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The Library of the Schools
of Landscape Architecture and City Planning

gift of B. Pray json Collectivo de Paris

dis. Fran



Administrative reports, in 2 volumes.
Vol. I. Secretary of the Interior.

Bureaus, except Office of Indian Affairs.

Eleemosynary institutions.
Vol. II. Indian Affairs.



Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs-Continued.

Annuity and per capita payments.

Segregation of tribal funds

Indians in New York..

The Seminoles of Florida -

Alabama Indians in Texas.-

Homeless Indians in California.

Papago land litigation


Court decisions.-

Purchase and transportation of supplies ---

The Indian exhibit at the Interior Department exposition..

Conclusion --

Statistical tables :

TABLE 1. Work and force of Indian Office since 1899, compared--

2. Indian population of the United States, 1918_

3. Allotted and unallotted Indians and those holding trust

and fee patents.

4. Marriages, missionaries, churches, English language,

dress, citizenship, crimes, misdemeanors.

5. Areas of Indian lands, allotted and unallotted..

6. Reservations, authority for establishing--

7. Lands set aside temporarily for mission organizations -

8. Patents in fee issued to mission organizations--

9. Industries other than farming or stock raising-

10. Incomes of Indians ---

11. Use of agricultural lands, farming, leasing--

12. Use of grazing lands, stock raising, leasing--

13. Employment of Indians.

14. Vital statistics, housing, and disease_

15. Hospitals and sanatoria.

16. Indians, self-supporting, and those receiving rations and

miscellaneous supplies issued..

17. School population, number in school, capacity-

18. Schools, location, enrollment, attendance -

19. Schools, average attendance and appropriations since


20. Demonstration farms --

21. Experimentation farms_

22. Suppression of liquor traffic..

23. Timber on reservations, sawmills, timber cut.

24. Areas irrigable and under projects, expenditures

25. Miles of ditches, use of irrigated areas..

26. Allotments approved, and made_-

27. Sales of allotted lands--

28. Patents in fee issued --

29. Removal of restrictions on alienation of land.--

30. Certificates of competency issued under act of June

25, 1910----

31. Certificates of competency issued to Kaw and Osage


32. Lands leased for mining, production of minerals, and


33. Buildings erected.

34. Buildings under construction.

35. Live stock belonging to Indians, sold and slaughtered.-

36. Government property valuations classified..

37. Property of Indians, tribal and individual, value..

38. Employees in Indian school and agency service.-

39. Employees, miscellaneous, field-----

40. Employees in Indian Service, recapitulation.

41. Account of Commissioner of Indian Affairs--

42. Sales of Indian lands, receipts and disbursements -

43. Treaty liabilities of the United States to Indians.

44. Pro rata shares of tribal funds settled_-

45. Volume of business in Indian warehouses.

46. Expense at warehouses_-


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