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brance of the sacrifice of his death, and to Christ verily and indeed taken and re-
convey and assure to us the benefits we re- ceived ?
ceive thereby.

A. All who rightly receive this sacraQ. How does this appear to be the end ment, do thereby actually partake of that of appointing this facrament?

great sacrifice which Christ offered; and A. From Luke xxii

. 19. “This is my of all the benefits which he thereby mebody, which is given for you : this do in rited for mankind, in order to the sanctiremembrance of me.'

fying and saving of their souls. 1 Cor. xi. 26. · As often as ye eat this Q. How is this proved from scripture ? bread, and drink this cup, ye do fhew the A. From 1 Cor. x. 16. « The cup of Lord's death till he come.'

blessing which we bless, is it not the comMatt. xxvi. 28. • This is my blood of munion of the blood of Christ? The bread the new teftament, which is shed for many, which we break, is it not the communion for the remission of fins.'

of the body of Christ ? Q. Why is Christ's death called a facri. Q. What are the benefits which we refice?

ceive thereby? A. Because Christ was a sacrifice for A. The strengthening and refreshing of lin.

our souls by the body and blood of Christ, Q. How do you prove that Christ was a as our bodies are by the bread and wine. facrifice for sin?

Q. How are our souls strengthened and A. From Heb. ix. 26. • He put away sin refreshed by the body and blood of Christ? by the facrifice of himself.'

A. By being meet partakers of the fa2 Cor. v. 21. • He hath made him to cramental bread and wine, we are assured be fin (a sin-offering) for us, who knew of Christ's favour and goodness towards no fin."

us; that we are true and living members Q. How long is this ordinance to con- of his body the church, and also heirs, tinue?

through hope, of his everlasting kingdom. A. It is for the continual remembrance Q. What is required of them who come of the death of Christ, till he come to judge to the Lord's supper? the world.

A. To examine themselves, whether Q. How do you prove that the sacra- they repent them truly of their former ment of the Lord's fupper is to continue fins, stedfastly purposing to lead a new till Christ's second coming to judge the life, have a lively faith in God's mercy world?

through Christ, with a thankful rememA. From 1 Cor. xi. 26. “As oft as ye brance of his death, and be in charity with eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do all men. fhew the Lord's death till he come.'

Q. How do you prove this examination Q. What is the outward part, or sign of necessary? the Lord's supper?

A. From 1 Cor. xi. 27, 28. · WhosoA. Bread and wine which the Lord hath ever shall eat this bread, and drink this commanded to be received.

cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty Q. What proof have you that the Lord of the body and blood of the Lord. But kath commanded bread and wine to be let a man' examine himself, and so let received ?

him eat of that bread and drink of that A. From 1 Cor. xi. 23, 24, 25. '1 cup.' have received of the Lord, that the Lord Q. Why is repentance necessary to the Jesus, the fame night in which he was be- receiving of the Lord's supper? trayed, took bread: and when he had gi- A. Because without repentance we can ven thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, hope for no benefit from the death of Christ, eat; this is my body, which is broken which we here remember. for you: this do in remembrance of me. Q. How is it proved that we ought to After the same manner also he took the repent ? Cup.

A. From 1 Cor. v. 8. • Let us keep the Q. What is the inward part, or thing feast

, not with old leaven, neither with the figniñed?

leaven of malice and wickedness, but A. The body and blood of Christ, which with the unleavened bread of fincerity and are verily and indeed taken, and received truth.' by the faithful in the Lord's supper.

i Cor. xi. 31. If we would judge our. Q. How is the body and blood of selves, we should not be judged.

Q. Why

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Q. Why is faith necessary to the receiv. A. I mean the solemn laying on of the ing of the Lord's supper?

hands of the bishop, accompanied with A. Because it is a facrament appointed prayer, upon such as have been baptized, for such believers as own their baptism, and are come to years of discretion. and are ripe in knowledge; and for that Q. Why do you call this confirmation ? herein they have a near communion with A. Because by this ordinance I confirm Christ, and feed on him by faith. those vows and promises, which were made

Q. What proof have you for this duty? in my name when I was baptized.

A. From 2 Cor. xiii. 5. •Examine your- Q. How are those vows and promises now selves, whether ye be in the faith.' confirmed by you?

Heb. x. 22. • Let us draw near with a A. I do in the presence of God, and of true heart, in fuil assurance of faith.' the congregation, renew the folemn pro

Q. Why is our thankfulness necessary to mise and vow that was made in my name the receiving of the Lord's fupper? at my baptism; ratifying and confirming

A. Because the Lord's supper is a facri- the same in my own person, and acknowfice of thanksgiving to God for our re. ledging myself bound to believe and to do demption by Chrift.

all those things which my godfathers and Q: What proof have you for a thankful godmothers then undertook for me. remembrance of Christ's death?

Q. Have you no other reason for call. A. From Rom. v. 8. •God commend. ing this ordinance by the name of confir. eth his love towards us, in that whilst we mation ? were yet finners Christ died for us.'

A. Yes; I call it confirmation, because, 1 Cor. vi. 20. • Ye are bought with a by the bishop's laying his hands on me, price, therefore glorify God in your body, and by the prayers of him and the congreand in your fpirit, which are God's.' gation, I hope to be strengthened with the

Q. Why is the being in charity neces- Holy Ghost the Comforter, and defended sary to the Lord's supper?

with his heavenly grace, that I may conti, A. Because it is a feast of love, and a nue the Lord's for ever. communion of Christians one with another? Q. Why was this ordinance instituted ? and signifies their conjunction in one fpi- A. It was instituted in order to make ritual body,

us, who were baptized in our infancy, more Q. What proof have you for this duty : sensible of the obligations we are under tą A. From Matt. v. 23, 24. • If thou

believe and do what was then promised þring thy gift to the altar, and there re- for us. membereft that thy brother hath aught Q. What are the benefits of this instituagainst thee, leave there thy gift before tion? the altar, and go thy way; first be recon- A. They who are duly confirmed have ciled to thy brother, and then come and the benefit of God's grace procured for offer thy gift.'

them, by the prayers of the bishop and the 1 Cor. x. 17. We being many, are one congregation in their behalf; are duly inbread, and one body, for we are all par. structed in the principles of the Christian takers of that one bread.?

religion ; and are engaged to begin beEph. V. 2. · Walk in love, as Christ times both to consider their duty, and to also hath loved us, and hath given him- apply themselves to the discharge of it. feif for us, an offering and a sacrifice to Q. Are all god fathers and godmothers God.'

obliged to see, that those for whom they 1 John iv. 11. •If God so loved us, we answer be firft duly instructed in the prinought also to love one another.'

ciples of their religion, and then brought

to be confirmed by the bishop ? Sect. the last. On Confirmation.

A. Yes, certainly. As they have receive

ed a folemn charge to see that the infant Q. Is there any thing else required of be taught, so soon as he shall be able to those who come to the Lord's fupper ? leain, what a solemn vow, promise, and

A. It is ordained by the church, - that profesfion he hath made by them; and to Apne shall be adniicted to the holy communion-until such time as he is confir- bishop to be confirmed by him; so nothing.

take care that the child be brought to the • edy or ready and defirous to be con- can excuse them from the obligations of firmed!

this duty, when they have power and opQ. What do you mean by confirmation? portunity to do either.

Q. What

Q. What is required of perfons to be God of all confolation; I desire to adore confirmed ?

and praise thy goodness expressed towards A. That, when they are come to years me, who am lels than the least of all thy of discretion, they be taught to know and mercies; for my creation, preservation, and understand what a solemn vow, promise, a!l the blessings of this life: but above all, and profession they made by their godfa- 1 desire to praise thy naine for thy wonderthers and godmothers when they were bap- ful love in Christ Jesus my Lord; for the tized; and that they be ready and defirous, means of grace which through him thou in their own names, to ratify and confirm hatt placed me in the poffeffion of; and the same.

those hopes of glory, which, by the coveQ. How often ought any Chrifian to be nant which thou wait graciously pleased to confirmed

feal with me at my baptism, thou hast conA. But once. As there is one baptism, firmed to me, O make me, I beseech lo there is required but one folemn ratifica- thee, duly sensible of the value of thy fasion or confirmation of it,

vour, and accordingly to be desirous of it; Q. Do they not then shew themselves and to this end, make me always mindful. very ignorant, who go to the bishop to be of that solemn vow which I made at my confirmed every time he confirms ? baptisın; and give me grace to resist the

A. This proceeds from their not know- several temptations of the devil, the world, ing what confirmation is, which accord- and my own corrupt nature. Poffefs me ingly they call by the naine of being bi. with a hatred of all my former breaches of jbspd, or receiving the bishop's blefling. this facred obligation, and to take care to

Q. Whai foundation have you in fcrip. walk more cautiously for the time to come. ture for the practice of confirmation ? Purify my heart from all vain thoughts and

A. The example of the Apostles. Acts defires. Keep my tongue from evil speakvii. 17.-xix. 6. Who laid their hands ing, lying, and sandering; and my body çn those that had been baptized, that they in temperance, fobernels, and chastity; might receive the Holy Ghost.'

and, in every respect, let my conversation Heb. vi. 1, 2. The laying on of hands be as becometh the gospel, Keep me by is reckoned among those principles of the thy power, through faith, unto falvation. doctrine of Christ, from whence his disci. Enlarge and bless thy holy catholic ples may go on unto Christian perfection. church with more abundant peace and

Q. Does the bishop then give the Holy purity : pardon the sins of the nation I Gholt now, as the apoitles did then, by live in and make us a holy people, zealous their laying on of hands?

of good works. Bless the king, and all A. We do not say that the apostles gave that are put in authority under him. Blesa the Holy Ghoit; they laid on their hands, the ministers of thy holy word and facraand God gave the Holy Spirit to those on ments: bless all my relations and benefacwhom they laid them. And so we hope, tors, and forgive all my enemies. that by the fervent prayers of the bithop Take me into thy protection this day and the church, they on whom he now lays (or night). It is thou only, Lord, that his hands shall also receive the Holy Ghost, makett me to dwell in safety. But wheif they do but worthily prepare themselves ther I fleep or wake, live or die, let me be for it

found thine own, to thy eternal glory, and Q. Is there any promise of God on which my everlasting salvation, through Jesus to build such a hope?

Christ; in whose blessed name and words A. Christ has declared, that God will I sum up my imperfect prayers ; faying, give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him : « Our Father,' &c. and if so, we have more reason to hope, that he will give his Holy Spirit, when he $174. PRAYERs for the Use of Schools, is to earnestly and folemnly asked of him by the pastors of his church, whom he has 4 Morning Prayer, to be used by the Masters appointed not only to pray for, but to bless or Mijtrefjes, and Scholars, his people.

Praised be the Lord, from the riGng up $ 173. A Prayer to be faid by a Child Morn- Thou art our God, and we will praise

of the fun to the going down of the fame. ing and Evening

thee : thou art our God, and we will thank O Lord my God, who art Lord of heaver, thee. and earth, the Father of mercies, and the Thou hast made us after thine own

• image ; image ; thou daily preserveft and providest thy Son Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, confor us; thou haft redeemed us by the pre- cluding in his most perfect form of words: cious blood of thy dear Son; thou hast • Our Father,' &c. given us thy holy word for our direction, and proinised thy Holy Spirit for our af $ 175. An Evening Prayer, to be used by tbe fiftance: thou hast railed up to us friends

Mafters or Miftrefes, and Scholars. and benefactors, who have taken care of Accept, we beseech thee, O Lord, our our education and instruction; thou haft evening facrifice of praise and thanksgivbrought us together again this morning, ing for all thy goodness and loving kindto teach and to learn that which may be neis to us; particularly for the blessings of profitable to us.

this day, for thy gracious protection and For these and all thy favours, spiritual preservation, for the opportunities we have and temporal, our souls' do bless and mag- enjoyed for the initruction and improvenify thy holy name, humbly beseeching ment of our minds, for all the comforts of thee to accept this our morning facrifice this life, and the hope of life everlasting, of praise and thanksgiving, through Jesus through Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Christ our Lord.

We humbly acknowledge, O Lord, that And do thou, O Lord, who haft safely we are altogether unworthy of the least of brought us to the beginning of this day, all thy favours, that we continually fall defend us in the same by thy mighty pow- short of our ducy, and have too often transer; and grant that this day we fall into no gressed thy holy laws. fin, neither run into any kind of danger; Forgive, most merciful Father, we hum. but that all our doings may be ordered by bly pray thee, all the errors and transgres. thy governance, to do always that which is fions which thou hast beheld in us the day righteous in thy sight, through Jesus Christ palt; and help us to express our unfeigned our Lord.

sorrow for what has been amiss, by our Particularly we beg thy blessing upon care to amend it. our present undertaking. Prevent us, o What we know not, do thou teach us; Lord, in all our doings, with thy most gra- instruct us in all the particulars of our ducious favour, and further us with thy con- ty, both towards thee, and towards men; tinual help, that in these and all our works, and give us grace always to do those things begun, continued, and ended in thee, we which are good and well pleasing in thy may glorify thy holy name, and finally by fight, through Jesus Christ our Lord. thy mercy obtain everlasting life, through Whatsoever good instructions have been Jesus Christ our Lord.

here given us this day, grant that they We humbly acknowledge, O Lord, the may be carefully remembered, and duly great imperfection and disorder, both of followed; and 'whatsoever good desires our minds and of our lives ;. that we are thou hast put into any of our hearts, grant unable to help ourselves, and unworthy of that by the assistance of thy grace they

may thy aslistance: but we beseech thee, through be brought to good effect, that thy name the merits of our blessed Redeemer, to par- may have the honour, and we, with those don our offences, to enlighten our under- who are assistant to us in this work of our ftandings, to strengthen our memories, to infiruction, may have comfort at the day sanctify our hearts, and to guide our lives. of account, through our Lord and Saviour Help us, we pray thee, to learn and to prac. Jesus Christ. tise those things which are good, that we Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, may become serious Christians, and useful O Lord, and by thy great mercy defend in the world; to the glory of thy great us from all perils and dangers of this name, the satisfaction of those who have night; continue to us the bleslings which fo kindly provided for our souls and bo- we enjoy, and help us to testify our thankdies, and our own present and future well fulness for them, by a due use and improve« being. Bestow thy blessings, we beseech ment of them. thee, upon all our friends and benefactors; Bless all those in authority in church and particularly those who are concerned in the state, together with all our friends and be. care of this school. Prosper thou the works nefactors, particularly those who are conof their hands : 0 Lord, prosper thou their cerned in the care of this school, for whom handy-work.

we are bound in especial manner to pray. These prayers, both for them and our- Bless this and all other schools for religious felves, we humbly offer up in the name of and truly Christian education. And direct and prosper all pious endeavours for the I humbly commit myself to thee, o propagation of thy gospel, and promoting Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ my SaChriftian knowledge in the world. viour, and in the words which he himself

These prayers and praises we humbly hath taught me. . Our Father,' &c.
offer up to thy divine Majesty, through the
mediation of thy Son Jesus Christ our

§ 177. An Evening Prayer, to be used daily Lord; in whose holy name and words we

by every Child at Home. fum up all our desires. Our Father,' &c. Glory be to thee, O Lord, who haft

preserved me the day past, who haft de. $ 176. A Morning Prayer to be used daily by fended me from all the evils to which I am every Child at home.

constantly exposed in this uncertain life; Glory be to thee, O Lord, who haft pre- who hatt continued my health, who haft ferved me from the perils of the night past, bestowed upon me all things necessary for who haft refreshed me with sleep, and life and godliness. raised me up again to praise thy holy I humbly beseech thee, heavenly Faname.

ther, to pardon whatsoever thou hart seen I bumbly worship thee, O God my hea- amiss in me this day, in my thoughts, venly Father, through Jesus Chriít my words, or actions. Redeemer; and I do again devote my. Make me, O Lord, throughly sensible of self to thee, defiring to serve thee faith- the great weakness and corruption of my fully this, and all the days of my life. nature, and the many errors of my life.

I was made thy child, and the disciple Allist me, I pray thee, in making it my of thy Son Jesus, by baptism, and then constant endeavour to resitt and conquer received the promise of thy Holy Spirit. every evil inclination within me, and every Let that good Spirit throughly cleanle me temptation from without. from all the corruption of my nature. Help me daily to increase in the know

Help me to remember thee, my Crea- ledge and love of thee, my God, and of tor, in the days of my youth.

my Saviour Jesus Christ. Preserve me from those errors and fol- Shew me the way in which I should lies to which the frailty of my age does walk, whilft I am young : and grant that mot expose me, and keep me innocent I may never depart from

it. from every great offence.

Bless to me, I pray, whatsoever good inDeliver me from the vanity of mine structions have been given me this day; own heart, and from the temptations of help me carefully to remember them, and evil company.

duly to improve them, that I may be ever Incline my heart to all that is good; that growing in knowledge, and wisdom, and I may be modest and humble, true and just, goodness. temperate and diligent, respectful and obe. I humbly beg thy blesing also upon all dient to my superiors; that I may fear and our spiritual pastors and maters; all 'my love thee above all, and that I may love relations and friends (particularly my * my neighbour as myself, and do to every father and mother, my brothers and sisters) one as I would they should do unto mne. and every one in this house. Let it please

Let thy good providence defend me thee to guide us all in this life present, and this day from all evil; let the grace of to conduct us to thy heavenly kingdom. thy Holy Spirit continually prevent and I humbly commit my soul and body to abit me.

thy care this night, begging thy gracious Bless me, I pray thee, in my learning; protection and blessing, through Jesus and help me daily to increase in know- Christ our only Lord and Saviour ; in ledge, and wisdom, and all virtue.

whose words i conclude my prayers. I humbly beg thy bleffing also upon all Our Father,' &c. our spiritual paitors and masters, all my relations and friends (particularly my fa- § 178. A short Prayer for Children, when ther and mother, my brothers and sisters)

they firft come into their Seats at Church. and every one in this house. Grant to Lord, I am now in thy house; affift, I them whatsoever may be good for them pray thee, and accept of my services; let in this life, and guide them to life ever- thy Holy Spirit help my infirmities, dispo

sing my heart to seriousness, attention, and


Here let every child mention his or her particular relations.


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