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Liften, ye groves!---The Mufe prepares
A facred fong in Phrygian airs;
Such as the swan expiring fings,
Melodious by Cäyfter's fprings,
While listening winds in filence hear,
And to the gods the music bear.

Celestial Mufe! attend, and bring
Thy aid, while I thy Phoebus fing:
To Phoebus and the Mufe belong
The laurel, lyre, and Delphic fong.
Begin, begin the lofty strain!
How Phoebus lov'd, but lov'd in vain!
How Daphne fled his guilty flame,
And fcorn'd a god that offer'd shame.
With glorious pride his vows the hears,
And heaven, indulgent to her prayers,
To laurel chang'd the nymph, and gave
Her foliage to reward the brave.

Ah! how, on wings of love convey'd,
He flew to clafp the panting maid!

Now, now o'ertakes 1---but heaven deceives
His hope---he feizes only leaves.

Why fires my raptur'd breast? ah! why
Ah! whither ftrives my foul to fly?
I feel the pleafing frenzy ftrong,
Impulfive to fome nobler fong:
Let, let the wanton fancy play,
But guide it, left it devious ftray.
But oh! in vain, my Mufe denies
Her aid, a flave to lovely eyes;



Suffice it to rehearse the pains

Of bleeding nymphs, and dying swains;
Nor dare to wield the fhafts of Love,
That wound the gods, and conquer Jove.
I yield adieu the lofty ftrain!
I am Anacreon once again :
Again the melting fong I play,
Attemper'd to the vocal lay:
See! fee! how with attentive ears
The youths imbibe the nectar'd airs!
And quaff, in lowery fhades reclin'd,
My precepts, to regale the mind.


Baron of Eye, Warden, Chief Justice, and Justice
in Eyre of all his Majefty's Forefts, Chases, Parks
and Warrens on the South Side of Trent,

The Rofe-Bud: To the Right Honourable the Lady
Jane Wharton,

Belinda at the Bath,

The Coy. An Ode,

To the Honourable Mrs. Elizabeth Townshend, afterwards Lady Cornwallis, on her Picture at Rainham,

To Mr. Pope, on his Works, 1726,

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Part of the Tenth Book of the Iliads of Homer. In


the Style of Milton,

A Paftoral, to a young Lady upon her leaving, and

[blocks in formation]

On the Birth-day of a Gentleman when three Years old,


The Forty-third Chapter of Ecclefiafticus. A Paraphrafe,


The Conclufion of an Epilogue to Mr. Southern's
laft Play, called Money the Miftrefs,
The Parting, a Song, fet by Dr. Tudway, Profeffor
of Mufic in Cambridge,

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On a Flower which Belinda gave me from her Bo-

The Story of Talus, from the fourth Book of Apol-
Jonius Rhodius. V. 1629,


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