Advisory and Coordinating Mechanisms for Federal Research and Development, 1956-57

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1957 - 27 halaman

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Halaman 9 - Deputy Secretary of Defense Secretary of the Army Secretary of the Navy Secretary of the Air Force...
Halaman 3 - Act, and to assist in obtaining the cooperation of producers, farm organizations, industry groups, and Federal and State Agencies in the furtherance of such research and service programs.
Halaman 5 - Commission on scientific and technical matters relating to materials, production, and research and development, to be composed of nine members, who shall be appointed from civilian life by the President.
Halaman 12 - Territories, with a view to devising effective means of preventing erosion of the shores of coastal and lake waters by waves and currents...
Halaman 9 - To assure that there is a sound and integrated research and development program in the Department of Defense; (c) To make certain that the research and development program is geared closely to current strategy...
Halaman 25 - I have.Tesolutions from the American Historical Association, the American Political 'Science Association, and the American Society of International Law.
Halaman 24 - ... eminent in the fields of the basic sciences, medical science, engineering, agriculture, education, or public affairs; (2) shall be selected solely on the basis of established records of distinguished service; and (3) shall be so selected as to provide representation of the views of scientific leaders in all areas of the Nation.
Halaman 17 - Staff, composed of the Chiefs of Staff of the Army and Air Force and the Chief of Naval Operations...
Halaman 21 - It is the purpose of this compact to provide, in the northeastern region, improved facilities and procedures for the coordination of the policies...
Halaman 3 - Regional research fund, State agricultural experiment stations', and shall be used only for such cooperative regional projects as are recommended by a committee of nine persons elected by and representing the directors of the State agricultural experiment stations, and approved by the Secretary of Agriculture.

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