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on payment of the full amount then in arrears, together with interest.

(9) When personal chattels have been let to hire, leased, bailed, or bargained, originally as aforesaid, and a copy of the agreement between the parties filed according to the provisions of this Act, and the same have been taken possession of as in the next preceding sub-section mentioned, such chattels shall not be sold without twenty days notice of the intended sale being first given to the person to whom 'such personal chattels are hired, the lessee, bailee, or bargainee, or his successor in interest. The notice may be personally served, or may, in the absence of such person to whom such personal chattels are hired, the lessee, bailee, or bargainee, or his successor in interest, be left at his residence, or last known place of abode in Nova Scotia, or be sent by registered letter deposited in the post office at least twenty-two days before the time when the said twenty days will elapse, addressed to the person to whom such personal chattels are hired, the lessee, bailee, or bargainee, or his successor in interest, at his last known post office address in Canada.

2. The provisions of this Act shall extend to contracts Application of made outside the Province of Nova Scotia.

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tain contracts.

3. Section 12, of said Chapter 142, Revised Statutes, Section 12 1900, is amended by inserting the words, "A Barrister of Supreme Court” between the last word of the second line and the first word of the third line of such section,

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I, A. B, of...

of...... in the County of.... (occupation) make oath and say as follows:

1. I am....(name) of the parties mentioned in the written instrument, a true copy of which is hereto annexed (0:, I am the agent or attorney of.... (name) one of the parties mentioned in the written instrument, a true copy of which is bereto annexed, duly anthorized in that behalf, in writing, and have a personal knowledge of the matters hereinafter deposed to).

2. Such written instrument truly sets forth the terms, nature and effect of the agreement between the parties thereto with respect to the personal chattels therein mentioned.

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3. Such written instrument was executed in good faith and for the purpose of securing unto....(name)...., one of the parties thereto, payment in full of the amount therein mentioned as to be paid, and not for the mere purpose of protecting the personal chattels therein mentioned against the creditors of the said..

the person to whom such chattels are hired (or the lessee, bailee or bargainee), or of preventing such creditors from recovering any claims which they may have against said person to whom said personal chattels are hired (or, the lessee, etc.)

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An Act to amend Chapter 78, Revised Statutes, 1900, “Of
Commissioners of Streets and Surveyors of


(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

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auded to.

1. Section 11 of chapter 78 of the Revised Statutes, Section 11 1900, is hereby amended by adding thereto the following sub-section :

(4.) The expenses of removing any such encumbrance or nuisance may be recovered in the name of the municipality as a private debt.


.An Act in Belation to the Registration and Identification of Motor Vehicles and the use of the Public

Highways by such Vehicles.

(Passed the 25th day of April, A. D., 1907.)


1. Interpretation.
2. Statement of owner to be filed,
3. Rate of speed.
4. How to pass teams.
5. Registration of Motor.


6. Penalties,
7. How re overed,
8. Point Pleasant Park.
9. By-laws,

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. (1)

This Act may be cited as

The Motor Vehicle Ivierpretation.


(2) The words and phrases used in this Act shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as follows:



Motor vehicle" includes all vehicles propelled by any power other than muscular power, except such vehicles as run only on rails or tracks, or on such portion or portions of the highway which may be specially reserved therefor, under the provisions of any Act of the province of Nova Scotia, and steam road rollers ;

(6) "Public highway” includes any highway, public

street, alley, park or public place ;
(c) “Chauffeur

Chauffeur" means any person operating a motor
vehicle, as mechanic, employee, or for hire ;

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"Secretary" means the Provincial Secretary.

Statement of owner to be filed

2. (1) Every person now owning or hereafter acquiring a motor vehicle shall, for every such vehicle owned by him, file in the office of the secretary, a statement of his name and address, with a brief description of the vehicle to be registered, including the name of the maker, factory number, style of vehicle, and motor power, on a bank to be prepared and furnished by such secretary for that purpose, the fee for filing which shall be five dollars.

(2) The Secretary shall thereupon file such statement in his office, register such motor vehicle in a book or index to be kept for that purpose, and assign it a distinctive number.

(3) The Secretary shall forthwith, on such 'registration, and without further fee, issue and deliver to the owner of such motor vehicle a seal of aluminum or other suitable metal, which shall be circular in form, approximately three inches in diameter, and have stamped thereon the words

Registered motor vehicle No..., Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Law," with the registration number inserted therein, which seal shall thereafter at all times be conspicuously displayed on the motor vehicle to which such number has been assigned.

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(4) If the vehicle has been previously registered, the certificate issued thereon shall be returned to the Secretary, and in lieu thereof the Secretary shall issue to such owner & registration seal containing the number of such previous registration, upon payment of a fee of one dollar. Upon the sale of a motor vehicle, the vendor, except a manufacturer or dealer, shall within ten days return to the Secretary the registration seal affixed to such vehicle.

(5) Every motor vehicle shall also at all times have the number assigned to it by the Secretary displayed on the back of such vehicle in such manner as to be plainly visible, the number to be in Arabic numerals, black on white ground, each not less than three inches in height and each stroke to be of a width not less than half an inch, and also as a part of such number the initial letters of the province in black or white ground, such letters to be not less than one inch in height.

(6) A manufacturer of, or dealer in motor vehicles shall register one vehicle of each style or type manufactured or dealt in by him, and be entitled to as many duplicate registration seals for each type or style so inanufactured or dealt. in as he may desire, on payment of an additional fee of one dollar for each duplicate seal. If the registration seal and corresponding number shall thereafter be affixed and dis. played on every vehicle of such type or style as in this section provided, while such vehicle is being operated on the public highways, it shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with sub-sections 1, 3, 5 and 8 of this section, until such vehicle shall be sold or let for bire. Nothing in this sub-section shall be construed to apply to a motor vehicle employed by a manufacturer or dealer for private use or for hire.

(7) No motor vehicle shall be used or operated upon a public highway which shall display thereon a registration seal or number belonging to any other vehicle, or a fictitious registration seal or number.

(8) No motor vehicle shall be used or operated upon a public higway unless the owner shall have complied in all respects with this section, except that any person purchasing a motor vehicle from a manufacturer, dealer or other person after his Act goes into force, shall be allowed to operate such motor vehicle upon the public highway for a period of five days after the purchase and delivery thereof, provided, that during such period such motor vehicle shall bear the registration number and seal of the previous owner under which it was operated, or might have been operated by him.

(9) The provisions of this section shall not apply to motor vehicles owned by non-residents of this province, provided the owners thereof have complied with any law requiring the registration of owners of motor vehicles in force in the state or province of their residence, and the registration number, showing the initial of such state province shall be affixed to such vehicle, substantially as in this section provided.

3. (1) No person shall operate a motor vehicle on a Rate of speed. public highway at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person, or the safety of any property, or in any event, on any public highway in any city, town or village, where the contiguous territory thereto is closely built up, at a greater rate, than one mile in eight minutes, or elsewhere, in a city, town or village, at a greater rate than one mile in five minutes, or elsewhere, outside of a city, town or village,

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