The Spirit of Rhode Island History: A Discourse, Delivered Before the Rhode-Island Historical Society on the Evening of Monday January 17, 1853

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G. H. Whitney, 1853 - 32 halaman

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Halaman 24 - The evil that men do lives after them ; The good is often interred with their bones ; So let it be with Caesar.
Halaman 15 - ... it is agreed by this present assembly thus incorporate, and by this present act declared, that the form of government established in Providence Plantations is democratical; that is to say, a government held by the free and voluntary consent of all. or the greater part of the free inhabitants.
Halaman 30 - An act for the more effectually securing to his Majesty the allegiance of his subjects, in this his colony and dominion of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,' be, and the same is hereby repealed.
Halaman 19 - ... in such sort as we may not be compelled to exercise any civil power over men's consciences, so long as human orders, in point of civility, are not corrupted and violated, which our neighbors about us do frequently practice, whereof many of us have large experience, and do judge it ,to be no less than a point of absolute cruelty.
Halaman 30 - Be it therefore enacted by this General Assembly, and by the authority thereof, it is enacted, that an act entitled "An act for the more effectual securing to His Majesty the allegiance of his subjects, in this his colony and dominion of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,
Halaman 16 - They succeeded ; and we hazard 19-2L little in saying that the digest of 1647, for simplicity of diction, unencumbered as it is by the superfluous verbiage that clothes our modern statutes in learned obscurity ; for breadth of comprehension, embracing as it does the foundation of the whole body of law, on every subject, which has since been adopted ; and for vigor and originality of thought, and boldness of expression, as well as for the vast significance and the brilliant triumph of the principles...
Halaman 30 - Whereas in all States existing by Compact Protection and Allegiance are reciprocal, the latter being only due in Consequence of the former; And Whereas George the Third King of...
Halaman 10 - And otherwise than thus, what is herein forbidden, all men may walk as their consciences persuade them, every one in the name of his God.
Halaman 31 - That all such commissions, writs, and processes, shall be otherwise of the same form and tenure as they heretofore were ; that the Courts of Law...
Halaman 30 - ... of late fully recognized by him ; and entirely departing from the duties and character of a good king, instead of protecting is endeavoring to destroy the good people of this Colony, and of all the United Colonies, by sending fleets and armies to America, to confiscate our property, and spread fire, sword and desolation throughout our country, in order to compel us to submit to the most debasing and detestable tyranny ; whereby we are obliged by necessity, and it becomes our highest duty, to...

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