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of Stratfield Sea, in Hampshire.


SINCE you vouchsafe to be a patron to these sheets,

as well as to their author, I will not make an ill use of the liberty you give me, to address you in this public manner, by running into the common topics of dedications. Should I venture to engage in such an extensive theme as your character, the world would judge the attempt to be altogether unneceffary, because it had long before been thoroughly acquainted with your virtues ; besides, I am sensible, that you as earnestly decline all praise and panegyric, as you eminently deserve them.

I hope, Sir, on another occasion, to present you with the product of my severer studies : In the mean time be: pleased to accept of this trifle, as one small acknow, ledgement of the many great favours you have be

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MY translation of Vida's Art of Poetry having been

more favourably received than I had reason to expect, has encouraged me to publish this little Mifcellany of Poems and lèteet Translations. I shall neither embarrass myself nor my reader with apologies concerning this collection ; for whether it is a good or a bad one, all excuses are unnecessary in one case, and offered in vain in the other.

An author of a Miscellany has a better chance of pleasing the world, than he who writes on a single subject; and I have sometimes known a bad, or (which is still worse) an indifferent Poet, meet with tolerable fuccess; which has beer. owing more to the variety of subjects, than his happiness in treating them.

I am sensible the men of wit ante. pleafure will be disgusted to find so great a part of this collection confilt of sacred poetry; but I assure these gentlemen, whatever they shall be pleased to object, that I fall never be ashamed of employing my talents (such as they are) in the service of my Maker ; That it would look indecent in one of my profession, not to spend as much time on the plalnis of David, as the hymns of Callimachus; and farther, that if thote beautiful pieces of divine poetry had been written by Callimachus, or any heathen author, they might have poslibly vouchsafed them a rending even in my tranflation.



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