. 22. Street vested. 23, Money, how borrowed. 24. Plan. 25. Lien on property. 26. Chapter 65, Acts of 1906, amended. 27. Section 604 anended.


28. Sum for advertising city.
29. “City Home.”
30. Right-of-way for firemen.
31. Free library.
32. Compensation to Edward Brennan.
33, May expropriate land.
34. Exchange for Fuel yard.
35. Tully property.
36. Stayner's wharf.
37. Islesville Engtne House,
38. Workshops and stables.
39. Night soil.
40. Exemption from rates.
41. Superannuation of Chief Assessor.
42. Compensation for revising City

43. Free site for School of Technology.
44, Section 143 amended.
45. Superannuation of Nicholas Power.
46. Superannuation paid to women and

children in certain cases.
47. Permission to remove or erect dwel.

48. Unsanitary buildings.
49. Poles and wires for electricity.
50. Sections repealed and substituted.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows :

1. (1) In this Act the expression "city

"city" means the

Interpretation. City of Halifax; the expression " Council” means the City Council of that city, and any committee or official herein mentioned by name means the committee of that name of the said council or city; the expression “ the City Charter” means the Halifax City Charter, brought into force on the first day of March, 1907, by proclamation of the Governorin Council, dated the 20th day of February, 1907, and any sections herein referred to by number, without other reference, are the sections of the said City Charter so numbered, and this Act shall relate exclusively to the City of Halifax and the said Charter thereof.


The said Halifax City Charter, together with the ordinances and by-laws printed therewith, and the said proclamation, are hereby confirmed and declared to have been in force from the first day of March, 1907, and the enactments purporting to be repealed by the said proclamation and enumerated in schedule A thereto, and also the Halifax Building Act, passed in 1904, but not printed in the yearly Acts, are hereby declared to be repealed, and to have been repealed, from the first day of March, 1907.

Section 124 amended.

2. Section 124 is amended by making the amount of the bond required to be given by the license inspector $1,000 in place of $5,000, as therein provided.

A istant Detective.

3. The police committee may, from time to time, appoint a member of the police force to be an assistant detective, who shall hold office during pleasure, and be paid such salary as the committee determines, subject to the approval of the Council. Any such assistant detective shall perform the duties, and have the powers and privileges of the detective, and any remuneration paid to him, other than his salary, shall be disposed of as in section 237 is provided.

4, Section 247 is amended by making the amount to be deducted from the pay of the sergeants of the police force two dollars and thirty-five cents ($2.35) per month, in place of two dollars ($2.00), as therein stated.

Section 247 amended,

Sections 254, 255 amended.

5. Sections 254 and 255 are hereby repealed.

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ia) By increasing the amount therein provided for the

maintenance of the Citizens' Free Library from two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) to an amount not exceeding three thousand dollars ($3,000);

(6) By increasing the amount therein provided for the

maintenance and keeping in order of Camp Hill Cemetery from five hundred dollars ($500) to one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Stipendiary Magistrate.

7. The stipendiary magistrate of the city shall be deemed an official of the city for the purposes of superannuation, and the provisions of the City Charter in that respect shall apply to the present incumbent of that ɔffice if he so desires. 8. The sub-collectors at the time of the passing of this Sub-collectors. Act in the employ of the city collector, and any person hereafter employed by him in that capacity, may, at their option, be entitled to the benefits of the provisions respecting superannuation, and to contribute to, and participate in, the superannuation fund, as therein provided.

9. Section 271 I, sub-section (2), is amended by striking Section 271 out the words of the last two lines thereof, commencing anended. with the word "provided.”

10. Sub-section (1) of section 272 is amended by adding Section 272 thereto the words following —" which the council may amended. increase to an amount not exceeding eighteen hundred dollare.”


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11. Sub-section (2) of section 361 is repealed, and the section 361 following substituted :


"In the case of a company or association beginning business in the city after the first day of May in any year, the tax for the year ending on the first day of May next ensuing shall be proportionate to the amount of such year unelapsed at the time of beginning business, and shall be payable immediately on beginning business.”

12. Section 363 is amended by striking out the words, Section 368 "five hundred” in the sixth line thereof, and substituting the words, "four hundred,” and by adding thereto the subsection following:


“ The assessors shall add to the list of names of persons liable to poll tax on the 31st day of December in each year, the name of every person, so liable, who takes up his residence within the city, between the 31st December and the 1st September, next succeeding.

13. Section 490 is amended by striking out the word Section 490 “forty,” and substituting therefor the words one hun amended. dred."

14. (1) Section 576 is repealed, and the following sub- Section 576 stituted therefor:


“ 576. The amount specified in any such list as payable in respect to any property, shall from the date of the filing of the plan and list as aforesaid, constitute and be a lien on such property, prior to any other lien or encumbrance

thereon, except those created by this Act in favor of the city, and the same, with interest thereon, at the rate of six per cent. per annum, from the date of such filing, may be enforced and collected in the same manner, and with the same rights and remedies, as the rates and taxes upon real property."

(2) The repeal of the said section 576 shall not relieve any person or property from any liability already accrued or accruing under the section so repealed, and the section so substituted, shall be read and construed as though it had been contained in chapter 47 of the Acts of 1905, in place of section 3 of that Act.

Liability for paving

15. (1) When any street is hereafter paved, whether under the provisions of the City Charter, sections 574 to 576, or under the provisions of chapter 60 of the Acts of 1906, the total amount for which any person is liable in respect to any property, shall be divided into five equal instalments—the first of which shall be due and payable on the filing of the plan and list by the engineer, and one on each succeeding thirty-first day of May after the first so succeeding until the whole is paid.

(2) To the first of such instalments shall be added the interest at six per cent., on the amount due in respect to the property from the date of the filing of the Engineer's plan and list, and to each succeeding instalment shall be added the interest at six per cent. on the amount of principal then remaining unpaid.

(3) The amount of such instalments and interest shall be included in the notice of rates and taxes for the year, given to the owner of the property, and may be collected with the like rights and remedies.

Unpaid taxes.

16. If any property is sold by the city, for failure to pay the rates and taxes thereon, or any other liability for which the same may be sold by the city, the city collector shall retain from the proceeds of such sale the whole amount due in respect to such land for such paving, whether the same has become payable or not, or whether or not the plan and list have been filed by the city engineer.

Instalment for paving.

17. (1) If the owner of any land, in respect to which he has become liable for the laying of any paving, selle the same before all the instalments of such liability are paid, he shall not cease to be liable for any instalment overdue

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