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Ev'n now their navy cuts the Thufcan floods,
Charg'd with their exiles, and their vanquish'd Gods.
Add rage to all thy winds; o'erwhelm their ships,
Disperse or drown the wetches in the deeps.
Twice feven bright nymphs of beauteous fhape are

For thy reward the fairest I'll resign,

And make the charming Deiopeia thine,
She, on thy bed, long bleffings shall confer,
And make thee parent of a race like her.

'Tis yours, great queen, reply'd the power, to lay The task, and mine to liften and obey;

By you

I fit a guest with Gods above,
And share the graces and the fmiles of Jove.
Thefe realms by you, this fceptre I maintain,
And wear thefe honours of the stormy reign.

So spoke th' obfequious God, and while he spoke,
Whirl'd his vaft fpear, and pierc'd the hollow rock.
Th' embattled tempests, as the mountain rent,
Flew all at once impetuous through the vent.
Earth in their courfe with giddy whirls they fweep,
Then plow the feas, and bare the inmost deep.
South, Eaft, and Weft, to fwell the tumult, roar,
And roll vaft billows to the diftant fhore.
The cordage cracks; with unavailing cries
The Trojans mours, with fudden clouds arife,

And ravish from their fight the fplendors of the fkies.
Night hovers o'er the deeps; the day retires;
The heavens shine thick with momentary fires;

Loud thunders fhake the poles; from every place
Grim death appear'd, and glar'd in every face.

Congeal'd with fear, the Trojan hero ftands,
He groans, and spreads to heaven his lifted hands:
Thrice happy thofe, whofe fate it was to fall,
(Exclaims the chief) beneath the Trojan wall.
Oh! 'twas a noble fate to die in fight,
To die fo bravely in their parents fight.
Why funk I not beneath Tydides' hands,
The braveft hero of the Grecian bands?
Where Hector funk beneath Achilles' spear,
And great Sarpedon the renown'd in war;
Where Simois' ftreams, encumber'd with the flain,
Roll'd fhields, and helms, and heroes, to the main.
Thus while he mourns, the northern blaft prevails,
Breaks all his oars, and rends his flying fails:
The prow turns round; the galley leaves her fide
Bare to the fury of the working tide;

While in huge heaps the gathering furges rise,
And lift a liquid mountain to the skies.

Some hang on waves; and some behold the ground
Low in the boiling deeps, and dark profound.
Three fhatter'd galleys the strong southern blast
On hidden rocks, with dreadful fury, cast;
Th' Italians call them altars; for they stood
Sublime, and heav'd their backs above the flood.
Three more fierce Eurus on the Syrtes threw
From the main fea; and (terrible to view)
He dafh'd, and left the veffels on the land,
Intrench'd with mountains of furrounding fand.

[blocks in formation]

Struck by a billow, in the hero's view,
From prow to ftern the broken galley flew,
Which bore Orontes, and the Lycian crew.
Swept off the deck, the pilot from the ship,
Stun'd by the stroke, shot headlong down the deep.
The vessel by the furge turn'd round and round,
Sunk by the whirling gulf devour'd and drown'd.
Some from the dark abyfs emerge again;

Arms, planks, and treasures floating on the main.
And now thy fhip, Ilioneus, gives way,
And brave Achates' veffel drinks the fea.
Nor old Alethes his ftrong galley faves,
And Abas yields to the victorious waves.
The ftorm diffolves their well-compacted fides,
Which drink at many a leak the rushing tides.
Mean time great Neptune from beneath the main
Heard the loud tumults in his watery reign,
And faw the furious tempeft wide around
Work up the waters from the vaft profound.
Then, for his liquid realms alarm'd, the God
Lifts his high head ferenely o'er the flood;
Where wide difperft the Trojan fleet he spies,
Preft by the forms and terrors of the skies:
Full well he knew his fifter's endless hate,
Her wiles and arts to fink the Trojan state.
To Eurus and the western blaft he cry'd,
Does your high birth inspire this lawless pride?
Audacious winds! without a power from me,
To raife at will fuch mountains on the sea :


Thus to confound heaven, earth, the air, and main,
Whom I-but first I'll calm the waves again.
But if you tempt my rage a second time,

Know, that fome heavier vengeance waits the crime.
Hence fly with speed; from me your tyrant tell,
That to my lot this watery empire fell.

Bid him his rocks, your gloomy dungeons, keep;
But leave to me the trident of the deep :
There let him reign with undisputed power,
And hear within his blustering fubjects roar.
He spoke; and speaking chac'd the clouds
Hush'd every billow, and reftor'd the day.
Cymotkoe guards the veffels in the fhock,
And Triton heaves them from the pointed rock.
He with his trident disengag'd the ships,


And clear'd the Syrtes, and compos'd the deeps.
Then mounted on the radiant car he rides
Swift o'er the feas, and smoothly skims the tides:
As when fedition fures th' ignoble crowd,
And the wild rabble ftorms and thirfts for blood,
Of ftones and brands a mingled tempest flies,
And all the fudden arms that rage supplies :
If fome grave fire appears amidst the strife,
́In morals strict, and innocence of life,
All fix'd in filence ftand; their fury cools;
While his refiftlefs eloquence controls

Their frantic rage, and gently calms their fouls.
So did the roaring deeps their rage compose,
When the great father of the floods arose.
Rapt by his fteeds, he flies in open day,
Throws up the reins, and skims the watery way.


On his MAJESTY's playing with a TIGER in Kenfington. Gardens.

"Primâ Dicte mihi, fummâ Dicende Camoenâ.”

AMIDST the den, the lions prey,

Seal'd up for death the prophet lays

But couch'd the hungry monsters fit,
And fawning lick his facred feet;
Swift fhot an angel from above,
And chang'd their fury into love.
As fwift did Britain's genius fly,
And for her charge stand trembling by ;
When Brunswick, pious, brave, and wife,
Like Him the favourite of the skies,
Play'd with the monster's dreadful teeth,
And sported with the fangs of death.
Genius of Britain, fpare thy fears,
For know, within, our fovereign wears
The fureft guard; the best defence;
A firm untainted innocence.

So fweet an innocence difarms

The fierceft rage with powerful charms,
So far rebellion it beguiles,

That faction bends; that envy fmiles
That furious favages fubmit,
And pay due homage at his feet.
Britain by this example prove

Thy duty, loyalty, and love,


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