Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine

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Burleigh & Flynt, printers to the state, 1915
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Halaman 245 - General officers Other officers General office clerks Station agents Other station men Enginemen Firemen •Conductors Other trainmen Machinists Carpenters Other shopmen Section foremen Other trackmen Switch tenders, crossing tenders and watchmen Telegraph operators and dispatchers Employees — account floating equipment All other employees and laborers Total (including general officers) Less general officers....
Halaman 122 - FREIGHT TRAFFIC— Number of tons carried of freight earning revenue-- Number of tons carried one mile Number of tons carried one mile pe'r mile of road--- Average distance haul of one ton-miles Total freight revenue Average amount received for each ton of freight --- Average receipts per ton per mile Total freight earnings Freight earnings per mile of...
Halaman 132 - Has each share of stock one vote? Yes. Has any issue of securities contingent voting rights?
Halaman 32 - MILEAGE, TRAFFIC AND MISCELLANEOUS STATISTICS. Passenger car mileage . Freight, mail and express car mileage Total car mileage Passenger car hours Freight, mail and express car hours Total car hours...
Halaman 301 - Dividend income. Income from funded securities. Income from unfunded securities and accounts. Income from sinking and other reserve funds. Release of premiums on funded debt. Contributions from other companies. Miscellaneous income. Total non-operating income. Gross income (or loss).* Deductions from Gross Income: Hire of freight cars — Debit balance.* Rent for locomotives.
Halaman 402 - Iron, pig and bloom Iron and steel rails Other castings and machinery . Bar and sheet metal Cement, brick, and lime Agricultural implements Wagons, carriages, tools, etc. Wines, liquors, and beers Household goods and furniture Other manufactures Total .... Merchandise .... Miscellaneous: Other commodities not mentioned above . Total tonnage Freight originating on this road.
Halaman 421 - Date of last closing of stock books before end of year for which this report is made.
Halaman 111 - Revenue Special Service Train Revenue Miscellaneous Transportation Revenue TOTAL REVENUE FROM TRANSPORTATION $. REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS OTHER THAN TRANSPORTATION : Station and Train Privileges...
Halaman 364 - General Officers"), DISTRIBUTION OF ABOVE: Maintenance of Way and Structures, Maintenance of Equipment, Traffic Expenses, Transportation Expenses, General Expenses, Outside Operations, TOTAL (Including "General Officers"), Less "General Officers," TOTAL (Excluding "General Officers"), 1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS ON OPPOSITE PAGE.
Halaman 130 - ... Maine Railroad. 1910. Chap. 254. An Act authorizing the City of Haverhill to lay out and construct a footway between Haverhill and Bradford. 1910. Chap. 639. An Act relating to the issuance of preferred stock by the Boston Railroad Holding Company. 1911. Chap. 139. An Act relating to the widening of Mt. Auburn St. Bridge, Cambridge, Mass. 1911. Chap. 465. An Act authorizing the purchase of electricity for operating trains in Hoosac Tunnel. 1911. Chap. 496. An Act relating to the separation of...

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