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NOTE.—The section numbers in parentheses ( ), are compiler's sections, and are consecutive throughout this compilation. Section numbers of the compiled laws of 1897 precede each section and are indicated by the section mark ($). Notes following the sections indicate the amendments, supreme court decisions, etc. Annotated with supreme court decisions to and including the 149th Mich. report.


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(1) § 4487. SECTION 1. The father, mother and children, Certain being of sufficient ability, of any poor person who is blind, support poor old, lame, impotent or decrepit, so as to be unable to maintain relations. himself, shall, at their own charge, relieve and maintain such poor person, in such manner as shall be approved by the directors of the poor of the township where such poor person

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may be.

Smith v. Supts. of Poor, 34 / 58 ; Supts. of Poor v. Jury, 80 / 327.

The father is not liable for his son's support to any extent after majority, unless he has become subject to the condition of a pauper and liable to be a public burden. Then he is responsible to such an extent as may be determined on a proper investigation.--Clinton v. Laning, 61 / 359.

(2) § 4488. SEC. 2. Upon the failure of any relative to In case of,

failure, relieve and maintain any such poor person, it shall be the duty superintendof the superintendents of the poor of the county where such ents to apply poor person may be, to apply to the circuit court for the county court. where such relative may dwell, for an order to compel such relief; of which application at least fourteen days' notice in writing shall be given, by serving the same personally, or by leaving the same at the dwelling place of the person to whom it may be directed, in case of his absence therefrom, with some person of sufficient age.

North v. Joslin, 59 / 648.

(3) $ 4489. SEC. 3. The court to which such application Court to

. may be made, shall proceed in a summary way to hear the

make order.

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