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boat, and two guns from one of the said ships; that these deponents verily believe that the said armed boat was in pursuit of the said cutter, as there was no other vessel near them, and that the pennant of the said cutter was flying from the time the said armed ships were discovered until the discontinuance of the pursuit by the said armed boat, and that the pennant is such as is worn only by vessels employed in aid of the revenue of the United States.

And these deponents further say, that at the instance and request of the vice-president of the United States a foresaid, they made memoranda of the aforegoing circumstances shortly after they had occurred.


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No. 6.

Passamaquoddy, June 24, 1807.

DEAR SIR,-It being my duty, and for the information of government, I enclose an advertisement recently-published at St. John's, New Brunswick. It has the appearance and complexion of a repetition of Mr. G. Leonard's threats, and is calculated to interrupt the peaceable intercourse in the plaister trade carried on in this bay.

This commander, I. Flintoph, arrived on the evening of the 5th instant, fired his guns promiscuously, and in every direction, even among houses. The shot is in my possession that rolled between innocent children, to the great alarm of the peaceable inhabitants of both governments in this vicinity.

The schooner Boston, James Perry, commander, just arrived from Boston, was brought to, having received a shot in her foremast; but not being immediately boarded, the master bore away. I myself, saw four shot strike the water, fired at said schooner Boston, after she was within the limits of our port.

Captain Nathaniel Merryman of the schooner Rising States, an American vessel, lumber loaded, was boarded as getting under way, the tide being proper to proceed through the narrows, the master much maltreated, being taken and carried on board the armed vessel and detained

a considerable time, so as to lose his tide and time greatly to his detriment.

The citizens of the United States, in this place, are much shocked and exasperated at such treatment, and have enjoined it on me to forward this statement; are desirous their application for some armed vessels of the United States to be stationed here, may be re-considered, as the only means to prevent such imperious proceedings in fu


With all esteem and respect, I have the honour to be, &c. LEWIS FRED. DE LESDERNIER.

The Honourable James Madison,

Secretary of State to the U. States.

Forwarded per Nathaniel Ranwood, Master of Brig
Susanna, of Newburyport, via Alexandria.

Transcript from the Royal Gazette, published at St. John's, New Brunswick, dated July 1, 1807. Publication continued from the 8th June last.

His majesty's armed schooner Pogge.


To prevent as much as possible any interruption being given to the carrying trade between these provinces and the United States of America, notice is hereby given to all concerned, that any vessel employed in conveying plaister of paris and grind stones, from the quarries of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, to the places of consumption southward and westward of Portland, shall pass free and unmolested; and I pledge my word of honour that I will not interrupt them in their lawful pursuits, unless it shall appear that they have on board deserters from his majesty's navy or army; the same special regard will be paid to all persons coming within the description of fishermen. And to discourage and punish all those concerned in illicit traffick, I am determined to treat with the utmost severity such as are found delivering their cargoes into American vessels in the bay of Passamaquoddy or its neighbourhood, or who may clandestinely introduce any articles into either province contrary to law. I. FLINTOPH, Lieutenant and Commander.

St. John's, June 8, 1807.

Dudley Island, (Eastport,) July 9, 1807.

Lewis F. de Lesdernier, Esq.

DEAR SIR,-From your desire, whilst at my house last evening, to give a statement of the proceedings relative to the pirate which laid off Friers Head on day before yesterday, as far as I was acquainted, I will, as far as my memory, relate. On the morning of that day (it being the 7th instant,) Mr. Graves came from Mr. Rice's and informed me, that the same vessel (as he supposed) that had committed depredations at this place some weeks past, had sent an armed boat the past night and taken an American schooner, commanded by captain Hews, from Mr. Rice's island, which probably might as she then lay, have toiled in so as to have touched the wharf; and likewise had taken captain York an American, out of his cabin, on board his own vessel;, that captain York and captain Hews, with his crew and a number of American citizens, were confined on board the said pirate, and that Mr. Rice had gone to inform you of the proceedings, being much alarmed from such conduct not having any thing to justify it. I immediately went to Mr. Rice's island to get more information; there I observed that captain York's vessel lay so near the shore, that at low water and the wind blowing on, I supposed that her stern must have touched the shore, and from whence I was informed he was taken. On Mr. Rice's return, being informed that you were to be there soon, I waited until about half flood; before this, Messrs. Dexter, Allen, Joy, and others who had relations on board, came there with hopes to get them liberated. Fearful that some accident might prevent you from getting over soon enough to see what could be done, and a probability of a wind for them to go out, and from conjectures that she was a press vessel, and knowing a number taken who had no protections, (being landsmen,) I concluded to go on board in a birch canoe alone, with such documents as to prove that I was a publick officer of the commonwealth, expecting to get such as I knew to be citizens of our country liberated. For this purpose I was put home by those who were most interested; the boat, after landing me, crossed over towards the narrows, with expectations, as I understood, to land and go down to see

the officers on Campo Bello, who were acquainted with those who were in confinement, that from a representation there was another possibility for releasement. Previous to this, a boat passed with five on board, as I discovered with my glass, which appeared to have come from Moose island, and were passing towards Campo Bello; this boat was fired at, and went on board, and soon after left the vessel with five. While I was preparing to go on board, I heard the discharge of a cannon; I immediately went out and discovered the revenue colours in the boat in which you was in, about one third from Moose island, aiming directly for this island, and, as I supposed, three quarters or one mile within the limits of the United States; the smoke of this discharge appeared to be aimed for you. While observing this, (being on the south-east point of this island) and I suppose a little more than a mile from this said pirate, another cannon was discharged, I suppose at you; I heard a ball very distinctly pass, in about the elevation of twenty degrees from me; this ball I suppose I heard strike, but did not see it. Supposing from your being on your lawful employment, within our own waters, you would be sunk before you would be forced on board, I immediately directed my family to be on their guard, as I expected you would pass my house. Just on my going out, I observed another discharge, I supposed aimed for you; I did not hear any ball from this, but was informed by others who I believe, that balls were fired every time, and am informed that one struck this island. In the course of this time the boat which landed me was fired at with a swivel, four balls were observed by them to strike the water, and some near the boat. I judged this boat to be as much as one quarter of a mile within the limits of the United States. Before this, I observed a person who, since, I have heard was doctor Edwards, coming from Moose island and bound up Soward's bay; three musket shot I saw fired towards him, and he was, after hard labour, forced on board. In all this time I did not see the least appearance of a flag displayed, which makes me give them the appellation of pirates. What I have here stated, I am willing to go before the proper authority of eur country, and testify to.

I am, dear sir, very respectfully, yours,


District of Passamaquoddy, July 14, 1807.

CONTINUATION, stating the conduct of J. Flintoph, commander of his Britannick majesty's armed schooner the Pogge.

On the 6th inst. in the evening late, the Pogge again made her appearance in this bay, and immediately under her guns, boarded and removed two American vessels, and took out of another the master and two hands: also, by after information, vexed two others; one was fired upon, several shot cut her rigging and sails, examined and dismissed; the other was taken, crew removed on board the armed vessel, manned and brought back under her guns, as may further appear by the list herewith, and depositions from No. 1 to 8.

NARRATION. On the 7th inst. early, being informed of the foregoing circumstances, I embarked in the revenue boat, accompanied by several of the principal inhabitants of Moose island, and proceeded to the southerly part of the port; we saw three cannon fired ahead of the revenue boat; judge Lincoln's boat having put off a little before us, having two women and a child, with other passengers, the three shot just mentioned were fired at her. The revenue boat proceeded on, round eastward of Dudley island to Rice's (or Fred Isle.) I was surprised we had not been fired upon, when we learnt every boat that passed in sight of the vessel had been brought to and forced along side. I felt a conviction that an interview with the commander was indispensable; but judged it imprudence to board in foreign jurisdiction, in my own boat, and unintroduced. I proceeded to Snug Cove on the island of Campo Bello: here I saw several which had been on board and were dismissed, who stated that a 12lb. carronade had been loaded and repeatedly ordered to be fired into the revenue boat. A British gentleman who had also been on board, observed, this commander acted like one insane or mad.

Having met with colonel Thomas Wyen; (a judge of the bench for the county of Charlotte) having acquainted him with my object of requesting his introduction, he unhesitatingly took me in his boat, and repaired along side this armed vessel, where after a guard being placed over the boat to prevent all intercourse between the vessel and

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