Civil Service Retirement, Hearings ... on H.R. 11352, Aug. 7, 1918

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Halaman 67 - ... be the standard of appointment and promotion, rather than service rendered to a political party; and we favor a reorganization of the civil service with adequate compensation commensurate with the class of work performed, for all officers and employes; we also favor the extension to all classes of civil service employes of the benefits of the provisions of the employers' liability law; we also recognize the right of direct petition to Congress by employes for the redress of grievances.
Halaman 58 - Act or not less than thirty days before the arrival of an employee at the age of retirement, the head of the department, branch, or independent office of the Government in which he...
Halaman 66 - If the salaries paid to postal employees permit of no saving for old age, if the work exacted of them unfits them for occupation elsewhere, then it is necessary for some system to be evolved to take care of those who have given the best years of their lives to the service, reaching an improvident old age despite the strictest vigilance to economize.
Halaman 52 - Should a contributor die before retirement, his accumulated contributions shall be paid to his estate or to such person as he shall have nominated by written designation duly executed and filed with the retirement board.
Halaman 80 - ... (h) None of the moneys mentioned in this section shall be assignable, either in law or equity, or be subject to execution, levy, or attachment, garnishment, or other legal process.
Halaman 79 - That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to perform any and all acts and to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary and proper for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this act into full force and effect.
Halaman 54 - Five per centum annually of all excise moneys or license fees belonging to the City of New York, as constituted by this act, and derived or received by any commissioner of excise or public officer, from the granting of licenses or permission to sell strong or spirituous liquors, ale, wine or beer in the City of New York, under the provisions of any law of this state authorizing the granting of any such licenses or permission.
Halaman 54 - ... shall report in detail to the board of education of the city of New York, annually, in the month of January, the condition of said fund and the items of the receipts and disbursements on account of the same. The...
Halaman 58 - SEC. 8. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to obtain information with reference to the value and character of the securities authorized to be accepted under the provisions of this act, and he shall from time to time furnish information to national banking associations as to such securities as would be acceptable under the provisions of this act.
Halaman 9 - Therefore be It Resolved, that the President and executive council of the American Federation of Labor be...

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