Public Papers of Governor, Volume 6

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Halaman 206 - No State shall lay any imposts or duties, which may interfere with any stipulations in treaties, entered into by the United States in Congress assembled, with any king, prince or state, in pursuance of any treaties already proposed by Congress, to the courts of France and Spain.
Halaman 207 - States; regulating the trade and managing all affairs with the Indians not members of any of the States — provided that the legislative right of any State within its own limits be not infringed or violated...
Halaman 206 - Entering into treaties and alliances ; provided that no treaty of commerce shall be made whereby the legislative power of the respective states shall be restrained from imposing such imposts and duties on foreigners as their own people are subjected to, or from prohibiting the exportation or importation of any species of goods or commodities whatsoever...
Halaman 205 - Resolved, That a committee be appointed to prepare and digest the form of a confederation to be entered into between these Colonies"; which committee was appointed the next day, June 12, and consisted of a member from each Colony, namely: Mr.
Halaman 207 - ... appointing courts for the trial of piracies and felonies committed on the high seas and establishing courts for receiving and determining finally appeals in all cases of captures, provided that no member of congress shall be appointed a judge of any of the said courts.
Halaman 415 - I have the honor to be With the highest respect Your Excellency's Most obedient Servant ANSON JONES WALKER TO RUNNELS.
Halaman 197 - ... not to agree to the confederation, unless an article or articles be added thereto in conformity with our declaration: should we succeed in obtaining such article or articles, then you are hereby fully empowered to accede to the confederation.
Halaman 196 - Paris, if wrested from the common enemy by the blood and treasure of the thirteen states, should be considered as a common property, subject to be parcelled out by Congress into free, convenient and independent governments, in such manner and at such times as the wisdom of that assembly shall hereafter direct.
Halaman 201 - Congress of the United States of America, have not proved acceptable to all the states, it having been conceived that a portion of the waste and uncultivated territory within the limits or claims of certain states, ought to be appropriated as a common fund for the expenses of the war...
Halaman 325 - Benefactor ; to confess our manifold sins ; to offer up our most fervent supplications to the God of all Grace, that it may please him to pardon our offences, and incline our hearts for the future to keep all his laws...

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