The Magazine of Magazines: Compiled from Original Pieces, with Extracts from the Most Celebrated Books, and Periodical Compositions, Published in Europe... The Whole Forming a Complete Literary and Historical Account of that Period..., Volume 12

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Andrew Welsh, 1756

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Halaman 200 - I confess, we are naturally inclined to delight in our own country, and I have a particular love to mine. I hope I have given some testimony of it. I think that being exiled from it is a great evil, and would redeem myself from it with the loss of a great deal of my blood. But when that country of mine, which used to be esteemed a paradise, is now like to be made a stage of injury ; the liberty which we hoped to...
Halaman 200 - Army corrupted, the people enslaved ; all things vendible, no man safe, but by such evil and infamous means as flattery and bribery ; what joy can I have in my own country in this condition ? Is it a pleasure to see that all I love in the world is sold and destroyed ? Shall I renounce all my old principles, learn the vile...
Halaman 536 - Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand : the poor committeth himself unto thee ; thou art the helper of the fatherless.
Halaman 524 - ... accident drove him from it ; for he, with some other young students, being invited to be merry out of town, one of the company called for so much wine, that notwithstanding all that Mr. Hale could do to prevent it, he went on in his excess till he fell down as dead before them, so that all that were present were not a little affrighted at it, who did what they could to bring him to himself again. This did particularly affect Mr. Hale...
Halaman 33 - The sultan went in person, with his guards, to the poor man's house, where he arrived about midnight. As the attendants carried each of them a flambeau in their hands, the sultan, after having ordered all the lights to be put out, gave the word to enter the house, find out the criminal, and put him to death.
Halaman 523 - I was there in no danger of being stopped and seized at the prosecution of the Inquisition, a tribunal no less abhorred in France than in England. But, being informed by the general, that the nuncios at the different courts had been ordered, soon after my flight, to cause me to be apprehended in the Roman Catholic countries through which I might pass, as an apostate or deserter from the order, I was under no small apprehension of being discovered and apprdfeided as such, even at Calais.
Halaman 282 - ... was then to fcuttle her decks, every thing elfe being prepared as the time and place allowed of. The enemy now began to appear from the mall-head.
Halaman 22 - ... and of all he knew of the matter. The duke, according to his usual openness and condescension, told him that he was the next day early to hunt with the King ; that his horses should attend him...
Halaman 282 - ... that led to lead large, and for the Deptford to quit the line, that ours might become equal in number •with theirs. At two I made the fignal to...
Halaman 283 - s place. I found the enemy edged away conftantly, and as they went three feet to our one, they would never permit our...

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