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demands of nature so strong upon me, that considered myself as bound by the laws of I could not forbear shewing my impatience hospitality to a people, who had treated (perhaps against the strict rules of decency) me with so inuch expence and magnificence. by putting my finger frequently to my However, in my thoughts I could not fuffimouth, to fignify that I wanted food. The ciently wonder at the intrepidity of these hurgo (for lo they call a great lord, as I diminutive mortals, who durst venture to afterwards learnt) understood me very well. mount and walk upon my body, while one He descended from the stage, and com- of my hands was at liberty, without tremmanded that several ladders Thould be ap- bling at the very fight of so prodigious a plied to my sides, on which above an hun. creature, as I must appear to them. After dred of the inhabitants mounted, and walked some time, when they observed that I made towards my mouth, laden with baskets full no more demands for meat, there appeared of meat, which had been provided and sent before me a person of high rank from his thither by the king's orders, upon the first imperial majesty. His excellency, having intelligence he received of me. I observed mounted on the small of my right leg, ad. there was the flesh of several animals, but vanced forwards up to my face, with about could not distinguish them by the taste. a dozen of his retinue. And producing his There were shoulders, legs, and loins, credentials under the fignet royal, which shaped like those of mutton, and very well he applied close to my eyes, spoke about dressed, bat smaller than the wings of a ten minutes without any signs of anger, lark. I eat them by two or three at a but with a kind of determinate resolution; mouthful, and took three loaves at a time, often pointing forwards, which, as I afterabout the bigness of musket-bullets. They wards found, was towards the capital city, supplied me as fast as they could, Thewing about half a mile distant, whither it was a thousand marks of wonder and astonish- agreed by his majesty in council that I ment at my bulk and appetite. I then must be conveyed. I answered in few made another sign that I wanted drink. words, but to no purpose, and made a sign They found by my eating, that a small with my hand that was loose, putting it to quantity would not fuffice me, and being a the other (but over his excellency's head, molt ingenious people, they flung up with for fear of hurting him or his train) and great dexterity one of their largest hogf- then to my own head and body, to úgnify heads, then rolled it towards my hand, that I defired my liberty. It appeared that and beat out the top; I drank it off at a he understood me well enough, for he shook draught, which I might well do, for it did his head by way of disapprobation, and held not hold half a pint, and tasted like a small his hand in a posture to Thew, that I must wine of Burgundy, but much more deli- be carried as a prisoner. However, he cious. They brought me a second hogf- made other signs to let me understand that head, which 'I drank in the same manner, I should have meat and drink enough, and and made signs for more; but they had very good treatment. Whereupon I once none to give me. When I had performed more thought of attempting to break my these wonders, they shouted for joy, and bonds, but again, when I felt the smart of danced upon my breast, repeating several their arrows upon my face and hands, times as they did at first

, bekinah degul. which were all in blisters, and many of the They made me a sign that I fould throw darts still ficking in them, and observing down the two hogsheads, but first warning likewise that the number of my enemies the people below to Itand out of the way, increased, I gave tokens to let them know, crying aloud, borach mevola, and when they that they might do with me what they saw the vessels in the air, there was an uni. pleased. Upon this the hurgo and his train versal shout of hekinah degul. I confess, I withdrew with much civility and chearful was often tempted, while they were palling countenances.

Soon after I heard a genebackwards and forwards on my body, to ral shout, with frequent repetitions of the seize forty or fifty of the first that came words, peplom felan, and I felt great numin my reach, and dash them against the bers of people on my left side relaxing the ground.. But the remembrance of what cords to such a degree that I was able to I had felt, which probably might not be turn upon my right, and to eale myself the worft they could do, and the promise with making water; which I very plentiof honour I made them, for so I inter- fully did, to the great altonishment of the preted my submissive behaviour, soon drove people, who conjecturing by my motion out these imaginations. Besides, I now what I was going to do, immediately open,


ed to the right and left on that fide, to it seems set out in four hours after my landavoid the torrent which fell with such noise ing. It was brought parallel to me as I and violence from me. But before this, lay: But the principal difficulty was to they had daubed my face and both my raise and place me in this vehicle. Eighty hands with a sort of ointment very plea- poles, each of one foot high, were eredied fant to the smell, which in a few minutes for this purpose, and very Atrong cords, of removed all the smart of their arrows. the bigness of packthread, were faftened These circumstances, added to the refreih- by hooks to many bandages, which the ment I had received by their victuals and workmen had girt round my neck, my drink, which were very nourishing, dif- hands, my body, and my legs. Nine hanposed me to sleep. I slept about eight dred of the strongest men were employed hours, as I was afterwards assured; and it to draw up these cords by many pusies was no wonder, for the physicians, by the fastened on the poles, and thus, in less than emperor's order, had mingled a sleepy po- three hours, I was raised and flung into tion in the hogsheads of wine.

the engine, and there tied fast. All this It seems that, upon the first moment I was told, for, while the whole operation was was discovered ficeping on the ground after performing, I lay in a profound sleep by my landing, the emperor had early notice the force of that soporiferous medicine inof it by an express; and determined in fused into my liquor. Fifteen hundred of Council that I should be tied in the manner the emperor's largest horses, each about for I have related, (which was done in the inches and an halt high, were employed to night while I lept) that plenty of meat draw me towards the metropolis, which, as and drink should be sent to me, and a ma I said, was half a mile diitant. chine prepared to carry me to the capital About four hours after we began our city.

journey, I awaked by a very ridiculous acThis resolution perhaps may appear very cident; for the carriage being stopt awnile bold and dangerous, and I am confident to adjust something that was out of order, would not be imitated by any prince in two or three of the young natives had the Europe on the like occafion; however, in curiosity to see how I looked when I was my opinion, it was extremely prudent, as asleep; they climbed up into the engine, well as generous: for supposing these people and advancing very foftly to my face, one had endeavoured to kill me with their of them, an officer in the guards, put the fpears and arrows while I was asleep, I sharp end of his half-pike a good way up Mould certainly have awaked with the first into my left noftril, which tickled my nose sense of smart, which might fo far have like a straw, and made me sneeze violentfouzed my rage and strength, as to have ly*: whereupon they stole off unperceived, enabled me to break the furings wherewith and it was three weeks before I knew the I was tied; after which, as they were not cause of my awaking fo suddenly. We able to make resistance, so they could ex- made a long march the remaining part of pe&t no mercy:

the day, and rested at night with five ban. These people are most excellent mathe. dred guards on each side of me, half with maticians, and arrived to a great perfection torches, and half with bows and arrows, in mechanics by the countenance and en- ready to shoot me, if I should offer to itir

. couragement of the emperor, who is a re The next morning at sun-rise we continued nowned patron of learning. This prince our march, and arrived within two hundred hath several machines fixed on wheels for yards of the city-gates about noon. The the carriage of trees and other great emperor, and all his court, came oat to weights. He often builds his largest men of war, whereof some are nine feet long, * It has been remarked, that courage in wintin the woods where the timber grows, and

ever cause, though it sometimes excites indigna. has them carried on these engines three or

tion, is never the object of contempt; but li. 3".

pears to be true, only because courage is fuppuie! four hundred yards to the sea. Five hun

to imply superiority: for this offer in the gun, onde dred carpenters and engineers were imme. becomes extremely ridiculous and contemporada diately set at work to prepare the greatest by an act of the most daring curiosity, which is engine they had. It was a frame of wood him in comparison with Gulliver ; to włam be railed three inches from the ground, about mountain's noftrits wonld have end.mngered this

i?s so much inferior, that à Blart of the Vanseven feet long and four wide, moving upon life ; and if heroism itself is not proof 29 maftri twenty-two wheels. The thout I heard dicule, thefe furely are Lilliputinis in phlutopar, was upon the arrival of this engine, which whio consider ridicule as the test of truth.




ineet us, but his great officers would by no pockets are searched, and his fword and
means suffer his majcity to endanger his Pistols taken from him.
person by mounting on iny body,
At the place where the carriage flopt, looked about me, and must confess I never

When I found myself on my feet, I there ftood an ancient temple, esteemed

beheli a more entertaining prospect. The to be the largeft in the whole kingdom, which, having been polluted some years be- country around appeared like a continued fore by an unnatural murder, was, accord garden, and the inclosed fields, which were ing to the zeal of those people, looked generally forty feet square, resembled to upon as prophane, and therefore had been many beds of flowers. These fields were applied to common use, and all the orna

intermingled with woods of half a stang ments and furniture carried away. In this and the tallest trees, as I could judge, apedifice it was determined I should lodge. peared to be seven feet high. 1 viewed

the town on my kft hand, which looked The great gate fronting to the north was about four feet high, and almost two feet like the painted scene of a city in a thewide, through which I could easily creep.

I had been for some hours extremely On each side of the gate was a small window, not above fix inches from the ground: pressed by the necessities of nature ; which into that on the left side the king's smith

was no wonder, it being almost two days

since I had last dilburthened myself. I was conveyed four core and eleven chains, like those that hang to a lady's watch in Eu

under great difficulties between urgency,

and shame. The best expedient I could rope, and almost as large, which were locked to my left leg with fix-and-thirty 1 accordingly did; and, shutting the gate

think on, was to creep into my house, which padlocks. Over-against this temple, on after me, I went as far as the length of the other fide of the great highway, at

my chain would suffer, and discharged my twenty feet distance, there was a turret at least five feet high. liere the emperor the only time I was ever guilty of so un

body of that uneasy load. But this was ascended, with many principal lords of his court, to have an opportunity of viewing

cleanly an action : for which I cannot but me, as I was told, for I could not fee hope the candid reader will give some althem. It was reckoned that above an

lowance, after he hath maturely and imhundred thousand inhabitants came out of partially considered my case, and the dirthe town upon the same errand; and, in trefs I was in. From this time my conspite of my guards, I believe there could

stant practice was, as soon as I rose, to not be fewer than ten thousand at several perform that business in open air at the times, who mounted my body by the help taken every morning, before company

full extent of my chain; and due care was of ladders. But a proclamation was foon illued to forbid it on pain of death. When

came, that the offensive matter should be the workmen found it was impossible for carried off in whcel-barrows by two ferme to break loose, they cut all the ftrings

vants appointed for that purpose. I would that bound me; whereupon I rose

not have dwelt so long upon a circumas melancholy a disposition as ever I had stance, that perhaps at first fight may ap. in my life. But the noise and aitonish- pear not very momentous, if I had not walk are not to be expressed. The chains which I am told some of my maligners ment of the people at seeing me rise and thought it neceflary to justify my charac

ter in point of cleanliness to the world; that held my left leg were about two yards long, and gave me not only the liberty of have been pleased, upon this and other ocwalking backwards and forwards in a femi- cafions, to call in question.

When this adventure was at an end, I circle; but, being fixed within four inches of the gate, allowed me to creep in, and lie

came back out of my house, having occa

fion for fresh air. The emperor was alat my full length in the temple.

ready descended from the tower, and adCH A P. II.

vancing on horseback towards me, which The emperor of Lilliput, atiended by several had like to have cost him dear; for the The emperor of Lilliput, attended by several beait

, though very well trained, yet wholly of the nobility, comes to see the author in unused to such a fight, which appeared as his confinement. The emperor's perfon end if a mountain moved before him, reared habit described. Learned men appointed 10 teach the author their language.

He up on his hinder feet: but that prince, who gains favour by his mild diji ofition. His

* Afarg is a pole or perch; sixteen feet and

up with

an halt.


is an excellent horseman, kept his seat till riched with diamonds. His voice was fhrill, his attendants ran in, and held the bridle, but very clear and articulate, and I could while his majesty had time to dismount. distinctly hear it, when I flood up. The When he alighted, he surveyed me round ladies and courtiers were all most magni. with great admiration; but kept beyond ficently clad, so that the spot they stood the length of my chain. He ordered his upon seemed to resemble a petticoat spread cooks and butlers, who were already pre- on the ground embroidered with figures of pared, to give me vi&tuals and drink, which gold and filver. His imperial majetty spoke they pushed forward in a sort of vehicles often to me, and I returned answers; but upon wheels, till I could reach them. I neither of us could understand a syllable. cook these vehicles, and soon emptied them There were several of his priests and lawall; twenty of them were filled with meat, yers present (as I conjectured by their ha. and ten with liquor; each of the former bits) who were commanded to address afforded me two or three good mouthfuls; themselves to me, and I spoke to them in and I emptied the liquor of ten vessels, as many languages as I had the least smatwhich was contained in earthen vials, into tering of, which were high and low Dutch, one vehicle, drinking it off at a draught; Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, and lingua and so I did the rest. The empress, and Franca; but all to no purpose. After about young princes of the blood of both sexes, two hours the court retired, and I was left attended by many ladies, sat at some dil- with a strong guard to prevent the impertance in their chairs; but upon the acci- tinence, and probably the malice, of the dent that happened to the emperor's horse, rabble, who were very impatient to crowd they alighted, and came near his person, about me as near as they durft, and some of which I am now going to describe. He is them had the impudence to shoot their artaller, by almost the breadth of my nail, rows at me, as I sat on the ground by the any

of his court, which alone is enough door of my house, whereof one very narto strike an awe into the beholders. His rowly missed my left eye. But the co. features are strong and masculine, with an lonel ordered fix of the ringleaders to be Auftrian lip and arched nose, his complex- seized, and thought no punishment so proion olive, his countenance erect, his body per as to deliver them bound into my and limbs well proportioned, all his motions hands; which some of his soldiers accord. graceful, and his deportment majestic. He ingly did, pushing them forwards with the was then past his prime, being twenty- but-ends of their pikes into my reach: I eight years and three quarters old, of which took them all in my right hand, put ire he had reigned about seven in great felic of them into my coat-pocket, and as to city, and generally victorious. For the the fixth, I made a countenance as if I better convenience of beholding him, I lay would eat him alive. The poor man on my fide, so that my face was parallel to squalled terribly, and the colonel and his his, and he stood but three yards off : officers were in much pain, especially when however, I have had him since many times they saw me take out my penknife: but I in my hand, and therefore cannot be de- foon put them out of fear; for, looking ceived in the description. His dress was mildly, and immediately cutting the strings very plain and simple, and the fashion of he was bound with, I fet him gently on the it between the Asiatic and the European: ground, and away he ran. I treated the but he had on his head a light helmet of rest in the fame manner, taking them one gold, adorned with jewels, and a plume on by one out of my pocket; and I observed the crest. He held his sword drawn in his both the soldiers and people were highly hand to defend himself, if I should happen delighted at this mark of my clemency, to break loose *; it was almost three inches which was represented very much to my long; the hilt and scabbard were gold en- advantage at court. The masculine strength of features, which

Towards night I got with some difficulty Gulliver could not see till he laid his face upon into my house, where I lay on the ground, the ground, and the awful superiority of stature and continued to do fo about a fortnight; in a being, whom he held in his hand; the hel- during which time the emperor gave orders met, the plume, and the sword, are a fine reproof to have a bed prepared for me. Six hun. diftinctions, whether of person or rank; the ridi- dred beds t of the common measure were culous parade and oftentation of a pigmy; which derive not only their origin but their wise from the just proportion and appearances of the objects

+ Gulliver has observed great exactnets in the foliy, weakness, and imperfection of ourselves claus leliencd. Orrekt. and uthers.


brought in carriages, and worked up in my any subsidies upon his subjects, who are house; an hundred and fifty of their beds, bound to attend him in his wars at their sewn together, made up the breadth and own expence. An etablishment was also length; and these were four doubled, which made of fix hundred persons to be my dohowever kept me but indifferently from the meftics, who had board-wages allowed for hardness of the Aloor, that was of smooth their maintenance, and tents built for them stone. By the same computation they pro- very conveniently on each side of my door. vided me with sheets, blankets, and cover. It was likewise ordered, that three hundred lets, tolerable enough for one who had been taylors should make me a suit of cloaths so long inured to hardships.

after the fashion of the country: that fix As the news of my arrival spread through of his majesty's greatest scholars should be the kingdom,'it brought prodigious num. employed to instruct me in their language: bers of rich, idle, and curious people to see and lastly, that the emperor's horses, and me; so that the villages were almost emp- those of the nobility, and troops of guards, tied; and great neglect of tillage and house- should be frequently exercised in my light, hold affairs must have ensued, if his impe. to accustom themselves to me. All these rial majefty had not provided, by several orders were duly put in execution, and in proclamations and orders of state, against about three weeks I made a great progress this inconveniency. He directed, that those in learning their language; during which who had already beheld me hould return time the emperor frequently honoured me home, and not presume to come within fifty with his visits, and was pleased to afliit my yards of my house without licence from masters in teaching me. We began already court; whereby the secretaries of state got to converse together in some fort; and the considerable fees.

first words I learnt were to express my de. In the mean time the emperor held fre. fire, that he would please to give me my quent councils, to debate what course should liberty, which I every day repeated on my be taken with me; and I was afterwards knees. His answer, as I could appreassured by a particular friend, a person of hend it, was, that this must be a work of great quality, who was as much in the fe- time, not to be thought on without the adcret as any, that the court was under many vice of his council, and that first I must difficulties concerning me. They appre- lumos kelmin pello defimar lon empujo; that is, hended my breaking loose; that my diet swear a peace with him and his kingdom. would be very expensive, and might cause However, that I should be used with all a fa'mine. Sometimes they determined to kindness; and he advised me to acquire, ftarve me, or at least to shoot me in the by my patience and discreet behaviour, the face and hands with poisoned arrows, which good opinion of himself and his subjects. would soon dispatch me; but again they He desired I would not take it ill, if he considered, that the stench of fo large a gave orders to certain proper officers to carcase might produce a plague in the me- search me; for probably I might carry tropolis, and probably spread through the about me several weapons, which must whole kingdom. In the midst of these needs be dangerous things, if they anconsultations, several officers of the army swered the bulk of so prodigious a person. went to the door of the great council- I said, his majesty should be satisfied; for I chamber, and two of them being admitted, was ready to strip myself, and turn up my gave an account of my behaviour to the pockets before him. This I delivered lix criminals above mentioned, which made part in words, and part in figns. He reso favourable an impresion in the breast plied, that by the laws of the kingdom I of his majesty, and the whole board, in my must be searched by two of his officers; behalf, that an imperial commission was that he knew this could not be done withissued out, obliging all the villages nine out my consent and affiftance; that he had hundred yards round the city to deliver in so good an opinion of my generosity and every morning fix beeves, forty sheep, and justice, as to trust their persons in my other vi&tuals, for my sustenance; together hands: that whatever they took from me, with a proportionable quantity of bread, should be returned when I left the coun. and wine, and other liquors; for the due try, or paid for at the rate which I would payment of which his majeity gave allign- fet upon them. I took up the two officers ments upon his treasury. For this prince in my hands, put them first into my coatlives chiefly upon his own demesnes, fel- pockets, and then into every other pocker dom, except upon great occalions, raising about me, except my two fobs, and anothe:


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