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8. Section 816 is amended by adding thereto the follow- Sec. 816 ing sub-section :


“The amount so specified by the board shall not include any expenditure :

(a) For repairs or improvements of an unusual or

extraordinary nature; or

(6) For the construction of any new building; or

(c) For the purchase of any




9. Section 817, sub-section (1), iš amended by adding at Sec. 817 the end thereof the words following “ The Governor-inCouncil may approve the said estimate, or may require the board to submit an amended estimate.

10. Section 819 is amended by inserting the following bec. 819 clauses between clauses (i) and (j):


(ii) The cost of medical and dental examination of the officers, teachers, janitors and pupils of the schools.

(iii) The cost of providing pepsions for officials and teachers of the board.

11. Sections 820, 821 and 822, are hereby repealed, but Seos, repealed. such repeal shall not affect any bond, debenture or other liability heretofore created, or now existing.

12. The following sections are added to the City Secs. added. Charter, to be read as immediately following section 819:

820. (1) Whenever the board requires money for

(a) The purchase of a site for a school building;

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(c) The execution of repairs or improvements to any

building of any unusual or extraordinary char


(d) The improvement of any school ground of an

unusual or extraordinary character;

(e) 'The purchase of furniture or apparatus of such an

amount as cannot be properly or conveniently included in the yearly expenditure;

the board shall apply to the Governor-in-Council for an order directing the city of Halifax to issue its debentures to the amount so required, and the Governor-in-Council shall appoint a time and place at which the matter of such application shall be heard.

) (2) Notice of the amount so required, and of the purposes for which the same is required, and of the time and place so appointed, shall be given to the Mayor of the city, and the city may appear at the hearing.

(3) After hearing the matter of such application, the Governor in-Council may direct the city to issue debentures to raise the amount so required, or any part thereof, as the Governor-in-Council determines, and if the direction is for a lesser amount than the amount originally required, the direction shall specify the purposes for which the amount to be borrowed shall be applied.

(4) Upon any such direction being given the treasurer of the city shall forth with issue the debentures of the city to raise the amount so directed, and shall pay the proceeds thereof on demand to the proper officer of the board, to be expended for the purpose for which said amount is raised.

821. Any bonds or debentures so issued by the city by any such direction of the Governor-in-Council, or by the authority of section 12 of this amending Act, shall be issued in like manner and upon the same terms and conditions as: is provided by the Halifax City Consolidated Fund Act, 1905, and with the like provisions as to a sinking fund therefor, and no further or special Act of the legislature shall be necessary or requisite to authorize the issue of the same by the city, and any bonds or debentures so issued shall be valid and binding upon the city, in like manner as. though issued under the authority of an Act of the legislature specially passed in that behalf.

822 (1) Any sinking funds heretofore established for the redemption of any bonds or debentures at any time issued by the board, and which at the passing of this Act are held by or controlled by the board, or any trustees on their behalf, shall be furthwith transferred by the board or the trustees in whose names they are held, to the trustees

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of the general sinking fund for the city to be by them held and invested as part of that fund.

(2) In order to provide a sinking fund for the redemption of any debentures heretofore issued by the board, there shall be included in the yearly amount rated upon the inhabitants and property of the city, a sum equal to one per cent. on the total amount of such debentures from time to time outstanding, and such amount shall be invested by the trustees of the general sinking fund of the city of Halifax as part of such fund.

(3) In any statement of such general sinking fund issued by the city, the amount held and invested for the retirement of school debentures shall be separately stated.

822A. If the council or treasurer fails to issue any debenture directed by the Governor-in-Council to be issued, or to pay to the board the amount so directed to be raised for sixty days after the date of such direction, the board may borrow such sum or so much as is required from any bank or person, and the amount so borrowed may be recovered by the lender from the city; or the board may issue its debentures for such amount, payable with interest not exceeding five per cent., in twenty-five years from the date of issue, and every debenture so issued shall be a charge upon the city in like manner as though it had been issued by the city, and the interest thereon shall be included in the amount yearly rated on the inhabitants and property.

13. The city shall issue debentures or stock sufficient to realize the sum of twelve thousand three hundred and thirty-eight dollars and seventy-two cents ($12,338.72), to pay for repairs and improvements made to Morris Street School;

and also shall issue debentures or stock sufficient to realize a sum not exceeding forty-two thousand dollars ($42,000), to pay for the cost of the site and the construction $

. and erection of St. Patrick's High School and the improvement of the grounds in connection therewith; and shall transfer the said sums to the proper officer of the board for the purposes mentioned.


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14. Section 826 is amended by inserting after the words "father is," in the seventh line, the words “in insolvent circumstances."

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15. Section 829, sub-section (1), is amended by striking out "August," in the first line thereof, and substituting therefor the word "September.”

16. Section 830 is amended by adding after clause (b) the following clause :

“Or (c) wilfully gives any false information in regard to any matter about which information is required by this Part.

17. Section 838 is repealed and the following substituted therefor:

838. Any child
(a) Registered as attending any of the public schools,

and reported by the teacher to be absent for five
or more days, not necessarily consecutive, during
any school term, without excuse and without the

consent of the parent, or person in charge, or (6) Known to the police, truant officer, or any officer

of the board, to be begging or wandering in the street and found not to be attending any school or engaged in any proper employment during the regular school hours, or

(c) Whose parent, or person in charge, having been

notified to appear before the board or some committee thereof, for failure to send a child to school as hereinbefore required, and who thereafter fails to cause the child to attend school as required by this Part for five or more days, not necessarily consecutive, during any school term, shall be deemed to be an habitual truant and dealt with as such. 1899, c. 56, s. 16; 1905, c. 50, 8. 4.

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18. Section 842 is amended by inserting between the words "child" and "shall," in the third line thereof, “or that the parent or person in charge of such child, after having been notified to appear before the bcard or some committee thereof, failed to cause such child to attend school for five or more days.”

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19. Section 8+5 is amended by inserting after the word "streets," in the second line, the words “or other places of resort.'

20. Section 851 iş amended by inserting after the word * establishment,” in the fifth line thereof, the words "and for this purpose may enter, inspect and examine at all reasonable hours, by day or night, any such establishment or any part thereof."

21. Section 852, sub-section (2), is amended by inserting after the words “do so," in the third line of said sub-section, the words " or wilfully delays the officer or person appointed by the board in the exercise of any power under this Act, or obstructs such officer or person so appointed in the discharge of his duties under this Act.

22. Section 858 is amended by adding thereto the following words, "where any penalty is adjudged the same shall be with costs.”


An Act to amend the Liquor License Act so far as it

relates to the City of Halifax.

(Passed the 25th Day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1, Number of licenses.
2. Chapter 52, Acts of 1905, amended.


3. Agents for sale of liquor.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:


1. After the expiration of existing licenses, and until Number of the census to be taken in the year. 1911 has been taken, and the population of the city of Halifax in that year has been made known, the number of hotel licenses and shop licenses for the sale of intoxicating liquors issued in the city of Halifax shall not, combined, in any one year, exceed ninety, and after the population has been so made known, shall not in any year exceed a number equal to one for every six hundred of such population.

2. Sections 1 and 2 of chapter 52 of the Acts of 1905 Chap 52, Acts of are hereby repealed, and the following section substituted 1905, amended. therefor:

1. The Liquor License Act, so far as it relates to the city of Halifax, is hereby amended, as follows:

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