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Fistula, vesico-vaginal, 396

Medical ethics, a code on, 246
Foreign Body, lodged in the Trachea, Medical science, Ranking's Abstract of,

Functions of the Red Corpuscles of the Medical Botany, description of, 232
Blood, by G. O. Rees, 787

Medical Society, State New York, 88

Meteorogical Tables, by Lillie, 688-278-
Gardiner, his address, &c. 367

Generation, tracts on, a review of, 764 Medicines, adulteration of, 757-396
Generation and development, 99

Medical Colleges, appointments in, 404
Graham, Dr. his address before the Meteorology, researches on," by Dowler,
Physico-Medical Society, 448


Medicine, a treatise on practice of, a
Health, an act to establish a Board of, review of, 766

Medical Society, proceedings of, in Mo-
Harrison, John Dr., on Coagulation of the bile, 674
blood, 34

Milk of the Carnivora, on the presence of
Harrison, John Dr., lecture, introductory, layer of milk in the, 788

Midwifery, theory and practice of, review
Harris, Dr. versus. New Orleans Medical of, 766
and Surgical Journal, 371

Morehead, Dr. his Electro-Galvanic ina-
Hernia, strangulated, 695

chine, 547
operation for cure of, 695 Muscular and Nervous System, criticisms
Hippocrates, oath of, 403

on, by Dowler, 189
Histology, history of, by Henle, 353 Mucous membranes, the nature of their
Hospital, reports from, 410-687-543– secretions in cholera, 668

Hort, W. P. Dr. on Congestive Fever, 36 National Medical Association, 126
Hydriod. Potassa in Secondary Syphilis, | National Medical Convention, proceed-
by Dr. Brickell. 801

ings of, 231
Hysteria, its pathology and treatment, New Orleans, mortality in, for 1817,

Hypochondriasis, clinical lecture on, 382

List of interments in,

Ingalls, on Malig. fever and Black vomit,

Scientific miscellany of,

Iodine, poisoning from use of, 535 New Medical Journal, 272
Irish Emigration Society, 144

New York, medical society of, 88
Lectures, introductory, by Mitchell, 641 Obituary, Dr. J. B. Slade, 548

by Muller, 641

Obstetrics, cases of, by Cenas, 312
by J. P Harrison,

use of belladonna in, 312

Obstetrics, cases of, by Day, 223
by J.Harrison,439

use of Ether in, 145-112
by Geo. R. Grant, Oil, castor, new method of using it, 266

Osteo-Sarcoma, operation for, 400
by O. W. Holmes, Ova, enlargement of, 457

treatment of by iodine, 457
by S. H. Dickson, Ova, their maturation and discharge, 757

proofs of, without coition, 757
Letheon, its discovoer, who 233
Lectures on the Phenomena of living Parotid gland, removal of, 395
beings, by Matteucci, 643-496

Parturition, effects of, 402
Louisiana, University of, 147–404 800

to early rising after, 402

Physiology and Pathology, mutual rela-
Matteucci, his lectures on the phenomena tions between, 92
of living beings, 643-496

Physico-medical Society, New Orleans,
Materia medica. a work on, review of, address before, by Graham, 448

Physic, lectures on principles and prac-
Magruder, Dr. on epidemic, 689

tice of, review of, 495
McWilliams, Dr. his report, 275

Physicians, compliment to, 264
Medicines, communication on the adul. Plaster, discovery of the new Liquid Ad-
terations of, by J. Tickell, 796

hesive, 790

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Placenta, remarks on retention of, 177 Surgery, elements of, operative, review
Puisons, medical jurisprudence, 611

of, 85
their relation to each other, 641
Poisoning, from arsenic, evidence of, 389 Taylor and Hicks, on a new epidemic, 49
Prussic Acid, new test for, by Liebig, 789 Taylor, medical jurisprudence, 641

review of, 641
Quinine, poisonous properties of, 119

Tendons, painful crepitation of, 667
Quinine, large doses of, in Fever, by Dr. Trismus Nascentium, Sims on, 544
Brickell, 803

Typhoid Fever, on the Urine in, by M.

Martin Solon, 787
Ranking's Abstract of medical science. University of Louisiana, 800, 147, 104

notice of, 236
Report of Dr. McWilliams, 361

Uterus, diseases of, by Holmes, 549
River quarantine, 275

practical illustrations of, 549
Uterus, inflammation and ulceration of,

Scarlatina, dropsy from, 670

a treatise on, by Bennet, 230
treatment of, 670

United States Army in Mexico, 90
Scarlatina and measles, 39)

sickness of, 90
sequalæ of, 391
Scirrhous, tumor, removal of, 229

Vaccination, 547
Silver, nitrate, use of, 110

Vade-mecum, 90
Slade, Dr. J. B. obituary of, 548

or manual of examinations, 90
St. Louis, causes of disease in, 269

“ review of, 90
Surgery, obstetrics, ether in, 256

Vesico-vaginal fistula, 396
Sargeon general, (Mexico,) 267
his letter to his government, Wood's Quarterly Retrospect, 351

of practical medicine
after battle of Cerru-Gordo, 267

Surgery, system of, by Chelius, 491

Wood's Practice of Medicine, 698
review of, 491

review of, by Boling, 698


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UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA, The centre building, which is the Medical Department, presents a front of one hundred feet, by a depth of one hundred and four feet. It contains three Lecture Rooms, large enough for six hundred persons each, with several Dissecting Rooms, a large Museum, and other rooms for Professors, &c. It will be finished in time for the next course of Lectures. (See advertisement.)

PUBLISHER'S NOTICE. For the satisfaction of our subscribers, we shall continue to publish regularly from the date of this number, a list of amounts received on account of the Journal.

We take occasion once more, to state distinctly that all remittances must be paid to the Publisher, S. WOODALL, No. 49 Camp Street, New Orleans, and that in no case will we be responsible for the non-receipt of any payment, if directed otherwise.

Subscribers are respectfully requested to be punctual in making their remittances, and thereby spare us the trouble and themselves the expense of duns.

The amount of subscription may be sent in any good and current bank note, either of this State, or of that in which the party resides, acknowledgment of the receipt thereof, will duly appear in the succeed. ing number of the Journal.

Publisher, No. 49 Camp St.,

New Orleans. N. B.-We have made certain changes in our list of Agents, which subscribers would do well to observe attentively. They will find on the cover of this number, the names of our only authorized Agents from this date.

New Orleans, July 1, 1847.

JOSEPH COHN, Printer, 31 Poydras Street.

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