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With Readings, particularly on Stat. 13 Eliz. chap. 10. and
chap. 20. on which Acts, and the Conitruction of them, de-
pends the whole Learning respecting, and the Validity of, all

Alienations of Ecclesiastical Livings at this Day.
The Whole upon an entire new Plan, and digested in a

CHRONOLOGICAL Series; with proper Tables of the
Cases, &c. and a complete copious INDEX to the

Non meâ quidem fide, fed diligentiâ folummodo."


Printed by W. STRAHA

and W. WOODFALL, Law

Printers to his Majesty ;
For RICHARDSON and URQUHART, Royal Exchange.


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An A P P E N D I X

To the Case of the APPELLANTS,

Being the written Evidence of the said Appellants,

read on the firf Hearing of tbe Cause in the Court ;. of Exchequer.

A of

the rolls, dated 5 August, 33 Hen. VIII. whereby the King granted to the dean and chapter of Chefter, (whom he had created with perpetual succession) to hold to them, and their successors for ever, among divers other manors, lands, tenements, rectories, advowrons, &c. therein declared to be part of the poffeflions of the late dissolved abbey of Chefler, the manor and rectory of Sutton in Wirhall, and all mersuages, lands, tenements, tithes, and hereditaments, in the townships of Much Sutton and Little Sution, and all messuages, lands, tenements, glebe lands, granges, commons, tithes, and other profits, poffeffions, and hereditaments, in the townships and parishes of Sutton, in Wir hall, Eafham, Thornton, Hooton, Overpool, Nesherpool, Great and Little Sutton, &c. to the rectories, granges, or churches therein mentioned, belonging or appertaining ; and also the advowson of the vicarage of Eastham, and therein declaring the rectories thould be held appropriate.


A copy from the original letters patent in the rolls chapel, dated 14 May, 7 Edward VI. whereby the King licensed and empowered the said dean and chapter, by deed of feoffment or otherwise, YOL. III.


3 L 2

to alienate and grant to Sir Richard Cotton, Knt. then comptroller of the houshold, among other estates so granted to him by King Henry VIII. the manor of Sutton in Wirball, and all tenements and hereditaments parcel thereof; and all lands, tenements, and hereditaments, in Much Sutton and Little Sutton, and the rectory of Sutton in Wirball, to hold to the said Sir Richard Cotton, and his heirs, in fee, on paying to the faid dean and chapter the yearly fer-farm rent of fix hundred and three pounds, eighteen Ahillings, and ten-pence.

An indenture of bargain and sale inrolled, dated 2 November, 7 Elizabeth, whereby George Cotton, Esq; the fon and heir of the said Sir Richard Cotton, granted, bargained, and sold unto Sir Hugh Chola mondeley, Knt. and Thomas Brown, and their heirs, in fee (amongst other estates, parts of those alienated by the faid dean and chapter to the said Sir Richard Cotton) the manor of Sutton in Wirball, and all messuages, with the rights, members, and appurtenances, and cottages, dove-houses, mills, lands, tenements, rents, rectories, tithes, advowsons, commons, and hereditaments, in Sutton and Wirhall, Ince, and Bromborow, and the advowsons of the churches there, and all portions, tithes, obventions, oblations, and other hereditaments to the said rectories belonging; and all and all manner of tithes in Sutton and Wirball, Much Sutton, Little Sutton, Eatbam, Plymyard, Overpool, Netherpool, Hooton, Thornton, and Whitby, which the said dean and chapter by their deed indented, bearing date 15 May, 7 Edward VI, did convey and affure unto Sir Richard Cotton, father of the said George, and to his heirs, paying to the said George Cotton, and his heirs for ever, the yearly rent of one hundred and one pounds, and

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