Wisconsin Session Laws: 1878, Volume 1878

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Democrat Printing Company, state printer, 1878

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Halaman 356 - ... to another, to be paid or used, any money or other valuable thing as a compensation or reward for the giving or withholding a vote...
Halaman 618 - Directors should not be made upon any day when pursuant to this act it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not for that cause be deemed to be dissolved; but it shall be lawful on any other day to hold and make an election of Directors in such manner as shall have been regulated by the laws and ordinances of the said corporation.
Halaman 163 - All acts and parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.
Halaman 671 - The inhabitants of the said territory shall always be entitled to the benefits of the writ of habeas corpus, and of the trial by jury; of a proportionate representation of the people in the legislature, and of judicial proceedings according to the course of the common law.
Halaman 96 - It must authorize the entry of judgment for a specified sum; 2. If it be for money due, or to become due, it must state concisely the facts out of which it arose, and show that the sum confessed therefor is justly due, or to become due; 3.
Halaman 203 - And that they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure...
Halaman 481 - ... as fully to all intents and purposes as if this act had not been passed, anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
Halaman 705 - To the honorable the senate and house of representatives in congress assembled : The memorial of the legislature of the state of Wisconsin...
Halaman 613 - States so as to obstruct or interfere with range lights maintained therein, and any person violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be subject to a fine not exceeding the sum of $500 for each offense, and each day during which such violation shall continue shall be considered as a new offense.
Halaman 107 - The common council shall determine the rule of its own proceedings and be the judge of the election and qualification of its own members, and shall have power to compel the attendance of absent members.

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