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ollowing. therefore, it is impossible to do more than closely approximate the real acts. But Longmans, Green & Co.'s Gazetteer, which has been used in the main, is robably as safe a standard as can be found, although at the time when the last edition ame out (1895) Fitzgerald had not ascended Aconcagua, the Duke of the Abruzzl had lot visited Mount St. Elias, and Mount McKinley, now believed to be the loftiest peak

North America, had not even been discovered:

Pamtr .....

China ....

Name, Iverest apsang .. lodwin-Austen anchanganka lakulu Lastagh-ata (Kash

gar) sunkho (indoo Kopsh) (concagua Pioneer Peak nimani luascan orata lemavend ajama himborazo IcKinley 11 Misti.. Jan Shan range. luwenzori, Kilima-Njaro otopaxi ogan intisa na ayambe Iuila abruz (Caucasus) rizaba

Elias. opocatapeti rarat harles Louis. ichinca lont Blanc.. airweather lonte Rosa... Thitney latterhorn izi Tamfurt, Atlas. lerra Blanca. alnier .... hasta ong's Peak. Ike's Peak.

Location. 1 Feet. I


Location, | Feet. India, Nep'l.. 29,000 Mauna Kea...


13,953 Indla, Kash'r 28, 700 Mauna Loa...


13,760 India, Kash'r 28,265 Jungfrau


13,670 India, Nep'l.. 128,176 Fremont's Peak. Wyoming 13,570 India, Nep'l..127,800 Apo, Mindanao... Philippines 13,300

Gross Glockner.. Aust'n Tyrol 12, 453 Pamir 25,800 Fujimoyama


12,425 Cook

New-Zeal'd 112,350 Teneriffe

Canary Is' ds. 12, 190


Sumatra 12,100

22,600 Muley Hacen, Si. N. Spain ...... 11,781 Bolivia 22,500 Hood


11, 225 Peru 22,000 Anethou, Pyrenees.. Spain

11,168 Bolivia

21,500 Petermann's Peak... Greenland 11,000 Persia 21,150 Etna


10,895 Bolivia

21,000 Dhor-elKhodib Syria (Mount Lcuador 20,498

Lebanon) 10.625 Alaska 20,464 Shar Dagb.


9,800 Peru 20,230 St. Helen's...... Alaska

9,750 20,000 Zugspitze


9,710 Africa. 20,000 Corno, Apennines..


9,580 East Africa. 19,720 Pic du Midi.


9,440 Ecuador 19,613 Perim Dagh.

Macedonia 8,800 Canada 19,514 Gerlachfalva


8,700 Ecuador 19,335 Sinai


8,535 Leuador 19, 186 Pindus, range. .. Eur'n Turk'yi 8,450 Colombia 18,700 Galdhoppingen


8,399 Russia 18,526 Nkiona

8,240 Mexico 18,314 Monte Azul...


8,070 Alaska 18,120 Parnassus


8,065 Mexico 18,000 Spelai, Pindus.


7,665 Armenia 16,925 Adam's


7,420 New-Guinea 16,730 Townsend

Australia 7,350 Ecuador 15,918 Mitchell

N. Carolina.. 6,711 Frch Sa voy.. 15,775 Washington

N. Hampsh'e.

6,288 Alaska 15,500 Adams

N. Hampsh'e. ( 5,776 Switzerland 15.215 Teplos-iz, Urals. Russia

5,540 California 14,900 Marcy

New-York 5,403 Switzerland 14,775 Mansfield


4,430 Morocco 14,600 Ben Nevis.


4,406 Colorado 14,464 Vesuvius


4,260 Washington 14,444 Slide, Catskills.


4,205 California Yunque

Porto Rico. 3.670 Colorado 14,271 Snowdon


3,571 Colorado 114,147


... 14,442

(From statistical report of the Interstate Commerce Commission.)

Year ending -Employes.-old -Passengers. Other persons Totals.
June 30. Killed. Injured. | Killed. Injured. | Killed. (Injured. | Killed. [Injuredi.

2.660 26,140 293 2,972 4,076 4,769 7,029 33,881 02

2,554 28, 267 376 3,227 4,217 6,158 7,147 36,652 2,727 31,720 299 3,22) 4,320 5,435 7,346 40,393

1,823 23,422 324 3,034 4,300 5,433 6,447 31,889 95 1,811 25,696 170 2,375 4,155

5,677 6,136 33,748 196

1,861 29, 969 181 2,873 4,406 5,845 6,449 38,687 197

1,693 27,667 2:22 2,795 4,522 6,269 6,437 36,731 99 1,958 31,761 221 2,945 4,680 6,176

6,859 40.882 2,210 34,923

239 3,442 4,674 6,255 7,123 44,620 100


39,673 249 4,128 5,066 6,549 7,865 50,320 01

2,675 41, 142 282 4,988 5,495 7,2031 8,455 64,662 02 2,369 50,524


5,274 7,455 8.588 64,662 03 3,006 60,481

8.231 5.879 7,841 9,840 76,653 3,632 67,067 141 9,111 5,973

7,977 10,046

84,155 3,361 66,833 537 10,457 5,805

8,718 9,703 86,008 The total number of passengers carried in 1905-'06 was 738,834,667, as against 5,419,682 in 1904-'05,


THE TRIBUNE FRESH AIR FUND. Organized ir. 1877; incorporated in 1888. Its object is to send children of the Nes York poor into the country for a summer vacatlon of two wecks. Hospitable count people receive them, not as boarders, but give tuem food and lodging and freedom the country grounds. The fund is dependent upon voluntary contributions. The re lowing table shows the condition of the work from the beginning:

1,07 2.44

7.74 10,92

10,35 219

35,65 40,82 40,17 38,00 36,941 40,65 41,351 34,091 34,000 34,201 35,73 36.800 34,584 31,964 28,721


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UNIVERSITY EXTENSION. The American Society for Extension of University Teaching was founded a Thiladelphia in June, 1890, and incorporates in March, 1892. Present officers: Presi dint, Frederick B. Miles: treasurer, Charles A. Brinley: secretary, Charles D. Atrins The office is in Philadelphia. The aim of University Extension is, first, to extend higher education to all classes of people; second, to extend education through the whole of adult life; third, to extend thorough methods of study to subjects of every day interest. During the academie year 1903-'06 the society arranged for the de livery of 112 courses of lectures at 89 centres. The total course attendance at lectures was 259,231. The number of courses arranged by States was as follows: Pennsylvania, 36, New York, 33; New Jersey, 10; Maryland, 8; Connecticut, 9; Massachusetts 6; Rhode Island, 1; New Hampshire, 1; Delaware, 1; South Carolina, 1. The division by subject is as follows: Literature, 28: liistory, 203, music and art, 24; ethies and philosophy, 34; political economy, 1.

The constantly widening use that is being made of the society's lectures and of the University Extension system is shown by the auspices under which the courses of 1905-'06

delivered: Centres under control of women's clubs, educational institutions (schools, Brooklyn Institute, etc.), 25; New York City Board of Educa tion ('Free Lectures to the People'), 22; the University Extension Society and the Free Library of Philadelphia {"Free Lecture Courses to the People"), 14; regular University Extension Centres, 52. The society has just completed its sixteenth year of work Since its organization there have been delivered under its direotion 1,654 courses, comprising 9,126 lectures, The average attendance at each lecture has been over 20, the aggregate attendance 1,913, 448. The most important work outside of that of the general society in Philadelphia, is carried on through the University of Chicago, the Regents of the University of New York, Rutgers College, New Bruns wick; Columbia University, New York, and in California. Sample syllabi and circulars descriptive of University Extension work can be obtained free of charge by addressing University Extenson Socety, No. 111 South Fifteenth st., Philadelphia, Pa.


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To keep this record complete and continuous deaths are included which occurred fter December 23, 1905. DAMS, H. C., Representative in Con-| FIELD, Marshall, Chicago merchant, 71. gress from Wisconsin, 55, Chicago, New York, Jan. 16, July 9,

FORBES. Gerrit A., New York Supreme ADAMS, Robert, jr., Representative in Court Justice, 70, Canastota, N, Y., Sept.

Congress from Pennsylvania, ex--Minis- 22. ter to Brazil, 57, Washington, D. C.,

FORSYTH, James W.; Major General U. June 1.

S A., retired, Columbus, Ohio, Oct. ILVEY, Richard H., Maryland jurist, 24. Chief Justice Court of Appeals of the GORMAN, Arthur P., U. S. Senator from District of Columbia, 80, Hagerstown,

Maryland, Democratic leader in Senate, Md., Sept. 14.

67, Washington D. C., June 4, INTHONY, Miss Susan B., woman suf

HAFF, Hank, yacht racing expert, 75, frage leader, 86, Rochester, N. Y.,

Islip, La I., June 30. March 13, "RNETT, the Rev. Dr. W. B., Bishop HARPER, the Rev. Dr. William R., pres

ident University of Chicago, 50, Chicago, African Methodist Episcopal Church, ed

Jan. 10. ucator, Xenia, Ohio, Oct. 2.

HENDERSON. David B., ex-Representar IRTHUR, Joseph, playwright. 67, New

tive in Congress from Iowa aná speaker York, Feb. 20.

of the House of Representatives, 66, Du BAIRD, Henry M., teacher and author, 84, buque, Iowa, Feb. 25. New York, Nov, 12.

HENDEE, George

ex-Governor BARRETT, George C., ex-Justice . New

Vermont, ex-Representative in Congress York Supreme Court, 68, New York, from Vermont,

74, Morrisville, June 7.

Dec. 6. BAUGHMAN, L Victor, Maryland politi- HILL Walter B., educator, chancellor cian and editor, 61, Frederick, Md., University of Georgia, 65, Athens, Ga.,. Nov. 30.

Dec. 28, 1905. LISS, Aaron T., ex-Governor of Michi- HITT, Robert R., Representative in congan, ex-Representative in Congress from gress from Illinois, 72, Narragansett Michigan, —

Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 16. Pier, R. I., Sept. 20. BOYD, James E., ex-Governor of Nebras-HOAR, Rockwood, Representative in conka, 72, Omaha, Neb., April 30.

gress from Massachusetts, 51, Worcester,

Mass., Nov. 1, BROWN, Arthur, ex-Senator from Utah, -, shot at Washingtown, D, C., Dec. 12. HOOD, John M., railroad president,' 63,

Baltimore, Md., Dec. 17. BROWN, William Lee, New York polltician and editor, 66, Great Barrington, HOGG, James S., Texas politician, exMass., Dec, 13.

Governor of Texas, 64, Houston, Tex. ,

March 3. 'ASTOR, George A., Representative in Congress from Pennsylvania, 51, Phila- HUGHES, Aaron K., Rear Admiral U, S.

N., delphia, Feb. 19.

retired, 84, Washington, D. AYVAN, Georgia, actress, 48, Flushing,

May 4. Long Island, Nov. 19.

HUNTINGTON, Daniel, painter, 89. New

York, April 19. HILDS, Henry A., New York Supreme Court Justice, 70, Medina, N. Y., May 15. JOHNSON, Eastman, painter, 82, New

York, April 5. OCHRAN Charles F., Missouri politician, ex-Representative in Congress from JONES. the Rev. Samuel P., evangelist, Missouri, 58, St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 19. 59. Perry, Ark., Oct. 15. OSGROVE, the Rev. Henry, Roman KBENER, the Rev. Johd C., Bishop MethCatholic Bishop, Diocese of Davenport, odist Episcopal Church South, 87, New Iowa, Davenport, Dec. 22.

Orleans, La., Jan. 20. AVIS, Mrs. Jefferson, 80, New York,

KEPHART, the Rev. Dr. D. B., Bishop Oct, 16.

United Brethren Church, 72, IndianapELANEY, the Pt. Rev. John B., Roman

olis. Ind., Jan. 24. Catholic Bishop of Manchester, 42, Man- KETCHAM, John H., Brigadier General, chester, N. H., June 11.

U. S, V., Representative in Congress IXON, Jonathan, ex-Justice

from New York, 73, New York, Nov. 4.

Supreme Court of New Jersey, 67, Englewood, N. LANGDELL, Christopher C., law teacher J., May 21.

and law book writer, 82, Cambridge, OREMUS, R. Ogden, chemist, 82, New

Mass., July 6. York, March 22.

LANGLEY, Samuel P., scientist, secretary

Smithsonian Institution, 72, Aiken, S. C, UNBAR, Paul La, negro poet, 34, Day- Feb. 27. ton, Ohio, Feb. 9.

MCCABE, the Rev. Dr. Charles C., MethYER, Elisha, ex-Governor of Rhode Isl- odist Episcopal Bishop, 70, New York, and, Providence, R. I., Nov. 29.

Dec. 19. ATON, John, Brigadier General U. S. V., MCCALL John A., ex-president New York educator, ex-Commissioner of Education, · Life Insurance Company, 56, Lakewood, 77, Washington, D. Co, Feb.

N. J., Feb. 18.



MCCLELLAN, Thomas N., Chief Justice SPENCER, Samuel, president Southe

Alabama Supreme Court, 53, New Or- Railway system, 69, killed at lawyer leans, LA., Feb. 10.

Station, Va., Nov. 19. MIVER, Charles D., Southern educator, STEUNENBERG, Frank, ex-Governor 46, Durham, N. O., Sept. 17.

Idaho, 44, assassinated Caldwell, Idah.

Dec, 30, 1905,
MCMAHON, Martin T., Major General U.

S. V., Justice Court of Special Sessions, THAYER, John M. ex-Governor of Ne
York city, president National

Home traska and U. s. Senator from for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 68, New braska, S8, Lincoln, Neb, March 19. York, April 21.

TRAIN, Charles J., Rear Admiral, U. MACDONALD, W. H., actor, 50, Spring

N., 61, Che-Foo, China, Aug. 4. field, Mass., March 27.

TORRANCE, David, Chief Justice


necticut Supreme Court, MORRIS, the Rev. Dr, Benjamin Wistar,

66, Derby Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Oregon,

Conn., Sept. 5. 87, Portland, Ore., April 8.

VALENTINE, the Rev. Dr. Milton. MORGAN, Edward J. actor, 36, New

theran theologian and theological writes York, March 10.

81, Gettysburg, Pa., Feb. 7. MOSES. Franklin J., ex-Governor of South

VAN DYKE Walter, Justice Suprem Carolina, 60, Winthrop, Mass., Dec. 11.

Court of California, 83, Oakland.

Dec, 26, 1905. MOST, Johann, anarchist, agitator and editor, 59, Cincinnati, March 17.

WALKER, James D., ex-Senator fror

Arkansas, 76, Fayetteville, Ark., NEW, John C., Indiana politician and editor, 75, Indianapolis, June 4.

WARD, Henry A., naturalist and collect NICHOLSON, the Rev. Dr. Isaac Lea,

tor, 72, Buffalo, N. Y., July 4. Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Milwaukee, 63, Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 29.

WARNER, Willard, ex-Senator from Alz

bama, 80. Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 2 PAINE, J. K., musician and composer, 76, Cambridge, Mass., April 25.

WHEELER, Joseph, Lieutenant Genera

C. S. A., Major General, U. SV. PARKHURST, John G., Major General U.

Representative in Congress from Supreme Court, 63, Bath, N. Y., Feb. 21.

bama, 69, Brooklyn, Jan. 25. PARKHURST, John G., Majo rGeneral U.

WHITE, Stanford, architect and decora S. V., ex-Minister to Belgium, 82, Cold

tor, 53, killed New York City, June 25. water, Mich., May 6.

WISWELL, A. P., Chief Justice Main PATTERSON, George R., Representative

Supreme Court, 54, Boston, Mass Congress from Pennsylvania, 43,

Dec. 4. Washington, D. C., March 21.

WOOD, Thomas J., Major General, U. PATTISON, John M., Governor of Ohio, V., Brigadier General, U. S. A., retire 09), Milford, Ohio, June 18.

83, Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 25. PIERCE, James Mills, mathematician, 71, YERKES. Charles T., street railroa Cambridge, Mass., March 21,

builder and operator, 69, New York PIILSBURY, Henry N., chess player, 84, Dec. 29, 1905.

Philadelphia, June 17. RICKS, Augustus J., U. S. District NOTABLE DEATHS ABROAD. Judge, District of Northern Ohio, 66,

BEIT, Alfred, South African developer an Massillon, Ohio, Dec. 22.

financier, 56, London, July 16. ROSEWATER, Edward, Nebraska politi- | BLANCO, Ramon, Marquis de Pena Plata cian and editor, 67, Omaha, Neb., Aug.

Spanish soldier, last Governor General 31.

of Cuba, 74, Madrid, April 4. RUCKER, Louis H., Brigadier General U.

BRETON, Jules, French S. An retired, 66, Los Angeles, Cal.,

painter, 78 July 9.

Paris, July 5.

BRUNETIERE, Ferdinand, French 2u SAGE. Russen, financier, 89, Lawrence, Long Island, July 22

thor and academician, 57, Paris, Dec. 9 SCHURZ, Carl, statesman, editor, soldier,

CHAVERO, Alfredo, ex-Minister of For

eign Affairs for Mexico, 64, Mexio 77, New York, May 14.

City, Oct. 25. SCHOFIELD, John M., Lieutenant General U. S. A., retired, 74, St. Augustine, Fla, CRAIGIE, Mrs. Pearl Mary Teresa ("Joh March 4,

Oliver Hobbes''), novelist and dramatist SCRIPPS, James E., newspaper publisher CURIE, Pierre, French physicist,

38, London, Aug. 13.

discov and editor, 71, Detroit, Mich., May 29.

erer of radium, 47, Paris, April 19. SEYMOUR, the Rev. Dr. George F.,

DAVITT, Michael, Irish agitator and par Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Spring

liamentary leader, 60, Dublin, May 30 field, Illinois, 77, Springfield, ill., Dec. 8.

GARCIA, Manuel, singing teacher SHAFTER, William R., Major General U.

inventor of the laryngoscope, 101, Lon S. A., retired, commander Santiago ex

don, July 1 pedition, 71, Bakersfield, Cal., Nov. 12.

GOOSENS, the Rev. Peter Lambert, Car SHALER, Nathaniel S., geologist and au- dinal Archbishop of Mechlin, 79, Brusthor, 6, Cambridge, Mass., April 10.

sels, Belgium, Jan 25. SMITE, Wilmot M., New York Supreme HOLYOAKE, George Jacob, English lec

Court Justice, 64. Patchogue, L. turer and author, 89, Brighton, England March 29.

Jan. 22.

IBSEN, Henrik, Norwegian poet and dra

matist, 78, Christiana, May 23. IGNATIEFF, Count Alexis Pavlovitch,

Russian administrator, 66, killed at

Tver, Russia, Dec. 22.
KODAMA, General Baron, Japanese sol-

dier, Tokio, July 22,
LABOURE, Cardinal Archbishop of

Rennes, 64, Rennes, France, April 21. LAWSON, Sir Wilfred, English Parlia

mentary leader and temperance advo.cate, 77, London, July. · MEJIA, Ignacio, Mexican soldier and

statesman, 92, Ayotla Mejia. Mexico,

Dec. 2
PELLEGRINI, Carlos, ex-President ar

Argentina, 59, Buenos Ayres, July 16.
PEREDA, Jose Maria de, Spanish novel-

ist, 73, Santander, Spain, March 2 PERRAUD, the Rev. Adolphe Louis Al

bert, Cardinal Archbishop of Autun,

France, 78, Autun, Feb. 11. PREFONTAINE, Raymond, Canadian

Minister of Marine and Fisheries, 55,

Dec. 25, 1905.
REED, Sir Edward J., naval designer,

ex-chief constructor of the British navy,

76, London, Nov. 30. RICHTER, Eugen, German Radical

leader and editor, 68, Berlin, March 10. RICHTHOFEN, Baron von, German Sec

retary of Foreign Affairs, 59, Berlin,

Jan 17.
SEDDON. Richard John, Prime Minister

of New Zealand, 65, at sea, June 11. TOOLE, J, La, English actor, 76, Brigh

ton, Eng., July 30. SINIBU, Viscount, former Prime Minister

of Brazil, 97, Rio de Janeiro, Dec. 22. VON HARTMANN, Karl Robert Edward,

German philosopher, 64, Berlin, June 6.


On Dec. 18 President Roosevelt made these nominations in the diplomatic service:

Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary-Joseph W. Lee, Maryland, to Guatemala and Honduras; Horace G. Knowles, Delaware, Rumania and Servia; Will iams C. Fox, New Jersey, to Ecuador; Thomas C. Dawson, Iowa, to Colombia.

Minister Resident and Consul GeneralFenton P. M. McCreery, Michigan, to Santo Domingo.

Secretaries of Embassies Montgomery Schuyler, jr., New York, at St. Peters, burg; John Gardner Coolidge, Massachusetts, at Mexico

Second Secretaries of Embassies-Nelson O'Shaughnessy, New York, at St. Petersen burg; Robert M, Winthrop, Massachusetts, at Rome.

Secretaries of Legations Leonard M. Thomas, Pennsylvania, at Madrid; Stanton S. Eckels, New York, to Gretce and Montenegro and of the diplomatic agency at Sofia, Bulgaria; Robert Woods Bliss, New York, at Brussels.

Secretary of Legation and Consul General Philip M. Brown, Massachusetts, to Rumania and Servia.

On the same day John Barrett, Minister to Colombia, was elected director of the Bureau of American Republics to succeed Williams C. Fox, appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minist Plenipotentiary Ecuador.

William Haywood, Consul General at Seoul, Corean died on Dec. 14
Philip Carroll, Consul at Manzanillo, Mexico, died on Dec. 16.

The Rev. Dr. Charles C. McCabe, Methodist Episcopal Bishop, died in New York City, Dec, 19.

Governor-elect Charles E. Hughes announced on Dec. 21 that he would appoint Charles H. Keep, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Superintendent of Banking in New York State, succeeding F. D. Kilburn.

It was unofficially announced on Dec. 21 that the Right Hon. James Bryce would succeed Sir Henry M. Durand as British Ambassador at Washington.

On page 250, under Minnesota, the Secretary of State should be Julius A. Schmahl, instead of P. E. Hanson.

On page 250, under Nevada, the Secretary of State should be William G. Douglass (R.), and the Superintendent of Public Instruction should be Orvis Ring (R.).

On page 250, under North Dakota, the state oficials except Governor and Chief Justice are candidates declared defeated. For corrected List of state officials see under *Elections in States," page 339.

On page 247, under Arkansas, the title Commissioner of Agriculture belongs at foot of column. For corrected list of state officials see ander "Elections in States,

page 312,

On Dec. 18 Charles G. Washburn (R.) was elected a Representative to the Fiftyninth Congress from the 3d Congress District of Massachusetts, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Rockwood Hoar (R.).

The Right Rev. Henry Cosgrove, Roman Catholic Bishop of Davenport, Iowa, died December 22,

Augustus J. Ricks, United States District Judge for the Northern District of Ohig, died Dec. 22.

Enrique Creel has been appointed Mexican Ambassador at Washington.

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