Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates

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A&C Black, 17 Mar 2011 - 208 halaman
Digital technology lies at the heart of contemporary education provision. This book considers the key issues in the field and addresses some fundamental but often unvoiced questions about the ever-growing use of technologies in education. It focuses on the social as well as the technical aspects of these issues, giving careful thought to the people, practices, processes and structures behind the use of technologies in education. The book considers a range of current debates and controversies. Will technology replace the school or university? Will technology replace the teacher? What do we really know about learning and technology? Does technology make learning fairer? Can technology address the many educational problems and inequalities faced by people around the world? What does the future hold for technology and education? What can be learnt from the history of technology use? Neil Selwyn takes a critical look at some of the major debates concerning digital technologies and education. Study questions and annotated further reading are included to support readers, along with a companion website linking to online sources and resources.

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1 What Do We Mean by Education and Technology?
2 Does Technology Inevitably Change Education?
3 What Can History Tell Us About Education and Technology?
4 Does Technology Improve Learning?
5 Does Technology Make Education Fairer?
6 Will Technology Displace the Teacher?
7 Will Technology Displace the School?
8 Education and Technology Looking to the Future
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Neil Selwyn is Professor at the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia.

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