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(577) General frame of indictment. Perjury in swearing an alibi for a

felon. (578) Swearing as to age in procuring money of the United States, in

enlisting in the navy of the United States. (579) At custom-house, in swearing to an entry of invoice, intending to

defraud the United States, etc., under act of March 1, 1823. (580) In justifying to bail. (580a) Another form for same. (5805) Another form for same. (581) In giving evidence on the trial of an issue on an indictment for

perjury. (582) On a trial in the supreme judicial court of Massachusetts, on a civil

action. (582a) English form for same. (5826) Another form. (583) For perjury committed in an examination before a commissioner of

bankrupts. (584) Against an insolvent in New York, for a false return of his creditors

and estate. (585) Against an insolvent in Pennsylvania, for a false account of his estate. (586) False swearing, in answering interrogatories on a rule to show cause

why an attachment should not issue for a contempt, in speaking

opprobrious words of the court in a civil suit. (587) In charging J. K. with larceny before a justice of the peace. (588) In charging A. N. with assault and battery before a justice. (589) In false swearing by a person offering to vote, as to his qualifications

when challenged. (589a) Another form for same.

(a) See Wh. Cr. L. 8th ed. SS 1245 et seq.


VOL. II.-1

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