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An Act to amend the Law relating to Education in the

City of Halifax.

(Passed the 25th Day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Interpretation.
2. Section 798 amended.
3. Section 883 amended.
4. Bection added.
5. Section added.
6. Section 808 repealed and substituted.


7. Section 812 amended.
8. Section 816 amended.
9, Section 817 amended.
10. Bection 819 amended.
11. Sections repealed.
12. Sections added.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

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1. In this Act the expression " the City Charter," means Interpretation. the Halifax City Charter, brought into force on the 1st day of March, 1907, by proclamation of the Governor-inCouncil, dated the 20th February, 1907, and any sections herein referred to by number are the sections of the City Charter so numbered. The expression " the board,” means the Board of School Commissioners for the City of Halifax, and

any official referred to by name means the official of that name of the city of Halifax, or of the Board of School Commissioners, as the case may be.


2. Section 798 is amended by inserting after the word Sec. 798 "city,' at the end of the second line, the words "who shall amended. be resident school rate-payers."

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3. Section 803 is amended by inserting after the word Sec. 883

amended. Act," at the end of the second line, the words "insolvency, the appointment to any civic office of emolument other than a member of the city health board or reviser of jury lists.”

4. The following section is added to the City Charter to Section added be read as immediately following section 803:

803A. (1) Any person who directly or indirectly, by himself or by or with any other person as co-partner, or otherwise enters into or is directly or indirectly interested in any contract, expressed or implied, for the supply of goods or materials, or for the performance of any work or labor to or for the board, shall be ineligible to act as commissioner.

Provided that no person shall be disqualified under this provision by reason of his being a member of a joint stock company having a contract with or employment from the board, unless such person is president, or director, or manager of such company. .

(2) Any commissioner who becomes disqualified under any of the provisions of this section shall vacate his seat, and the board shall, by resolution, declare such to be vacant.

Section added.

5. The following section is added to the City Charter, to be read as immediately following section 806 :

806A. The board may, at the first meeting in November, or at any other meeting, appoint such standing and special committees as the board from time to time deems requisite, and assigo to any such committee such powers and duties as the board deems fit.

Sec. 808 repealed 6. Section 808 is repealed, and the following substituted and substituted.


808. The title to all public school property, real and personal, within the city, shall be vested in the board, and the board may, with the approval of the Governor-inCouncil first obtained, sell and dispose of the same, or any part thereof, and may, subject to the provisions of this part of this Act, place the proceeds in the sinking fund, or apply them for any of the purposes mentioned in section 812, as the board deems expedient.

Sec, 812 amended.

7. Section 812 is hereby amended by striking out the first sub-section thereof and substituting therefor the following:

812. (1) The board may from time to time:

(a) Select and purchase sites for school buildings;
(6) Erect, purchase or repair and improve school

buildings, and improve school grounds;


Purchase suitable furniture and apparatus for the schools ;

and the money for any of such purposes, shall be furnished by the city, as hereinafter provided.

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