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WILLIAM BROOME, LL.D. Chaplain to the Right Honourable CHARLES

Lord CORNWALLIS, Baron of Eye.

Nos otia vitæ « Solamur Cantu.”



ADDITIONS and ALTERATIONS, Made by the Author in 1743, but not copied

in the Edition of 1750.


To the Right Honourable


Late one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries

of State, and Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, &c.



Beg leave to publish the following poems under your

patronage : A present, I confess, unworthy of it, and of little value, excepting what gratitude gives it : But, I fear, it may be esteemed a boast rather than an acknowledgement, or at best, an oftentatious kind of gratitude, to tell the world that I have received the higheit obligations from the Lord Townshend : It is an honour to be regarded by a person of so distinguished a character: I am proud of it, and, not being of a nature to be content with a silent gratitude, am not deterred from owning it, though it be liable to be miscalled vanity.

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You have, my Lord, the happiness to enjoy what that great statesman Walfingham, who held the fame office which you fill with so much honour, frequently wished,


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but never obtained ; a retirement from business in the declension of life, to enjoy age in peace and tranquillity: this last action {peaks you truly great; for that person who, by a voluntary retreat, could indui triously renounce all the grandeur of the world, muft evidently have a soul above it.

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Tully in his Tufculum was never more happy, than the Lord Townshend in his Rainham,

Where majestically plain “ Pure Nature reigns, where varied views from views “ Diffusive prospects yield * : here shagg’d with woods, “ Here rich with harvest, and there white with flocks, “ And all the gay horizon smiles around « Full of thy Genius! Lo! between yon groves • The dome with easy grandeur, like the soul “ Of its great master, rising overlooks “ The subject regions, and commands the charms “ Of many a pleasing landskip, to the eye

Delightful change! here groves of loftiest shade “ Wave their proud tops, and form of statelieft view “ A sylvan theatre! while Nature's hand “ Pours forth profuse, o'er hill, o'er vale, o’er lawn, “ Her choicest blessings : See! where yonder lake “ Spreads its wide liquid plain : now stands unmovid “ Pure as th' expanse of heaven, and heaven reflects « From its broad-glittering mirrour ; now with waves

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* See Mr. Thomson's excellent poems.

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