Agriculture of Pennsylvania

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State Board of Agriculture, 1881

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Halaman 50 - Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners...
Halaman 90 - A right of way may also arise by act and operation of law : for, if a man grants me a piece of ground in the middle of his field, he at the same time tacitly and impliedly gives me a way to come at it ; and I may cross his land for that purpose without trespass°. For when the law doth give any thing to one, it giveth impliedly whatsoever is necessary for enjoying the same P.
Halaman 28 - That whoever shall knowingly sell to any person or persons, or sell, deliver, or bring to be manufactured to any cheese or butter manufactory in this State, any milk diluted with water, or in any way adulterated, or milk from which any cream has been taken, or milk commonly known as "skimmed milk," or shall keep back any part of the milk known as "strippings,.
Halaman 47 - This Constitution may be altered or amended, by a vote of two...
Halaman 168 - ... shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the persons who may be guilty of such...
Halaman 31 - The general fruit committee shall carefully and thoroughly investigate the subject of fruit culture in general. Each local committee of three shall collect such useful and interesting information in relation to the subject as may be in their power, and embody the same in monthly reports, to be made to the general chairman; such reports to be by him examined and embodied in his annual and semi-annual reports.
Halaman 48 - ... the place of manufacture, and a chemical analysis stating the percentage of nitrogen, or its equivalent in ammonia, in an available form, of potash soluble in water, and of phosphoric acid, in an available form (soluble or reverted) as well as the total phosphoric acid.
Halaman 187 - ... tax, one dollar for every four trees set out; but no row of elms shall be placed nearer than seventy feet; no row of maples or other forest trees nearer than fifty feet, except locust...
Halaman 49 - ... stating that it contains a larger percentage of any one or more of the constituents, named in section one of this act, than it really does contain...
Halaman 49 - commercial fertilizers," as used in this act, shall be taken to mean any and every substance imported, manufactured, prepared or sold for fertilizing or manuring purposes, except barnyard manure, marl, lime, and wood ashes, and not exempt by the provisions of section one of this act. Section 8. This act shall go into effect on and after the thirty-first day of December, one thousand nine hundred and one.

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