Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Volume 58

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Published papers whose appeal lies in their subject-matter rather than their technical statistical contents. Medical, social, educational, legal,demographic and governmental issues are of particular concern.

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Halaman 53 - Duties of the President. 22. The President shall preside at all Meetings of the Society, Council, and Committees, which he shall attend, and in case of an equality of votes, shall have a second or casting vote.
Halaman 46 - SOCIETY, and for the purposes aforesaid, and by the name aforesaid shall have perpetual succession and a Common Seal, with full power and authority to alter, vary, break, and renew the same at their discretion, and by the same name to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto...
Halaman 48 - Society, or any meeting thereof, or by the Council, contrary to the general scope or true intent and meaning of this Our Charter, or the laws or statutes of Our Realm, and anything done contrary to this present clause shall be void.
Halaman 45 - Society collects new materials, condenses, arranges, and publishes those already existing, whether unpublished or published in diffuse and expensive forms in the English or in any foreign language, and promotes the discussion of legislative and other public measures from the statistical point of view.
Halaman 54 - Meeting, at which they shall he either affirmed or annulled ; but no Council shall have power to renew Regulations which have once been disapproved at an Annual General Meeting. 28. The Council shall have the custody of the Common Seal. The Common Seal shall not be affixed to any instrument, deed, or other document, except by order of the Council and in the presence of at least two Members of the Council and in accordance with such other regulations as the Council shall from time to time prescribe....
Halaman 53 - Treasurer shall receive all moneys due to, and pay all moneys owing by, the Society, and shall keep an account of his receipts and payments. No sum exceeding Ten Pounds shall be paid but by order of the Council, excepting always any lawful demand for rates or taxes.
Halaman 419 - ... the same proportion to the silver money in England, which it hath to silver in the rest of Europe, there would be no temptation to export silver rather than gold to any other part of Europe. And to compass this last, there seems nothing more requisite than to take off about IQd.
Halaman 46 - JlOU) iinoUl & that We, being desirous of encouraging a design so laudable and salutary, of Our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion, have willed, granted, and declared and Do by these Presents, for Us, Our heirs and successors, will, grant, and declare that the said Sir Rawson William Rawson, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St.
Halaman 46 - Society," may, notwithstanding the statutes of mortmain, take, purchase, hold and enjoy to them and their successors a hall, or house, and any such messuages...

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