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Rank and Command.

Commission Officers of the Navy of the United States are divided into the following rank and denominations: Commodores, commanding squadrons. Captains, commanding trigates and vessels of 20 guns. Masters Commandant, commanding sloops-Lieuten


Commodores are to wear their broad pendants at all times on board the ship they command.

The order of precedence and command in a ship is as follows: 1. Captain or Commander. 2. Lieutenants, agreeably to the date or number of their commissions. 3. Masters. 4. Master's Mate. 5. Boatswain. 6. Gunnner. 7. Carpenter. 8. Midshipmen.

SALUTES.-When the President shall visit a ship of the United States Navy, he is to be saluted with 21 guns. Vice President, 19 guns. Heads of Departments, Governors of states and territories, and Foreign Ministers, 17 guns. Major Generals, 15 guns. Brigadier Generals, 13 guns.

The Fourth of July, and the anniversary of Washington's birth day are to be celebrated by salutes of 17 guns.

United States' ships of war are not to strike their topsails, nor take in their flags, in any part of the world, to any foreign ship or ships, unless such foreign ship or ships shall have first struck, or shall at the same time strike their flags and topsails to the ships of the United States; nor are they within the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, to salute any foreign ships whatever.

Commanders rank with Brigadier Generals. Masters Commandant rank with Majors. Lieutenant in the navy rank with Captains in the army.

According to Official Reports, the United States Regular Army in January, 1840, amounted to 12,577. The principal organization is as follows:

General Staff
Medical Department
Pay Department
Purchasing Department
Corps of Engineers

Major General
Brigadier Generals
Adjutant General



57| Corps of Topographical Engincers
83 Ordnance Department

1790 75 1800 903 1810 2,300 1820 4,500 1830 8,450 1835 10,770 1836 11,091 1837 11,767 1838 12,519 1839 12,780

19 Two Regiments of Dragoons

3 Four Regiments of Artillery

43 Eight Regiments of Infantry


The principal Officers are.

1 | Lieutenant Colonels

2 Majors

1 Captains

17 First Lieutenants

No. of Rec'ts, being[
Post- total am't of

The total non-commisioned officers, musicians and privates are 11,804.

There are two great Military Divisions, divided by a line commencing at the mouth of the Mississippi-following up the river to Cassville, in Wisconsin Territory, thence north to the boundary line between the United States and Canada. All west of that line is called the WESTERN DIVISION, all east of it the EASTERN DIVISION.

The total number of the militia of the United states is about 1,400,000. The militia comprises all able-bodied white males from 18 to 45; and when called into actual service, they receive the same pay as the regular army.


The following table exhibits the general condition of the Post Office Department, at different periods from 1790 to 1839, inclusive.

$37,935 $32,140 $5,795
280,804 213,994 66,810
551,684 495,969 55,715
1,111,927 1,160,926
1,919,300 1,959,109
2,993,556 2,763,041 230,515
3,408,323 2,841,766 556,557
4,100,605 3,532,163 568,442
4,235,077 4,621,837

4,476,638 4,624,117)

Balance in Balance Extent of Miles annual Total ex- favor of de- against de- Post Roads mail transportpostage. penditures. partment. partment. in miles. ation.

$ 48,999



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1,875 20,817




322 1,498

3,020 7,496






26 172





9,375 3,057,964 4,694,000








The extent of mail transportation stated in the above table, is exclusive of the distance it is carried by steam boats and other vessels. The business is conducted in the Post Master General's office, by himself, his three assistants, and fifty-six clerks and messengers, whose aggregate salaries amount to $79,000. And in the Auditor's office, by himself and fifty-two clerks and messengers, whose aggregate salaries amount to 64,980. The communications received in the different offices, excluding the Auditor's office, amount to a daily average of about 900 for the working days, equal to 281,700 a year; the communications sent, to about 500 daily, equal to 156,500 a year; and the cases actually decided by the Post Master General, to 50 daily, equal to 15,650 a year.


Value of Foreign Coin in money of the United States.

Value in

Value in







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Massachusetts (at Boston 65)

Rhode Island

New-York (at New-York city 71)

Pennsylvania (at Philadelphia 71)

Maryland (at Baltimore 20)
District Columbia (at Washington 11)
Virginia (at Richmond 10)

North Carolina
South Carolina

41 Georgia

26 Florida Territory

31 Alabama

124 Mississippi

14 Louisiana (at New Orleans 10)

31 Arkansas

274 Tennessee


253 Ohio at (Cincinnati 27)

3 Michigan

48 Wisconsin Territory

16 Iowa Territory

52 Indiana

30 Illinois
20 Missouri

Statistics of the Press.

Number of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals, published in the United States on

the 1st of July, 1839.







31 164






Of the above, 116 are published daily; 14 tri-weekly; 39 semi-weekly; 991 once a week. The remainder are issued semi-monthly, monthly and quarterly-principally magazines and reviews. Many of the daily papers issue tri-weeklies, semi-weeklies, and weeklies. Thirty-eight are in the German language, four in the French, and one in the Spanish. Several of the New Orleans papers are printed in French and English. Hunt's Magazine.


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Secretaries of War.

Henry Knox, (Mass.,) Sept. 12, 1789.
T. Pickering, (Pa.,) Jan. 2, 1795.
James McHenry, (Md.,) Jan. 27, 1796.
Samuel Dexter, (Mass.,) May 13, 1800.
R. Griswold, (Conn.,) Feb. 3, 1801.
H. Dearborn, (Mass.,) Mar. 5, 1801.
William Eustis, (Mass.,) Mar. 7, 1809.
J. Armstrong, (N. Y.,) Jan. 13, 1813.
James Monroe, (Va.,) Sept. 27, 1814.

Vice Presidents. Salary, $5,000.

John Adams, (Mass.)
Thomas Jefferson, (Va.)

Aaron Burr, (N. Y.) George Clinton, (N. Y.) George Clinton, (N. Y.) Elbridge Gerry, (Mass.) Daniel D. Tompkins, (N. Y.) John C. Calhoun, (S. C.)

John C. Calhoun, (S. C.) Martin Van Buren, (N. Y.) Richard M. Johnson, (Ky.)

Secretaries of the Treasury. Salary, $6,000.

George Cabot, (Mass.,) May 3, 1798, (declined.)

Benjamin Stoddart, (Md.,) May 21, 1798.
Jacob Crowninshield.
Benjamin Stoddart, (continued in office.)
Robert Smith, (Md.,) Jan. 26, 1802.
Paul Hamilton, (S. C.,) Mar. 7, 1809.
William Jones, (Pa.,) Jan. 12, 1813.

Salary, $6,000.

James Monroe, (Va.,) Nov. 25, 1811.
John Q. Adams, (Mass.,) Mar. 5, 1817.
Henry Clay, (Ky.,) Mar. 8, 1825.
Martin Van Buren, (N. Y.,) Mar. 6, 1829
Edward Livingston, (La.,) 1831.
Louis McLane, (Del.,) 1833.
John Forsyth, (Ga.,) 1834.

Richard Rush, (Pa.,) Mar. 7, 1825.
S. D. Ingham, (Pa.,) Mar. 6, 1829.
Louis McLane, (Del.,) 1831.
William J. Duane, (Pa.,) 1833.
Roger B. Taney, (Md.,) 1833, (uot con-
firmed by the Senate.

Levi Woodbury, (N. H.,) 1834.

Salary, $6,000.

W. H. Crawford, (Ga.,) Mar. 2, 1815.
Isaac Shelby, (Ky.,) Mar. 5, 1817, (declined
the appointment.

J. C. Calhoun, (S. C.,) Dec. 16, 1817.
James Barbour, (Va.,) Mar. 7, 1825.
P. B. Porter, (Ń. Y.,) May 26, 1828.
J. H. Eaton, (Tenn.,) March 9, 1829.
Lewis Cass, (Mich.,) 1831.
Joel R. Poinsett, (S. C.,) 1837.

Secretaries of the Navy. Salary, $6,000.

[The Navy Department was not established until the year 1798.]

Benjamin W. Crowninshield, (Mass.,) Dec. 19, 1814.

S. Thompson, (N. Y.,) Nov. 30, 1818.
S. L. Southard, (N. J.,) Dec. 9, 1823.
John Branch, (N. C.,) Mar. 9, 1829.
Levi Woodbury, (N. H.,) 1831
Mahlon Dickerson, (N. J.,) 1834.
J. K. Paulding, (N. Y.,) 1838.

Post-Masters General.

S. Osgood, (Mass.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
T. Pickering, (Pa.,) Nov. 7, 1794.
Joseph Habersham, (Ga.,) 1791 to 1802.
Gideon Granger, (Conn.,) 1802 to 1814.

Chief Justices.

John Jay, (N. Y.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
John Rutledge, (S. C.,) July 1, 1795,
(uot confirmed by the Senate.
William Cushing, (Mass.,) Jan. 27, 1796.
O. Ellsworth, (Conn.,) Mar. 4, 1796.

Salary, $6,000.

R. J. Meigs, (Ohio,) 1814 to 1823.
John McLean, (Ohio,) 1823 to 1829.
William T. Barry, (Ky.,) Mar. 5, 1829
Amos Kendall, (Ky.,) May 1, 1835.
John M. Niles, (Ct.) May, 1840.

Associate Justices,

J. Rutledge, (S. C.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
W. Cushing, (Mass.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
R. H. Harrison, (Md.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
James Wilson, (Pa.,) Sept. 26, 1789.
John Blair, (Va.) Sept. 26, 1789.
James Iredell, (Ñ. C.,) Feb. 10, 1790.
Thomas Johnson, (Md.,) Nov. 7, 1791.
W. Patterson, (N. J.,) Mar. 4, 1793.
Samuel Chase, (Md.,) Jan. 27, 1796.
Bushrod Washington, (Va.,) Dec. 20, 1789.
William Johnson, (S. C.,) Mar. 24, 1804.
Brockholst Livingston, (N. Y.,) Dec. 17,


Thomas Todd, (Va.,) March 2, 1807.

E. Randolph, Va., Sept. 26, 1789.
Wm. Bradford, Pa., Jan. 27, 1794.
Charles Lee, Va., Dec. 10, 1795.
Levi Lincoln, Mass., Mar. 5, 1801.
J. Breckenridge, Ky., Dec. 23, 1805.
C. A. Rodney, Del., Jan. 20, 1807.
Wm. Pinckney, Md., Dec. 11, 1811.

Salary, $5,000.

John Marshall, (Va.,) Jan. 27, 1801.
Roger B. Taney, (Md.) Judge Taney was
nominated 28th Dec., 1835, confirmed by
the Senate, March 15, 1836.

F. A. Muhlenberg, Pa., 1st Congress, 1789.
Jona. Trumbull, Conn., 2d Con., 1791.
F. A. Muhlenberg, Pa., 3d Con., 1793.
Jona. Dayton, N. J., 4th Con., 1795.
Jona. Dayton, N. J., 5th Con., 1797.
Theo. Sedgewick, Mass., 6th Con., 1799.
N. Macon, N. C., 7th Con., 1801.
J. B. Varnum, Mass., 8th Con., 1803.
N. Macon, N. C., 9th Con., 1805.
J. B. Varnum, Mass., 10th Con., 1807.
J. B. Varnum, Mass., 11th Con., 1809.
Henry Clay, Ky., 12th Con., 1811.
Henry Clay, Ky., 13th Con., 1813.
L. Cheves, S. C., 13th Con., 1814.
Henry Clay, Ky., 14th Con., 1815.
Henry Clay, Ky., 15th Con., 1817.

Salary, $4,500.

Levi Lincoln, (Mass.,) Jan. 3, 1811, (declined the appointment.)

Attorneys General. Salary, $3,500.

John Q. Adams, (Mass.,) Feb. 22, 1811,
(declined the appointment.)
Gabriel Duvall, (Md.,) Nov. 18, 1811.
Joseph Story, Mass., Nov. 18, 1811.
S. Thompsom, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1833.
Robert Trimble, Ky., May 9, 1826.
John McLean, Ohio, Mar. 7, 1829.
Henry Baldwin, Pa., Jan. 6, 1830.
J. M. Wayne, Ga., Jan. 7, 1835.
P. P. Barbour, Va., Mar. 15, 1836.
John McKinley, Ala., 1837.
John Catron, Tenn., 1837.

Richard Rush, Pa., Feb. 10, 1814.
Wm. Wirt, Va., Dec. 16, 1817.
J. McP. Berrien, Ga., Mar. 9, 1829.
Roger B. Taney, Md., 1831.
Benj. F. Butler, N. Y., 1833.
Felix Grundy, Tenn., 1838.
H. D. Gilpin, Pa., 1840.

Speakers of House of Representatives.

Henry Clay, Ky., 16th Con., 1819.
J. W. Taylor, N. Y., 16th Con., 1820.
P. P. Barbour, Va., 17th Con., 1821.
Henry Clay, Ky., 18th Con., 1823.
J. W. Taylor, N. Y., 19th Con., 1825.
J. W. Taylor, N. Y., 20th Con., 1827.
A. Stevenson, Va., 20th Con., 1828.
A. Stevenson, Va., 21st Con., 1829.
A. Stevenson, Va., 22d Con., 1831.
A. Stevenson, Va., 23d Con.
John Bell, Tenn.,

James K. Polk, Tenn., 24th Con., 1835.
James K. Polk, Tenn., 25th Con., 1837.
James K. Polk, Tenn., 25th Con., 1838.
Robert M. T. Hunter, Va., 26th Con., 1839.

MINISTERS TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. SALARY, $9,000. OUTFIT, $9,000. Envoys and Ministers Plenipotentiary.

Thomas Pinckney, S. C., to England, Jan. 12, 1792.
Gouverneur Morris, N. Y., to France, Jan. 12, 1792.
John Jay, N. Y., to England, April 19, 1794.

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