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pay, or cause to be paid unto the said C. D. the full sum of pounds Sterling for that purpose, that then, and from thenceforth upon such payment, these present articles of agreement, and every covenant, clause, and thing herein contained, Ihall cease, determine, and be utterly void and of none effect, to all intents and purposes whatfoever, any thing herein contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. In witness c.

Sealed C.

part, E. F. of part, 7. K. of



Agreement for bearing equal charges in a law fuit. ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, indented, had, made &c. be. tween A B. of of the first part, C. D. of. of the second

of the third part, G. H. of of the fourth

of the fifth part, and L. M. of - of the fixth part, in manner and form following, (to wit.)

HEREAS T. P. of , and T. F. of

poffefsed of C. chase, lying and being in the county of D. and pretend that the bounds and limits thereof do extend to and are in and upon some of the refpective lands of the said A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. 7. K. and L. M. which lie adjacent, next or near unto the said chase, which they conceive not to be within the bounds, limits, or precincts of the said chase, by reason whereof some or dia vers suit or suits is or are likely to arise, be brought, or prosecuted. AND WHEREAS it is agreed by and between the said parties, that if any such suit or suits, action or actions, fhall or may be commenced by or against the said parties, any or either of them, at any time or times hereafter, that they, and every of them, do and shall bear and pay their respective equal shares and parts of the costs and damages thereof; NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS, that the said A. B. C. D. &c, and every of them, do hereby covenant, promise, and agree, to and with each other, that they the said A. B. G. D. &c. and every of them, and their and every of their executors, administrators, and affigns, fhall and will pay, bear, and discharge their respective equal shares and parts of all the costs and damages of all and every such action and actions, suit and suits, that at any time or times here. after shall or may be brought by or against them, or any or either of them, for or on the account aforesaid. In witness & c.

Sealed &c.

appointments. Appointment of a Steward by a Lord of a Manor. E it known to all men, that I R. W. of the Inner-Temple, Lon

don, Esq; Lord of the manor of S. in the county of have made and constituted, and by these presents DO make and conAitute. B. of 96. Gent, my Steward, of the said Manor, and do

hert by

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hereby authorise and impower the said '7. B. for me, and in my name, to call, keep, and hold, all or any court or courts, belonging to the said Manor ; TO have, hold, ule, exercise, and execute the faid office, to and by the faid 7. B. by himself or his deputy, during my will and pleasure. In witness Ec

Sealed &c.

A Steward's appointment of a Deputy, to keep a Court Leet and

Court Baron.


O all to whom these presents Mall come, 7. B. of &c. Gent.
Steward of the Manor of

in the county of whereof H. C. E'q; is Lord, fendeth greeting: KNOW YE, That the said y. B. hath, and hereby doth, nominate, constitute, and appoint, B. R. of &c. Gen:. Deputy Steward of and for the Maner aforesaid, to hold and keep a Lourt Leet and Court Baron there, on (the time when the court is to be held), and immediately af:er the holding or keeping thereof, to adjourn, or cause the fime to be adjourned over, until (the time to which adjournment is to be made), and all, and whatsoever the faid B. R. shall lawfully do, or caụse to be done, to or for the purpose aforesaid, the said 7. B. doth hereby ratify, confirm, and allow, he hereby giving and granting unto him the said B. R. his full and whole power and authority, to and for the purpose afores said. In witness &c.

Sealed &c.

Appointment of a Deputy Steward, to take a Surrender of a Copy

bold Eflate.


in the county


NOW ALL MEN, by these presents, That I 7. B. of

&c. Gent. Steward of the Manor of of —, HAVE made, constituted, authorized, and appointed, and by these presents DO make, constitute, authorize, and appoint, B. R. of &c. Gent. my true and lawful Deputy, to take a Surrender of and from E. B. of the parish of m, in the county Spinster, of all or any of her Copyhold lands, tenements, or hereditaments, being parcel of the said Manor of

to such use or uses, and from such person or persons, and for such estate or estates, as the said E. B. shall direct, limit, and appoint, and to do and execute all and every such other thing and things, in and about the premises, in as full and ample manner to all intents and purposes whatfoever, as I the said 7. B. myself might or could do, if I were perfonally by or present. In witness &c.

Sealed C.




of a a Game-keeper. TOALL TO WHOM these presents shall come, I H. C. of — in the county

Esq; Lord of the manor of with its respective rights, royalties, members, and appur: Einances, in the county of , have made, nominated, constituted, and appointed, and hereby do make, nominate, constitute, and appoint W. B. of &c. in the county of -, yeoman, my lawful game-keeper of and for my said manor or lordship aforesaid, to look after, take care of, and preserve the game there. AND I the said H. C. do hereby allow him in my name, to hunt, hawk, fish, and fowl, within my said manor, and the demernes thereof, and all other places thereto belonging, from time to time during my free will and pleasure, according to the several acts of parliament in that case made and provided. IN WITNESS whereof, I the said H. C. have hereunto set my hand and seal, &c.

Sealed, &c.

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Of a Game-keeper, by a receiver of an infant's estate, impowering

bim to secure all forfeitures &c. on the said manor. 10 ALL TO WHOM these presents shall come, 17. A. of

&c. send greeting. WHEREAS W.IV. Efq; Lord of the manor of in the county of

-, is an infant, under the age of twenty-one years, and I am appointed by virtue of an order of the High Court of Chancery, receiver of the rents and profits of the said manor of, and of all other the farms, lands, tenements, and hereditaments of the said W. W. the infant, and for better preservation of the game from time to time, upon and within the said manor, and for other the purposes hereafter mentioned, I the said J. A. DO hereby (pursuant to the said several statutes made for the better preservation of game) so far as by law I can or may, inimediately employ and appoint W. D. of &c. to take and kill after the day of the date hereof, such hares, pheasants, partridges, and other game which he shall find upon the manor or lordship aforesaid, for the sole use and immediate benefit of the said W. W. And I do hereby direct the said W. D. to send all such game as he shall take and 'kill by virtue of these presents to the said W. it. or as he shall appoint. And I do by these presents, so far as I may by law, further authorise and appoint the said W. D. (by virtue of the several acts of parliament in that case made and provided) to take and seize all such guns and ferrets, trammels, hays, and other nets, snares, and engines, for the taking, killing, or destroying of hares, pheasanis, partridges, or other game, within the aforesaid manor or lordship, and the precincts thereof, as shall be kept or used by any person or perlins not legaily qualified to do the same; and further, to act and do all and every acts and things which belong to the said office of a game-keeper of a manor or lordship, according to the directions of the said ftatutes, TO HOLD the same during my will and pleasure. AND I do by these presents (as 4 H


far as I lawfully may or can) further authorise and impower the said W. D. for or on the behalf of the said W.W. and to his use, to take seize, and secure within the said manor or lordship aforesaid, all waifs, estrays, deodands, drifts, wrecks, and other emoluments of right belonging to the said lord of the manor aforesaid, and to do therewith as the law directs, and to do any other lawful and necessary acts to preserve and maintain the rights, privileges, and royalties, in anywise incidental or belonging to the manor or lordship aforesaid, for which this shall be a sufficient warrant. In witness &c.

Sealed &c.


Of clergymen to preach anuual sermons pursuant to a will.
TO ALL PEOPLE &C. WHEREAS R. S. of &c. in and by

his last will and testament, in writing, bearing date &c. did give and bequeath to S. S. and his heirs, and to the vicar and churchwardens of for the time being, for ever, one annuity or yearJy rent of

-,- payable, and to be paid out of $c. in and upon &c. for the uses following, that is to say, to pay 2 l. 25.. a piece, to four ministers of the gospel therein named, for preaching each of them a sermon on the four days therein after mentioned yearly for ever, to wit, &c. one fermon on each day; and after their deaths, then the faid S. S. his heirs or affigns, and the ricar and churchwardens of

aforesaid for the time being, were to make choice of four godly and able ministers in their rooms, who should preach the said four sermons yearly, in manner as is therein expressed; AND WHEREAS all the four ministers therein named are long since dead, and the said S. S. is also dead, and T. S. is grandson and heir of the said S. S. NOW KNOW YE, That the said T. S. and B. C. now vicar of &c. and S. R. and P. P. church wardens of the said parish; do hereby choose, nominate, and appoint, F. F. of &c. to preach a sermon yearly in the parish church of &c. on &c. and J. H. of &c. to preach &c. and R. B. of &c. (as above) and G. M. to preach &c. and that each of them shall and ought to have and receive 2 l. 2 s. a piece for such his sermon, pursuant to the aforesaid gift or will of the said R, S. the donor. In witness &c.

Sealed &c.

By a feme covert of a freebold estate to ber bufbandi for bis-life, to

take effect immediately after her decease. O ALL Sc. A. B. now the wife of B. B. ofc widow of&c

and eldest daughter of G. H. by E. his late wife, sends greeting: WHEREAS &c. (recital of a settlement to uses, with a power to make this appointment) NOW KNOW YE, AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESS, That the faid A. B. by virtue &c. and as fully as she may or can, HATH afligned, limited, and appointed, and by &C. DOTH by this her deed & c. signed &c. assign &c. ALL the said several messuages &c. herein before particularly mentioned, and every part and parcel thereof, with their and every of their rights &c.

which in and by the said recited indenture tripartite were limited to the use of the said A. H. (now A. B.) TO THE USE of the said B. B. her husband, for and during the term of his natural life, to commence and take effect from and immediately after the decease of the faid A. B. AND the said A. B. DOTH, by this her deed or writing, under her hand and real as aforesaid, declare, limit, and appoint the said the trustees:) and their heirs, and all other persons leised of the said premises, or any part thereof, to stand seised of all the said feveral mesfuages & c. herein before limited to the use of the said B. B. or intended so to be as aforesaid, TO THE USE of the said B. B for and during the term of his natural life, to commence and take effect from and immediately after she decease of the faid A. B. In witness es'c.

Scaled &c.

date on the

day of

A wife's deed of appointment or will, according to a power to her

reserved by feriliments, (notwithsianding her now coberture) wbereby she disposes of several particular legacies and annuities, and makes ber bufoand sole executor. NOW ALL MEN by these presents, That 7. A. late wife of

. . served in and by two several pair of indentures quadripartite, bearing

amo, 1770, and by virtue of all and every other power and powers, DO hereby make and ordain my last will and testament, and this writing purporting my last will and teftament; and do hereby, pursuant to the said power and powers, and to all and every other power and powers whatsoever, order, direct, give, limit, and appoint in manner following; that is to say, first, I give and appoint unto A. B. of, &c. and to M. C. (wife of T. C.)&c. Item, I give and appoint to A B. of, &c. spinster, the sum of ALSO, I give and appoint unto C. D. and E. D. children of G. D.

2-piece so be paid to them at their leveral ages of 21 years, ALSO I give and appoint unto J. H. of &c. one annuity or yearly

- of, for, and during her widowhood, to be paid her half yearly by equal portions, viz. at Michaelmas and Lady-day ; the first payment to be made on the first of the said feafts that thali next happen after my death. Item, I give and appoint to five poor widows, and the like number of poor old men of the said parish of S. after my decease, who have been house-keepers in the {aid parish, the sum of

a-piece of like lawsul money, to be paid by my said husband W. S. ALSO I further give and appoint to such poor of the said parish of S. as my laid husband IV. S. and the churchwardens of the fame parish fall approve of and think fit, the sum of — to be disposed and distributed in such proportions as my said husband and the said church wardens shall think fit. ALS JI give and appoint &c. (several other sums of money to several persons and their etildren.) ALSO I do hereby appoint and direct, That none of the said legacies or sums of money hereby given or appointed to any person or persons who fhall be under age at the time of my decease, muli become H 2


Sum of

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