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These hurl'd at once against the Titan bands

Three hundred mountains from three hundred hands:
And overshadowing, overwhelming bound
With chains infrangible beneath the ground;
Below this earth, far as earth's confines lie
Through space unmeasur'd, from the starry sky ;
Nine days an anvil of enormous weight,
Down rushing headlong from th' aerial height,
Scarce reaches earth: Thence toft in giddy rounds
Scarce reaches in nine days th' infernal bounds;
A wall of iron of ftupendous height

Guards the dire dungeons black with threefold night;
High o'er the horrors of th' eternal fhade
The ftedfast base of earth and feas is laid;
There in coercive durance Jove detains
The groaning Titans in afflictive chains.
A feat of woe! remote from chearful day,
Through gulphs impassable, a boundless way.
Above these realms, a brazen structure ftands
With brazen portals, fram'd by Neptune's hands;
Through chaos to the ocean's bafe it fwells,
There ftern Ægeon with his giants dwells;
Fierce guards of Jove! from hence the fountains rife
That wash the earth, or wander through the skies,
That groaning murmur through the realm of woes,.
Or feed the channels where the ocean flows;
Collected horrors throng the dire abodes,
Horrid and fell! detefted ev'n by Gods?
Enormous gulph! immenfe the bounds appear,
Wafteful and void, the journey of a year:

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Where beating ftorms, as in wild whirls they fight,
Tofs the pale wanderer, and retofs through night
The powers immortal with affright furvey
The hideous chasm, and feal it up from day.
Hence through the vault of heaven huge Atlas rears
His giant limbs, and props the golden spheres:
Here fable Night, and here the beamy Day,
Lodge and diflodge, alternate in their fway. -
A brazen port the varying powers divides,
When Day forth issues, here the Night refides;
And when Night veils the fkies, obfequious Day,
Re-entering, plunges from the starry way.

She from her lamp, with beaming radiance bright,
Pours o'er th' expanded earth a flood of light :
But Night, by Sleep attended, rides in fhades,
Brother of Death, and all that breathes invades :
From her foul womb they fprung, refiftless powers,
Nurs'd in the horrors of Tartarean bowers,
Remote from day, when with her flaming wheels
She mounts the skies, or paints the western hills:
With downy footsteps fleep in filence glides
O'er the wide earth, and o'er the spacious tides;
The friend of life! Death unrelenting bears
An iron heart, and laughs at human cares;
She makes the mouldering race of man her prey,
And ev'n th' immortal powers deteft her fway.

Thus fell the † Titans from the realms above,
Beneath the thunders of Almighty Jove;

* Of night.

† 820.


Then earth impregnate felt maternal woes,

And fhook through all her frame with teeming throes
Hence rofe Typhoeus, a gigantic birth,

A monfter fprung from Tartarus and Earth,
A match for Gods in might! on high he spreads
From his huge trunk an hundred dragons heads,
And from an hundred mouths in vengeance flings
Envenom'd foam, and darts an hundred itings I
Horror, terrific, frowns from every brow,
And like a furnace his red eye-balls glow;
Fires dart from every creft, and as he turns
Keen splendors flash, and all the giant borns:
Whene'er he speaks, in echoing thunders rife
An hundred voices, and affright the skies,
Unutterably fierce! the bright abodes
Frequent they shake, and terrify the Gods
Now bellowing like a favage buil, they roar,
Or angry lions in the midnight hour;
Now yell like furious whelps, or Lifs like fakes,
The rocks rebound, and every mountain shakes;
He hurl'd defiance 'gainst th' immortal powers,
And heaven had feiz'd with all its shining towers,
But, at the voice of Jove, from pole to pole
Red lightnings flash, and raging thunders roll,
Rattling o'er all th' expanfion of the skies,
Bolt after bolt o'er earth and ocean flies.
Stern frowns the God amidst the lightnings blaze,
Olympus flakes from his eternal bafe;
Trembles the earth: fierce flame involves the poles,
Devours the ground, and o'er the billows rolls,

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Fires from Typhoeus flash: with dreadful found
Storms rattle, thunder rolls, and groans the ground;
Above, below, the conflagration roars,

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Ev'n the feas kindled burn through all their shores,
Deluge of fire! Earth rocks her tottering coafts,
And gloomy Pluto shakes with all his ghosts;
Ev'n the pale Titans, chain'd on burning floors,
Start at the din that rends th' infernal fhores
Then, in full wrath, Jove all the God applies,
And all his thunders burft at once the fkies,
And rufhing gloomy from th' Olympian brow,
He blafts the giant with th' almighty blow;
The giant tumbling finks beneath the wound,
And with enormous ruin rocks the ground:
Nor yet the lightnings of th' Almighty ftay,
Through the fing'd earth they burst their burning way;
Earth kindling inward, melts in all her caves,
And hiffing floats with fierce metallic waves;
As iron fufile from the furnace flows,
Or molten ore with keen effulgence glows,
When the dire bolts of Jove ftern Vulcan frames,
In burning channels roll the liquid fames :
Thus melted earth, and Jove from realms on high,
Plung'd the huge giant to the nether sky.

Then from Typhoeus fprung the winds that bear
Storms on their wings, and thunder in the air:
But from the Gods defcend of milder kind,
The Eaft, the Weft, the South and Boreal wind;
Thefe in foft whifpers breathe a friendly breeze,
Play through the groves, or fport upon the feas:


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Grafs, herb, and over, or tog Ha

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Torn from their in n =

Thus heaven sma

O'er the proud gas, and

And now in pace the Gods key

And all the thrones of seara alors la ferry.

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