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Glumdalclitch happened to be out of or- carried it home in her pocket, to keep ader: for I luon began to be known and mong other trinkets, of which the girl was esteemed among the greatest officers, I very fond, as children at her age usually suppote more upon account of their majes. are. ties favour than any merit of my own. The king's kitchen is indeed a noble journies, when I was weary of the coach, a building, vaulted at top, and about fix servant on horseback would buckle on my hundred feet high. The great oven is not box, and place it upon a cushion before so wide by ten faces as the cupola at St. him; and there I had a full prospect of the Paul's: for I measured the latter on purcountry on three fides from my three win- pose after my return. But if I should dedows. I had in this closet a field-bed and Icribe the kitchen-grate, the prodigious a hammock hung from the cieling, two pots and kettles, the joints of meat turning chairs, and a table, neatly screwed to the on the spits, with many other particulars, floor, to prevent being tolled about by the perhaps I should be hardly believed ; at agitation of the horle or the coach. And least a severe critic would be apt to think having been long used to sea-voyages, those I enlarged a little, as travellers are often motions, although sometimes very violent, suspected to do. To avoid which censure, did not much discompose me.

I fear I have run too much into the other Whenever I had a mind to see the town, extreme; and that if this treatise should it was always in my travelling-closet, which happen to be translated into the language Glumdalclitch held in her lap in a kind of of Brobdingnag (which is the general name open sedan, after the fashion of the coun- of that kingdom) and transmitted thither, try, borne by four men, and attended by. the king and his people would have reatwo others in the queen's livery. The son to complain, that I had done them an people, who had often heard of me, were injury by a false and diminutive represenvery curious to crowd about the fedan; and tation. the girl was complaisant enough to make His majesty feldom keeps above six hun. the bearers stop, and to take me in her dred horses in his ftables: they are gene hand that I might be more conveniently rally from fifty-four to fixty feet nih. leen.

But, when he goes abroad on solemn d.lys, I was very desirous to see the chief tem- he is attended for state by a militia guird ple, and particularly the tower belonging of five hundred horse, which indeed I to it, which is reckoned the highest in the thought was the most fplendid fight that kingdom. Accordingly one day my nurse could be ever beheld, till I saw part of his carried me thither, but I may truly say I army in battalia, whereof I shall find anocame back disappointed; for the height is ther occasion to speak. nos above three thousand feet, reckoning from the ground to the higheit pinnacle

CHA P. V. top; which, allowing for the difference Several ad ventures that happened to the aubetween the size of those people and us in

thor. The execution of a criminal. The Europe, is no great matter for admiration,

author firews his skill in navigation. nor at all equal in proportion (if I rightly remember) to Salisbury steeple. But, not

I Mould have lived happy enough in to detract from a nation to which during that country, if my littleness had not exmy life I shall acknowledge myself ex- posed me to several ridiculous and troubletremely obliged, it must be allowed that some accidents : some of which I thall venwhatever this famous tower wants in height ture to relate. Glumdalclitch often carried is amply made up in beauty and strength. me into the gardens of the court in my For the walls are near an hundred free smaller box, and would sometimes take me thick, built of hewn stone, whereof each is out of it, and hold me in her hand, or set about forty fee: square, and adorned on all me down to walk. I remember, before fides with itatues of gods and emperors cut the dwarf left the queen, he followed us in marble larger than the life, placed in one day into those gardens, and my nurse their leveral niches. I measured a little having set me down, he and I being close finger which liad fallen down from one of together, near some dwart app'e-trees, I thele ftatues, and lay unperceived amang must needs Mew my wit by a silly allusion some rubbith, and found it exa&ly four feet between him and the trees, which happens and an inch in length. Glumdalclitch to hold in their language as it doit in ours. wrapped it up in her handkerchief, and Whereupon the malicious rogue, watching

3 M 3


his opportunity, when I was walking under me safe to my little nurse, who by tbis time one of them, shock it directly over my head, had returned to the place where the lefs by which a dozen apples, each of them as me, and was in cruel agonies when I did large as a Bristol barrel, came tumbling not appear, nor answer when she called : about my ears; one of them hit me on tbe lhe severely reprimanded the gardener on back as 'I chanced to stoop, and knocked account of his dog. But the thing was me down fat on my face; but I received hushed up, and never known at court; for no other hurt, and the dwarf was pardoned the girl was afraid of the queen's anger ; at my desire, because I had given the pro- and truly, as to myself, I thought it would vocation.

not be for my reputation that such a ttory Another day Glumdalclitch left me on a should go about. smooth grass-plat to divert myself, while This accident absolutely determined the walked at some distance with her go- Glumdalclitch never to trust me abroad vernels. In the mean time there suddenly for the future out of her sight. I had been fell such a violent shower of hail, that I was long afraid of this resolution, and therefore immediately by the force of it struck to the concealed from her some little unlucky adground: and when I was down, the hail- ventures that happened in those times when Itones gave me such cruel bangs all over I was left by myself. Once a kite, hover. the body, as if I had been pelted with ten- ing over the garden, made a stoop at me, nis-balls; however, I made thift to creep and if I had not resolutely drawn my hang: on all four, and shelter myself by lying fiat er, and run under a thick espalier, he would on my face, on the lee-side of a border of have certainly carried me away in his talemon-thyme, but fo bruited from head to lons. Another time, walking to the top foot, that I could not go abroad in ten of a fresn mole-hill, I fell to my neck in days. Neither is this at all to be won- the hole through which that animal had dered at, because nature in that country, caft up the earth, and coined some lye, not observing the same proportion through all worth remembering, to excuse myielf for her operations, a hail-ftone is near eighteen spoiling my clothes. I likewise broke my hundred times as large as one in Europe, right ihin against the shell of a snail

, which I can assert upon experience, hav- which I happened to stumble over, as I ing been so curious to weigh and measure was walking alone, and thinking on poor them.

England. But a more dangerous accidenthappened I cannot tell, whether I was more pleased to me in the fame garden, when my little or mortified to observe in those folitary nurse believing she had put me in a secure walks, that the smaller birds did not applace, which I often intreated her to do, pear to be at all afraid of me, but would that I might enjoy my own thoughts, and hop about me within a yard's distance, having left my box at home to avoid the looking for worms and other food with as trouble of carrying it, went to another part much indifference and security, as if no of the garden with her governess, and some creature at all were near them. I rememladies of her acquaintance. While she was ber, a thruh had the confidence to snatch absent, and out of hearing, a small white out of my hand, with his bill, a piece of Spaniel belonging to one of the chief gar- cake that Glumdalclitch had just given me deners, having got by accident into the for my breakfast

. When I attempted to garden, happened to range near the place catch any of these birds, they would boidly where I lay: the dog, following the scent, turn against me, endeavouring to peck my came directly up, and taking me in his fingers, which I durft not venture within mouth ran ftrait to his master, wagging his their reach; and then they would hop back tail, and set me gently on the ground. By unconcerned to hunt for worms or snails

, good fortune he had been so well taught, as they did before. But one day I took a that I was carried between his teeth svith- thick cudgel, and threw it with all my out the least hurt, or even tearing my firength lo luckily at a linnet, that I clothes. But the poor gardener, who knew knocked him down, and seizing him by me well, and had a great kindness for me, the neck with both my hands, ran with was in a terrible fright: he gently took me him in triumph to my nurse. However up in both his hands, and aked me how I the bird, who had only been ftunned, redid; but I was so amazed and out of breath, covering himself, gave me so many boxes that I could not speak a word. In a few with his wings on both sides of my head ininutes I came to myself, and he carried and body, though I held him at arm's



length, and was out of the reach of his from it thicker than pack-threads, to say claws, that I was twenty times thinking to nothing farther concerning the rest of their let him go. But I was soon relieved by persons. Neither did they at all scruple, one of our servants, who wrung off the while I was by, to discharge what they had bird's neck, and I had him next day for drank, to the quantity of at least two hogfdinner by the queen's command. This heads, in a vessel that held above three linnet, as near as I can remember, seemed The handsomeft among these maids to be somewhat larger than an English of honour, a pleasant frolicsome girl of sixswan.

teen, would sometimes set me aftride upon The maids of honour often invited one of her nipples, with many other tricks, Glumdalclitch to their appartments, and wherein the reader will excuse me for not desired she would bring me along with her, being over particular. But I was so much on purpose to have the pleasure of seeing displeased, that I intreated Glumdalclitch and touching me. They would often strip to contrive some excuse for not seeing that me naked from top to toe, and lay me at young lady any more. full length in their bofoms; wherewith I One day a young gentleman, who was was much disgusted; because, to say the nephew to my nurse's governels, came and truth, a very offensive smell came from pressed them both to see an execution. It their skins; which I do not mention, or in- was of a man, who had murdered one of tend, to the disadvantage of those excel. that gentleman's intimate acquaintance. lent ladies, for whom I have all manner of Glumdalclitch was prevailed on to be of respect; but I conceive that my sense was the company, very much against her in. more acute in proportion to my littleness, clination, for she was naturally tender. and that those illuitrious persons were no hearted : and as for myself, although I more disagreeable to their lovers, or to each abhorred such kind of spectacles, yet my other, than people of the fame quality are curiosity tempted me to see something, that with us in England. And, after all, I found I thought must be extraordinary. The matheir natural smell was much more sup- lefactor was fixed in a chair upon a scaffold portable, than when they used perfumes, erected for that purpose, and his head cut under which I immediately swooned away. off at one blow with a sword of about forty I cannot forget, that an intimate friend of feet long. The veins and arteries spouted mine in Lilliput took the freedom in a up such a prodigious quantity of blood, and warm day, when I had used a good deal so high in the air, that the great jet d'eau of exercise, to complain of a strong smell at Versailles was not equal for the time it about me, although I am as little faulty lafted; and the head, when it fell on the that way as most of my sex: but I suppose scaffold foor, gave such a bounce as made his faculty of smelling was as nice with me start, although I were at least half an regard to me, as mine was to that of this English mile ditlant. people. Upon this point I cannot forbear The queen, who often used to hear me doing justice to the queen my mistress, and talk of my sea-voyages, and took all occaGlumdalclitch my nurse, whose persons fions to divert me when I was melancholy, were as sweet as those of any lady in Eng- asked me whether I understood how to hanland.

dle a fail or an oar, and whether a little ex· That which gave me most uneasiness ercise of rowing might not be convenient among these maids of honour (when my for my health ? I answered that I undernurse carried me to visit them) was to fee food both very well: for although my them use me without any manner of ce- proper employment had been to be surgeon remony, like a creature who had no sort of or doctor to the ship, yet often upon a pinch consequence: for they would strip them. I was forced to work like a common maselves to the skin, and put on their smocks riner. But I could not see how this could in my presence, while I was placed on their be done in their country, where the smallest toilet, directly before their naked bodies, wherry was equal to a first-rate man of war which I am sure to me was very far from among us, and such a boat as I could mabeing a tempting fight, or from giving me nage would never live in any of their ri. any other emotions than those of horror vers. Her majesty said, if I would conand disguft. Their skins appeared fo coarse trive a boat, her own joiner should make and uneven, fo variously coloured, when I it, and she would provide a place for me to faw them near, with a mole here and there fail in. The fellow was an ingenious workas broad as a trenches, and hairs hanging man, and by instruction in ten days finithed

3 M 4

a pleasure

a pleasure-boat, with all its tackling, able length of the boat, and then over my head, conveniently to hold eight Europeans. backwards and forwards, daubing my face When it was finished the queen was lo de- and clothes with its odious slime. The lighted, that she ran with it in her lap to largeness of its features made it appear the king, who ordered it to be put in a cif- the mott deformed animal that can be tern full of water with me in it by way of conceived. However, I desired Glumtrial, where I could not manage my two dalclitch to let me deal with it alone. I sculls, or little oars, for want of room. But banged it a good while with one of my the queen had before contrived another sculls, and at last forced it to leap out of project. She ordered the joiner to make a the boat. wooden trough of three hundred feet long, But the greatest danger I ever underfifty broad, and eight deep, which being went in that kingdom, was from a monwell fiched, to prevent leaking, was key, who belonged to one of the clerks of placed on the floor along the wali in an the kitchen. Glumdalclitch had locked outer room of the palace. It had a cock me up in her closet, while she went some. near the bottom to let out the water, when where upon business, or a visit. The wea. it began to grow ftale; and two servants ther being very warm, the closet-window could easily fill ic in half an hour. Here I was left open, as well as the windows and often used to row for my own diversion, as the door of my bigger box, in which I well as that of the queen and her ladies, usually lived, becaule of its largeness and who thought themselves well entertained conveniency. As I sat quietly meditating with my skill and agility. Sometimes I at my table, I heard something bounce in would put up my fail, and then my busi- at the closet-window, and skip about from ness was only to steer, while the ladies gave one side to the other: whereat although I me a gale with their fans: and, when they was much alarmed, yet I ventured to look were weary, some of the pages would blow out, but not stirring from my seat; and my sail forward with their breath, while I then I saw this frolicsome animal frilking Mewed my art by steering starboard or and leaping up and down, till at last he Jarboard, as I pleased. When I had done, came to my box, which he seemed to view Glemdalclitch always carried back my with great pleasure and curiosity, peeping boat into her closet, and hung it on a nail in at the door and every window. I reto dry.

treated to the farther corner of my room, To this exercise I once met an accident or box, but the monkey looking in at every which had like to have cost me my life: fide put me iuto such a fright, that I wantfor, one of the pages having put my boated presence of mind to conceal myself uninto the trough, the governess, who at- der tit: bed, as I might easily have done. tended Glomdalclitch, very officiously lifted After fome time spent in peeping, grinme up to place me in the boat, but I hap- ning, and chattering, he at last espied me, pened to flip through her fingers, and should and reaching one of his paws in at the in/allibly have fallen down forty feet upon door, as a cat does when the plays with a the Acor, if, by the luckiest chance in the moute, although I often tified place to worid, I had not been stopped by a cork- avoid him, he at length seized the lapper ing-pin that fuck in the good gentlewo- of my ccat (which being of that country's man's stomacher; the head of the pin paff- filk, was very thick and tirong) and draged between my shirt and the waistband of ged me out. He took me up in his right my breeches, and thus I was held by the fore-foot, and held me as a nurse does a middle in the air, till Glumdalclicch ran to child the is going to suckle, just as I have

feen the same sort of creature do with a Another time, one of the servants, whose kitten in Europe : and when I offered to ofice it was to fill my trough every third struggle, he squeezed me so hard, that I day with fresh water, was to careleis to let thought it more prudent to submit. I a nuge frog (not perceiving ii) flip out of have good reason to believe, that he took his pail. The frog lay concealed till i me for a young one of his own species, by was put into my boat, but then seeing a his often stroking my face very gently resting place climbed up, and made it lean with his other paw. In these diverfions fo much on one side, that I was forced to he was interrupted by a noise at the cobalance it with all my weight on the other fet-door, as if somebody was opening it; to prevent overturning. When the frog whereupon he suddenly leaped up to the was got in, it hopped at once half the window, at which he had come in, and


my relief.

thence upon the leads and gutters, walk- thoughts and speculations were while I lay ing upon three legs, and holding me in the in the monkey's paw; how I liked the fourth, till he clambered up to a roof that victuals he gave me; his manner of feedwas next to ours. I heard Glumdalclitch ing; and whether the fresh air on the roof give a shriek at the moment he was car. had sharpened my stomach. He desired to rying me out. The poor girl was almost know, what I would have done upon such distracted: that quarter of the palace was an occasion in my own country. I told his all in an uproar; the fervants ran for lad- majesty, that in Europe we had no monders; the monkey was seen by hundreds keys, except such as were brought for cuin the court, fitting upon the ridge of a riosities from other places, and so small, building, holding me like a baby in one of that I could deal with a dozen of them tohis fore-paws, and feeding me with the gether, if they presumed to attack me. other, by cramming into my mouth some And as for that monstrous animal with vi&tuals he had squeezed out of the bag whom I was so lately engaged (it was inon one fide of his chaps, and patring me deed as large as an elephant) if my fears when I would not eat; whereat many of had suffered me to think so far as to make the rabble below could not forbear laugh. use of my hanger (looking fiercely, and ing; neither do I think they justly ought clapping my hand upon the hilt, as I spoke) to be blamed, for, without question, the when he poked his paw into my chamber, fight was ridiculous enough to every perhaps I should have given him such a body but myself. Some of the people wound, as would have made him glad to threw up stones, hoping to drive the mon- withdraw it with more hafte than he put it key down; but this was strictly forbidden, in. This I delivered in a firm tone, like or else very probably my brains had been a person who was jealous left his courage dashed out.

should be called in question. However, my The ladders were now applied, and speech produced nothing else besides a loud mounted by several men, which the mon- laughter, which all the respect due to his key observing, and finding himself almost majesty from those about him could not encompassed; not being able to make speed make them contain. This made me reenough with his three legs, let me drop on flect, how vain an attempt it is for a man a ridge tile, and made his escape. Here to endeavour to do himself honour among I sat for some time, five hundred yards those, who are out of all degree of equality from the ground, expecting every moment or comparison with him. And yet I have to be blown down by the wind, or to fall seen the moral of my own behaviour very by my own giddiness, and come tumbling frequent in England since my return, over and over from the ridge to the eves: where a little contemptible varlet, withbut an honest lad, one of my nurse's out the least title to birth, person, wit, footmen, climbed up, and putting me in- or common sense, thall presume to look to his breeches-pocket, brought me down with importance, and put himself upon safe.

a foot with the greatest persons of the I was almost choaked with the filthy stuff kingdom. the monkey had crammed down my throat: I was every day furnishing the court but my dear little nurse picked it out of my with some ridiculous story; and Glumdalmouth with a small needle, and then I fell clitch, although he loved me to excess, a vomiting, which gave me great relief. yet was arch enough to inform the queen, Yet I was so weak, and bruised in the sides whenever I committed any folly that she with the squeezes given me by this odious thought would be diverting to her majesty. animal, that I was forced to keep my bed . The girl, who had been out of order, was a fortnight. The king, queen, and all carrried by her governess to take the air the court, sent every day to enquire after about an hour's distance, or thirty miles my health, and her majesty made me fe- from town. They alighted out of the veral visits during my sickness. The coach near a small foot-path in a field, and monkey was killed, and an order made Glumdalclitch setting down my travellingthat no such animal should be kept about box, I went out of it to walk. There was the palace.

a cow-dung in the path, and I must necds When I attended the king after my re- try my activity by attempting to leap over covery to return him thanks for his favours, it. I took a run, but unfortunately jumped he was pleased to rally me a good deal up- Nort, and found mysejf just in thie midon this adventure. He aked me what my dle up to my knees. I wadud through

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