Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, Volume 17

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Halaman 295 - Italy, there is not the least probability that the British constitution would be hurt by the union of Great Britain with her colonies. That constitution, on the contrary, would be completed by it, and seems to be imperfect without it.
Halaman 228 - praying her to enter into negotiations with the Government of the United States for the purpose of preventing the gross cruelties practised on merchant seamen engaged in the traffic between this country and the United States, and for bringing the offenders to justice.
Halaman 52 - Hope encouraging Art and Labour, under the influence of Peace, to pursue the employments necessary to give security and happiness to an infant settlement.
Halaman 432 - Highness, my Lords and Gentlemen, — I thank the committee of this great banquet for placing this toast in my hands — first, because I consider it a great honour to be asked to propose the toast of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the other members of the Royal Family...
Halaman 227 - No higher or other duties shall be imposed on the importation into the United States of any article, the produce or manufacture of the...
Halaman 355 - Conway and Britannia tubular bridges, he requested the assistance of his friend Mr. Hodgkinson in fixing the best form and dimensions of tubes. The experiments which were devised and carried out by Mr. Hodgkinson with a view to answer the above questions are recorded in the report of the royal commissioners appointed to inquire into the application of iron to railway structures. . Mr. Hodgkinson, by these experiments, sought — 1.
Halaman v - Room and Library, in which recent and authentic intelligence upon Colonial and Indian subjects may be constantly available, and a Museum for the collection and exhibition of Colonial and Indian productions...
Halaman 72 - State, from Point Danger on the north to Cape Howe on the south, is 680 miles. From east to west, along the 29th parallel, the breadth is 760 miles, while diagonally from the south-west corner, where the Murray passes into South Australia, to Point Danger, the length reaches 850 miles. Sydney, the seat of Government, is in 33 51' 41-1
Halaman 428 - O'Halloran, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Boose, and now Mr. Bull, who, in their several capacities, do all that is possible to be done to forward the great interests of this Institute. I see on the table a liberal and handsome present which has been made to the Institute by one of the Fellows, Mr. C. Washington Eves. It is a catalogue of the books in the Library, and was compiled in manuscript by Mr. Boose. It was considered by the Council that the work was too costly for them to undertake the publication,...
Halaman 295 - Britain with her colonies. That constitution, on the contrary, would be completed by it, and seems to be imperfect without it. The assembly which deliberates and decides concerning the affairs of every part of the empire, in order to be properly informed, ought certainly to have representatives from every part of it. That this union, however, could be easily effectuated, or that difficulties and great difficulties might not occur in the execution, I do not pretend. I have yet heard of none, however,...

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