Peter Parley's Annual: A Christmas and New Year's Present for Young People..

Sampul Depan
William Martin
Darton and Company, 1877

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Halaman 49 - TO A YOUNG ASS. ITS MOTHER BEING TETHERED NEAR IT. pOOR little foal of an oppressed race ! I love the languid patience of thy face : And oft with gentle hand I give thee bread, And clap thy ragged coat, and pat thy head.
Halaman 39 - If thou meet thine enemy's ox or his ass going astray, thou shalt surely bring it back to him again. If thou see the ass of him that hateth thee lying under his burden, and wouldest forbear to help him, thou shalt surely help with him.
Halaman 49 - Innocent foal ! thou poor despis'd forlorn ! I hail thee Brother — spite of the fool's scorn ! And fain would take thee with me, in the Dell Of Peace and mild Equality to dwell...
Halaman 311 - And yet it never was in my soul To play so ill a part : But evil is wrought by want of Thought, As well as want of Heart...
Halaman 37 - On the desert .... in the grey of the morning, we gave chase to two wild asses, which had so much the speed of our horses, that when they had got at some distance, they stood still and looked behind at us, snorting with their noses in the air, as if in contempt of our endeavours to catch them.
Halaman 82 - What,' said he in his answer, ' has poor Horatio done, who is so weak, that he, above all the rest, should be sent to rough it out at sea ? But let him come, and the first time we go into action a cannon ball may knock off his head, and provide for him at once.
Halaman 44 - From the country of the East, Came this strong and handsome beast : This able ass, beyond compare, Heavy loads and packs to bear. Now, seignior ass, a noble bray, Thy beauteous mouth at large display; Abundant food our hay-lofts yield, And oats abundant load the field.
Halaman 40 - Twould quite remove my cough, you say, And drive my old complaints away. — It cured yourself — I grant it true — But then — 'twas mother's milk to...
Halaman 49 - ASS. ITS MOTHER BEING TETHERED NEAR IT. POOR little Foal of an oppressed Race ! I love the languid Patience of thy face : And oft with gentle hand I give thee bread. And clap thy ragged Coat, and pat thy head.' But what thy dulled Spirits hath...

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