A Genealogy of Several Branches of the Whittemore Family: Including the Original Whittemore Family of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England: and a Brief Lineage of Other Branches

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F.P. Whittemore, Printer, 1890 - 106 halaman

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Halaman 103 - ... pistols. After an animated exhortation to the collected militia, to the exercise of bravery and courage, he exclaimed ; ' If I can only be the instrument of killing one of my country's foes, I shall die in peace...
Halaman 103 - At the date of the conflict he behind a stone wall, and discharging his gun a soldier immediately fell ; he then discharged his pistol, and killed another ; at which instant a bullet struck his face, and shot away part of his cheek bone ; on which, a number of the soldiers ran up to the wall, and gorged their malice on his wounded head. They were heard to exclaim, ' We have killed the old rebel.
Halaman 8 - '6. I give to my daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds to be paid at the day of her marriage, or else at the age of eighteen years, this to be paid at current pay. " '7. And as for my five youngest, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Pelatiah, and Abraham, I give unto each of them ten pounds to be paid to them when they are at the age of one and twenty years. "Further, the reason why (if it should be demanded...
Halaman 103 - At Menotomy, Feby. 2 (1793), Capt. Samuel Whittemore, JE. 99. The many and moral virtues, in all the various relations of Brother, Husband, Father and Friend, were invariably exhibited in this gentleman. He was not more remarkable for his longevity, than his number of descendants (his progeny being 185), one of which is the 5th generation.
Halaman 103 - About 4 hours after, he was found in a mangled situation, his head was covered with blood, from the wounds of the bayonet, which were 6 or 8, but providentially none penetrated so far as to destroy him. His hat and clothes were shot through in many places, yet he survived to see the complete overthrow of his enemies, and his country enjoy all the blessings of peace and independence. His funeral will be to-morrow at 4 o'clock, PM, from his house at Menotomy, which his relations and friends are requested...
Halaman 30 - ... method of effecting it. The invention was patented in the United States in 1797, and Whittemore went to England to secure his rights there, but was unsuccessful. In the United States the patent was sold for $150,000; but afterward his brother Samuel...
Halaman 83 - ... the Boterels, and finally Reginal, son of William Boterel, is termed Dominus de Whitmore juxta Nova Castrum sub Lina (New Castle under Line), AD 1204. His son Robert is called de Whytmor or Whitmor, as was his oldest grandson. A second grandson is termed Reginald de Botrell de Wytmore, or de Boterel alias Whitmor, AD 1247. It is perfectly clear that in the first half of the thirteenth century, the surname of Wytemor or Whitmore was adopted by this family. The main line continued until about 1350,...
Halaman 4 - Hall, at Whittemore, was the place of origin of the Whitmore family. The Anglo-Saxon etymology of the word Whytemere is white meadow, or lake, and the first John, Lord of Whytemere, derived the name of the family from the place where they originally resided. About the year 1483, the " De " (of) was dropped, leaving it Whytemere, as the surname ; and not far from 1495, the y was changed for i, and e after t omitted, leaving the name Whitmore ; while the name Whittemore is obtained by adding a second...
Halaman 82 - At the time of his decease he was a member of the House of Representatives. He was struck with paralysis in the very seat from which he had so many times electrified the nation with his fervent and cogent oratory.
Halaman 30 - ... was patented in the United States in 1797, and Whittemore went to England to secure his rights there, but was unsuccessful. In the United States the patent was sold for $150,000; but afterward his brother Samuel Whittemore repurchased it, and carried on the business. Amos Whittemore devoted his last years to the invention of an orrery, in which every planet was to describe its own orbit, but did not live to complete it. Whittemore, Thomas, American Universsalist clergyman: b.

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