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The STORY of TALUS, from the Fourth

Book of Apollonias Rhodijus. V. 1629. Huo nG uertłu, sevce do autor asip ANG, &c. THE evening

star now iifts, as day-ligit fades,
His golden circiet in the deepening shades,
Stretch'd at huis ease, the weary labourer shares
A sweet forgetfulness of human cares ;
At once in silence sink the fleeping gales,
The mast * they drop, and ful the flagging fails,
All night, all day, they ply the bending oars,
Tow'rd Carpathus, and reach the rocky shorts ;
Thence Crete they view, emerging from the main,
The queen of illes, but Crete they view in vain,
There Talus, whirling with relittlets sway,
Rocks fheer uprent, repels them from the bay :
A giant, fprung from giant-race, who took
Their births from entrails of the stubborn oak;
Fierce guard of Crete ! by Jove affiftant given
To † legitlators, styl'd the sons of heaven :
To mercy deaf, he thrice each year explores
The trembling ifle, and strides from shores to Piores :
A form of living brass ! one part beneath
Alone he bears, a path to let in death,
Where o'er the ankle swells the turgid vein,
Soft to the stroke, and fenable of pain.

* Argonauts.
† Minos and Rhadamanthus.


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And now her magic spells * Medea tries, Bids the red fiends, the dogs of Orcus rise, That, starting dreadful from th’infernal shade, Ride heaven in storms, and all that breathes, invade ; Thrice the applies the power of magic prayer, Thrice, hellward bending, mutters charms in air ; "Then, turning tow'rd the foe, bids mischief fly, And looks deftru&tion, as the points her eye ; Then spectres, rising from Tartarean bowers, Howl round in air, or grin along the shores ; While, + tearing up whole hills, the giant throws Outrageous, rocks on rocks, to crush the foes : But, frantic as he ftrides, a sudden wound Bursts the life-vein, and blood o'erspreads the ground, As from the furnace, in a burning flood, Pours molten lead, fo pours in streams his blood; And now he staggers, as the spirit flies, He faints, he finks, he tumbles, and he dies. As some huge cedar on a mountain's brow, , Pierc'd by the Ateel, expects the final blow, A while it totters with alternate fway, Till freshening breezes through the branches play; Then, tuinbling downward with a thundering sound, Falls headlong, and o'erspreads a breadth of ground: So as the giant falls, the ocean roars, Out-stretch'd hé lics, and covers half the Thores.

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N****o..o thanus ,

Lute in die ouent, t3 ssocraina tie aay
Ta Goaz inn en: Iown to the Greeran tents
Satuma que tends nilcort, rat with biood;
rin 'zer and 'ne tios, entigas of was;
On rere Jyttes ihiu the took jer itaas,
The rest 1e toit: that at night sear.
Her dreatti voice: hier direkaful voice the rais do
Jang tong nerattiing hores itran
To tie theet's wide extremes; tcanies heart,
And tax rearst he found: wiarna sires
How every setan burs, arms, glorious armas,
Fierce ter tersand: the sole Ortman jong
Sveils wery seat, sa coward nougats of night
Rite in their fouis, ont siood they bicarhe art witán

Now by the trench profonnt, the crantuttet*
Range their proud teeds, now car in car dipitye
A direful front; sew a'er the trembling telu
Ruthes th' embattled foot; noile renda de les
Naide unextinguish'd: ere che beauny day
Flam'd in ch' zërial vtult, ítrekeh dl s the voi
stood ekze bold infantry: The ruthing cart
Form': the deep rear in battailuus antay,


Now from his heavens Jove hurls his burning bolts,
Hoarse muttering thunders grumble in the sky,
While from the clouds, instead of morning-dews,
Huge drops of blood distain the crimson ground;
Fatal presage ! that in that dreadful day
The great thould bleed, imperial heads lie low!

Mean time the bands of Troy in proud array Stand to their arms, and from a rising ground Breathe furious war : Here gathering hosts attend The towering Hector : there refulgent bands

Surround Polydamas, Æneas there
i Marshals his dauntless files ; nor unemployed

Stand Polybus, Agenor great in arms,
And Acamas, whose frame the Gods endow'd
With more than mortal charms : fierce in the van
Stern Hector shines, and shakes his blazing field,
As the herce dog-star with maligoant fires
Frames in the front of heaven, then, loft in clouds,
Veils his pernicious beams; from rank to rank
So Hector Atrode; now dreadful in the van
Advanc'd his sun-broad shield, now to the rear
Swift rushing disappearid : His radiant arms
Blaz’d on his limbs, and bright as Jove's dire bolts
Flashi'd o'er the field, and lightend to the skies.

As toiling reapers in some spacious field,
Rang'd in two bands, move adverse, rank on rank
Where o'er the tilth the grain in ears of gold
Waves nodling to the breeze ; at once they bend,
At once the copious harves swells thé ground :
So rush to battle o'er the dreadful field



Hoit against host; they meet, they close, and ranks
Tumble on ranks; no thoughts appear of Hight,
Nonc of dismay: dubious in even scales
The battle hangs; not fiercer, ravenous wolves
Dispute the prey; the deathful scene with joy
Discord, dire parent of tremendous woes,
Surveys exultant : of th’immortal train
Discord alone descends, affifts alone
The horrors of the field ; in peace the Gods
High in Olympian bowers on radiant thrones
Lament the woes of man; but loud complaints
From every Gou arose ; Jove favour'd Troy,
At partial Jove they murmur'd: he unmoy'd
All heaven in murmurs heard, apart he sate
Enthron'd in glory : down to earth he turn'd
His ftedfart eye, and from his throne survey'd
The rising towers of Troy, the tented Mores,
The blaze of arms, the Nayer and the slain.

While, with his morning wheels, the God of day
Climb'd the steep of heaven, with equal rage
In murderous storms the rhafts from hoft to hoft
Flew adverse, and in equal numbers fell
Promiscuous Greek and Trojan, till the hour
When the tir'd woodman in the shady vale
Spreads his penurious meal, when high the sun
Flames in the zenith, and his finewy arms
Scarce wield the ponderous ax, while hunger keen-
Admonishes, and nature spent with toil
Craves due repast-Then Greece the ranks of Troy
With horrid inroad goar’d; fierce from the van



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