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Halaman 179 - There shall never be any bond slaverie, villinage or Captivitie amongst us unles it be lawfull Captives taken in just warres, and such strangers as willingly selle themselves or are sold to us. And these shall have all the liberties and Christian usages which the law of god established in Israeli concerning such persons doeth morally require. This exempts none from servitude who shall be Judged thereto by Authoritie.
Halaman 313 - Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out: he is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice: he will not afflict.
Halaman 100 - ... we desire you would be pleased to take notice of the principals and body of our Company, as those who esteem it our honor to call the Church of England, from whence we rise, our dear mother ; and cannot part from our native country, where she specially resideth, without much sadness of heart and many tears in our eyes, ever acknowledging that such hope and part as we have obtained in the common salvation, we have received in her bosom, and sucked it from her breasts.
Halaman 134 - We have carrots and pumpkins and turnips and fish; And is there a mind for a delicate dish We repair to the clam-banks, and there we catch fish. Instead of pottage and puddings and custards and pies, Our pumpkins and parsnips are common supplies ; We have pumpkins at morning and pumpkins at noon ; If it was not for pumpkins we should be undone.
Halaman 167 - We covenant with our Lord, and one with another ; and we do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to walk together in all his ways, according as he is pleased to reveal himself unto us in His blessed Word. of Truth...
Halaman 259 - ... instead of drawing out bars of iron for the country's use, there was hammered out nothing but contention and lawsuits...
Halaman 133 - But when the spring opens, we then take the hoe, And make the ground ready to plant and to sow ; Our corn being planted and seed being sown, The worms destroy much before it is grown ; And when it is growing some spoil there is made By birds and by squirrels that pluck up the blade ; And when it is come to full corn in the ear, It is often destroyed by raccoon and by deer.
Halaman 134 - If barley be wanting to make into malt, We must be contented and think it no fault ; For we can make liquor to sweeten our lips, Of pumpkins and parsnips and walnut tree chips.
Halaman 133 - Our clothes we brought with us are apt to be torn, They need to be clouted soon after they're worn ; But clouting our garments they hinder us nothing, Clouts double are warmer than single whole clothing.
Halaman 133 - THE place where we live is a wilderness wood, Where grass is much wanting that's fruitful and good-, Our mountains and hills and our valleys below Being commonly covered with ice and with snow : And when the north-west wind with violence blows. Then every man pulls his cap over his nose : But, if any's so hardy and will it withstand, He forfeits a finger, a foot, or a hand.

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