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'To Vol. IV. of the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal,

FROM JULY 1847, To May 1848.

Address delivered in Med. College of Chloroform, a substitute for Sulpleurie

Chemistry, Hanover square, by Gardi- Ether, 794

ner, 369

eases, 666

ova, 757

Air passages, treatment of diseases of, 69 Day, Dr. cases of obstetrics, by, 223
Alabama, Medical History of, by Lewis, Diseases, causes of, in St. Louis, 269
151, 459, 318, 3

Dowler, Dr. his criticisms, &c., in relation
Alabama, proceedings of Medical Society to muscular and nervous systems, 279
os. Mobile, 674

Dowler, Dr. his meterological researches,
Alabama, review of Medical history of, by 411
William M. Boling, 601

Dropsy, treatment of after scarlatina, 670
Aneurisin, compression in the treatment
of, 235

Education, elementary principles of, 87
Anatomy, general and special, 91 Electricity, influence of in producing dis-
Animals, their constituents and their
food, 103

Electro-galvanic machine, by Moorhead,
Arsenic, Medical evidence in poisoning 547
by, 383

Epidemic, a new and fatal kind of, by
Artery, carotid, ligature of, 107

Taylor & Hicks, 49
Asthmua and pertussis, ether in, 266 Epidemic, Cerebro-spinal meningitis,

cases of, 106
Bartlett, on fevers of U.S., 759

Epidemic, a peculiar kind of, 689
Beck, on adulteration of Medicines, 757

History of sume, 689
Bischoff, on maturation and discharge of

Prevailed in Vicksburg, 689

Ether, the vapour of in asthma and por-
Blood, speculations on coagulation of, 34 :

tussis, 266
Boling, W. M. his review of Medical His- Ether, the inhalation of, by a new appa-
tory of Alabama, 601

ratus, 265
Breast. abscess in, by Velpeau, 667 Ether, its use and value, in Surgical,
Burrows, on cerebral circulation, connec- medical and obstetrical diseases, 256

tion between disease of heart and brain, Ether, inhalation of in obstetrics, 145,
review of, 753


Eye, a treatise on the disease, of, 83
Calcus, extraction of from female, 47,

Fenner, Dr. on retained placenta, 177
Carotid artery, ligature of, 107

withdrawal of, 681
Cerebrum, disordered circulation of, 753 Fever, scarlet, cases of, 560
Cerebro-spinal meningitis,

yellow, a disease sui generis. 563

animalcular origin of, 563
Cenas, obstetrical memoranda by, 312 Fevers, their peculiarities in U. S., 759
Cholera, nature of the secretions from the

description of, by Bartlett, 759
alimentary mucous membrane in, 668

review of, by Harrison, 759
Cholera, its history, progress, &c., 768 Fever, typhoid, treatment of, 669
Chester on cerebro-spinal menigitis, 314

black sulphuret of mer-
Charleston, value of life among children

cury in, 669
rf, 270

causes, prevention and
City, health of, 405, 682, 535, 133, 272

treatment of, 571

Fever, congestive, speculations on, 36
Country, health of, 406, 542, 685, 135 Yellow, a memoir on, 237
275, 805

a report on, at Boa Vista, 365
College of Physicians, transactions of, 88 Fermentation, causes of, 376
Compression, use of in treating aneurism,

ascribed to growth of fungi

and infusoria, 376
Convention, national medical, proceed. Fever, yellow, 536
ings of, 231

Fistula, urinary, a case of, 694

ester on,


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