The History of Germany

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 1999 - 231 halaman

Every library should replace its outdated histories of Germany with this comprehensive and highly readable narrative history that traces Germany from antiquity through 1998. Unlike earlier studies written before unification, it offers up-to-date information on the Federal Republic of Germany in a refreshing and contemporary perspective without the Cold War rhetoric common to earlier histories. Designed for high school and college students and general readers, it will help readers to understand the complexity of German history. Each of the chapters in the work introduces a distinct period of German history, examining the problems of that era and how they affected subsequent events. Special emphasis is placed on the twentieth century, particularly the two post-World War II German states and their unification.

The work begins with a factual description of the present Federal Republic, with tables and current statistics, to put the history in contemporary context. Eleven chapters trace the chronological history of the Germans from their earliest migrations into Europe to the present. A timeline of events in German history, a section of biographical sketches of key leaders in that history, and an annotated bibliography to help readers delve deeper into particular aspects of German history complete the work.


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An Introduction to Modern Germany
Germans in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
The German Dynasties
The Rise and Impact of Prussia
The Second German Empire 18711914
The First World War and the Weimar Republic
Hitler and the Second World War
From Occupation to Sovereignty 19451949
The German Federal Republic 19491990
The German Democratic Republic 19491990
The German Federal Republic after 1990
Notable People in the History of Germany
Annotated Bibliography
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ELEANOR L. TURK is Professor of History emerita at Indiana University East. Her book The History of Germany (Greenwood, 1999) was named an Outstanding Academic Title by the American Library Association's Choice Magazine.

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