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Alexander and Hackett by 6-3, 61, W. A. Larned; 1903, H. L. Doherty; 1904,

Holcombe Ward; 1905, Beals C. Wright; The women's national championship 1906, W. J. Clothier. tournament was held at Philadelphia dur Doubles-1881, C. M. Clark and F. W. ing the last week in June, Miss Helen Taylor; 1882, 1883, 1884, R. D. Sears and Homans, of New York, won the cham James Dwight; 1885. R. D. Sears and pionship title by beating, in the final J. S. Clark; 1886, 1887, R. D. Sears and round, Mrs. Barger Wallach, of New James Dwight; 1888, 0. S. Campbell and York, by 6-3, 6-4. In the challenge V. G. Hall; 1889, H, W. Slocum, jr., and round Miss Homans won ky default from H. A. Taylor; 1890. V. G. Hall and C. Miss E. H. Moore, of Brooklyn.

Hobart; 1891, 1892, O. 9. Campbell and R. The indoor national championship tour- F. Huntington, jr.; 1893, 1894, C. Hobart nament was held at the 7th Regiment Ar- and F. H. Hovey; 1895, M. G. Chase and mory, New York, during the third week R. D. Wrenn; 1906, C. B. Neel and S. R. in February. In the final round W. C. Neel; 1897, 1898, L. E. Ware and G. P. Grant beat E. P. Fischer, both of New Sheldon, jr.; 1999, 1900, 1901, D. F. Davis York, 6-4, 6-2, 108.

and Holcombe Ward; 1902, 1903, R. F.

Doherty and H. L, Doherty; 1904, HolInternational Matches.

combe Ward and B. C. Wright; 1905, HolThe U. 9. N. L. T. A. challenged again combe Ward and B. C, Wright; 1906, In the spring of 1906 for the Davis Inter Holcombe Ward and B. C. Wright. national Cup, and sent a team to England composed of B. C. Wright. Holcombe Ward. R. D. Little and Kriegh Colling.

BASKETBALL. They beat the Australian team rather

No senior championship tournament in easily by 4 matches to 1 in the prelim

basketball was held by the Amateur AthInary series, and then met the English

letic Union last season, but a junior tourholders of the trophy at Wimbledon the

Lament was held by the Metropolitan Aslast week of June. The series resulted in

sociation in the court of the Young Men's favor of the holders, the Americans being

Hebrew Association, in New York, Fourbeaten by 5 matches to 0, as follows. H.

teen teams entered and six qualified for L Doherty (England) beat Holcombe

the finals. The Clark House team fmally Ward (A.nerica), 6-2, 8-6, 6 2 ; S. H.

captured first honors, with the University Smith (England) beat R. D. Little (Amer

Settlement five second. The final standica), 6-4, 6-4, 6-1; H. L. Doherty and

ing was as follows: R F. Doherty (England) beat Holcombe

Won. Lost. Ward and R. D. Littlo (America). 3-6,

Clark House .. 947, 108, 642; H. L. Doherty (Eng

University Settlement .. land) beat R. D. Little (America,) 3--6,

Co. K., 4th Regiment...... 63. 6-1, 68, 6-3; S. H. Smith (Eng

Y. M. H. A........... Land) beat Holcombe Ward (America), Calvary A. C.......... 6-0, 6- 1, 6-4.

Prospect Park Y. M. O. A.....
Record of the Davis Cup.

The public schools of greater New York The Davis International Cup was first held a series of championship games duroffered in 1900, when an English chal ing the season, with the result that the lenging team was beaten 3 matches to O senior and junior championships of the (2 unplayed) by the Americans at Boston. five boroughs were won as follows: In 1901 there were no matches, but in

SeniorJunior. 1902 an English team was again beaten

P. S. P, S. at Brooklyn by 3 matches to 2. In 1903

Manhattan .......... ...

.. 62 another English team came to America Bronx i...

9 and won by 4 matches to 1 at Boston, In Brooklyn .... 1904 no American players competed for Queens

14 the cup, but in 1905 an American team Richmond

19 went abroad and was beaten by 5 matches

A final series of games was then played to o at Wimbledon. Now another defeat

for the city championship, resulting in a has been added, Americans being beaten

victory for P. S. 62 M. in the senior diagain at Wimbledon by 5 matches to 0.

vision and P. S. 25 M. in the junior, Ranking for 1906.

A championship series was also held The official ranking of the leading play

among the high schools, with nine teams ers for 1906 was as follows:

entered. There were many delays, and

it was so late in the season when the 1-W, J. Clothier. 2-W. A. Larred.

schedule was completed that it was de3-B.' C. Wright.

cided not to play off the tie for the cham4-F. B. Alexander.

pionship. The final record was as fol5-K. H Behr, jr.

lows: R. D. Little.

Won. Lost. 7-H. H. Hackett.

High School of Commerce..

Boys' High School..... 8-F. G. Anderson, 9-E. B. Dewhurst.

Flushing High School.... 10-1. C. Wright.

De Witt Clinton High School.. 5

Morris High School......... Table of American Championships.

Commercial High School...... Singles-1881 1882 1883 1884, 1885, Stuyvesant High School....... 1886, 1887, R. D. Sears; 1888, 1889, H. W. Manual Training High School... Slocum, jr.; 1830, 1891, 1892, 0. s. Camp Erasmus Hall High School.... 0 Hovey; 1896, 1897, R. D. Wrenn; 1898, Tho intercollegiate championship was 1899, 1900, M. D.' Whitman; 1901, 1902, I won by the University of Pennsylvania,

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April.set, and contested ploughi:

100. Gould, after winning bed for the Associawestern cha

| Wood, of ven wrofess. s. G. Ab Chicago

whose team won pine games out of ten,, N. Jaques, 1443, W. J. TTaris; 1904, HC with Columbia second and Harvard third. Esani K, L C. Igau; iyuti, E M The record:


Won. Lost. P.C. 'The women's nadonal championship Pennsylvania

.000 tournament was held at the Braeburt Columbia

.700 Country Club, Boston, Oct. 8 to 13 The Harvard .....

low score medal was won by Miss PauYale .....

400 line mackay, of New York, with a score Princeton

.800 OK 87, Miss Mackay was bealen in the Cornell

100 second round, and in the finais MISS Har

riet S. Curlis, of Boston, defealed Miss

M. B. Adams of Boston, by 2 up and I RACQUETS AND COURT TENNIS. to play.

The metropolitan championship was Championship Matches of 1906.

beld at the St. Andrews Golf Club, New The national championship at court

York, May 22 to 26. J. D. Travers won tennis was contested at the New York

the low score medal for his card of 144. Racquet and Tennis Club the first week in

in the final round Travers met E. M. April. In the first round young Jay Gould,

Byers, of Pittsburg, and won by 3 up and of Lakewood, N. J., won the championship

11 to play. title from Charles E. Sands, of New York, by 6-2, 6-3, 6-4.

The Olympic team championship was The national championship tournament

held at the Glen Echo Country Club, St

Louis, Sepl 3. Eight teans of four men at racquets was held at the Boston Athletic Association the last week of Febru

each were entered. The championship title ary. In the final round Percy D. Hough

was won by the Western Golf Association ton, of Boston, beat Payno Whitney,

team, composed of H. C. Egan (149), W. New York, by 12-15, 9-15, 15-12, 15-1

K, Wood (161), D. E. Sawyer (154) and 15--13,

A. W. Potter, jr. (171), with a total score

of 635. The Western Pennsylvania Golf championship of America, entered for the

Association team was second with 664. English championship at the Queen's Club,

The Western championship tournament London, and surprised every one by mak

was held at the Glen Echo Country Club, ing a splendid bid for the title that had

St. Louis, Sept. 4 to 8 W. C. Fownes, always been considered out of the reach of

jr., of Pittsburg, won the low score medal Americans. Joshua Crane, jr., of Boston, with a score of 153. In the final round a former American champion, also entered D. E. Sawyer, of Chicago, beat W. K. at the Queen's Club, but was beaten in | Wood, of Chicago, by 1 up (in 37 boles). the first round, April 30, by young Gould. The open professional) championship f . 6 1. 6 . Gould next met H. 1 tournament of the U. S. G. A was held Yorke, on May 2, and won by 6-1 6-1, at the Onwentsia Country Club, Chicago,

-5. In the nird round, May 3, Gould June 28 and 29. Alexander Smith, of the Il won from Major A. Cooper-Key by 6-5, Nassau Country Club, won first bonors

1, fnt. Two days later Gould met H. with a score of 295 for 72 boles. J. Hill in the finals and beat him by G-3. In the metropolitan open (professional 6- 1, 6- 1.

tournament, held at the Hollywood (N. Under the peculiar conditions existing | J.) Golf Club, August 9 to 11, George abroad Gould, as tournament winner, had | Low, of the Baltusrol G. C., won the title next to play V. Pennell, holder of the sil with a score of 296 for 76 holes. Alexver, racquet, and the American was again ander Smith, of the Nassau CC., was victorious, winning by 6- 0, 6- 1, 3- 6, second with a score of 296, 6-1. May 7. Now the challenger for the The intercollegiate championship was championship title, Gould next played held at the Garden City Golf Club, Oct. Eustace H. Miles, holder of the gold 17 to 20. In the team matches Yale beat racquet, and this match brought together Cornell, 20 to 0; Princeton beat Harvard the champions of England and America. 115 12 to 2%, and in the finals Yale beat Miles's long experience and exceptional) Princeton by 849 to 4142. In the individual skill proved too much for the young Amer- championship tournament T. M. Claiin, ican expert, and Gould was beaten by 1 of Harvard, made the lowest score, 87, 4-6, 6-1, 64, 6-3.

and in the final round W. E Clow, jr.,
of Yale, beat Dwight Partridge of Yale,

by 1 up.
Championship Tournaments, 1906.

SHOOTING The annual championship tournament The national rifle and revolver shooting of the United States Golf Association was I tournament was held on the range at Sea held at the Englewood (N. J.) Golf Club, Girt. N. J., Aug. 27 to Sept. 10, under the July 10 to 14. Thirty-two players qual, auspices of the National Rifle Association Ified out of a large field, with the low and the United States Revolver Associascore at 152 made by W. J. Travis, the tion. A summary of the principal compe former champion. Travis was beaten in titions follows: the semi-final round by E. M. Byers, of Dryden Trophy (for teams of eight men) Pittsburg, who won the championship - Won by the New Jersey N, G team, title the following day by beating in the with a score of 991 out of a possible 1.200. finals G. S. Lyon, of Canada, 2 up.

The winners scored 334 at 200 yards, 351 The amateur championship at golf has at 600 yards and 306 at 1,000 yards. been won as follows: 1895. C. B, McDon President's Match (for the military ald; 1896, H. J. Whigham; 1897. H. J. championship of the United States)--WOD Whigham: 1899. F. J. Douglas; 1900, H. | by Private E. C. Simpson, of Connecticut, M. Harriman; 1901, W. J. Travis; 1902, L1 with a total of 193; Lieutenant Richard.





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1,000 Yds.

J. Pratsman dore 696 rumiarko, jonship i

of Ohio, was second, with 190. and Private

SECTION A--(Continued). IF. De Loach, of the United States Marine Corps, third, with 189. The winner scored 29 at 200 yards, 28 at 600 yards, 42 at rapid fire and 94 skirmishing.

Teams. Inter-Club Match-Won by Ohio N. G., with 224. Philadelphia R. A, and Sixth Massachusetts, N. G., tied for second place, with 221 each.

Kings County.... National Team Championship Match | Brooklyn B...

400 (for national trophy provided by Congress,

Manhattan the Hilton trophy and the “Soldier of Montclair ....

.090 Marathon' trophy)-Won by United States Infantry team, with United States Cav

Sectior B. alry second and Massachusetts N. G. third. Scores of the first six teams:

Kings County,

.900 Paterson ...

.666 Bound Brook...

.683 Brooklyn Team

.181 Manhattan ..... Teams,

J. L. Poyer, of Brooklyn, was the cham

pion batsinan for the year, with an unU. S. Infantry .....1976|1,035/83140513.251 equalled record of 696 runs in the series IU. S. Cavalry...... 9671 7788781368/3.191 of twelve games. C. H. Clarke, of Staten

Mass. N. G..... ... 599 1,027 767384 3.177 Island, won the season's championship in New York N. G. 997 1,038 | 767 36313,1651 bowling, averaging 4 runs for 24 wickets. U. S. Navy.....

971 980 | 802378/2,131 F. F. Kelly, of Staten Island, was a good U. S. Marines..... 986 1,000 8033243,113 second, with an average of 5 runs for 40

wickets on a full season's bowling. There were 41 teams entered for the competition. I

The annual international cricket match

between the United States and Canada was National Individual Championship Won

played at Philadelphia, July 9 and 10. The by Lieutenant Theodore H, Dillon, U. 8.

Americans won, as usual, in the easiest Engineer Corps, with a total of 313. Lieu

kind of fashion, by 253 runs and 7 wicktenant Mumma, 2d U. S. Cavalry was

ets. The final score was: United States, second, with 304. and Private Brass, of

274 and 131 (for 3 wickets); total, 405. Montana and Captain Cavanaugh, U. S.

Canada, 90 and 62; total, 152 Cavalry, were tled for third, with 301 each. The winner's scores were 44 at 200 yards, 46 at 600 yards. 49 rapid fire, 91 skirmishing, 43 at 800 yards and 40 at 1.000 yards.

FENCING. National Championship Pistol Match

Championships of 1906. Won by Lieutenant Samuel M. Parker, 29th U. . Infantry, with a score of 238; 1 The intercollegiate fencing championship Captain Smith, Squadrva A, New York, was won by the United States Military and Sergeant Orr, Ohio, tied for second Academy cadets at the New York Athletic place, witb 235 each.

Club, March 27. The final standing of the seven teams entered was as follows: College.

Won Lost. CRICKET.

West Point.... The annual series of the Metropolitan Harvard .. District Cricket League resulted in a repe-| Annapolis tition of the victory of 1905 by the Staten | Columbia .. Island Cricket Club team, which won eight

Cornell ..... of the twelve games on its schedule and Pennsylvania .. drew the other four, not losing a game | Princeton ....... during the season. The Brooklyn A team W. E. Williford and O. E. Dickinson, of and the Paterson team tied for second

the West Point team, tied for the highest honors, each having lost two and tied two in lividual honors. games.

In Section B the Kings County team Harvard won the Intercollegiate chamscored a decisive victory by winning ten pionship in 1894, 1895. 1896, 1897, 1899 and games. losing one and drawing one. Pat 1900; West Point won in 1902 1903 1904 erson was second, a long way bebind, with and 1906: Columbia won in 1898: Annansix victories, three defeats and three drawn olis won in 1901 and 1905. games.

The national championship fencing tourThe season's record follows:

nament was held by the Amateur Fencers' Sectian A.

League of America at the New York A.
C.. April 28. In the competition with folle
S. D. Breckenridge, of Washington, won

the title, with W. L Bowman, of Boston, Team

second, and J. Allaire, of Brooklyn, third. With duelling swords W. Grebe, of Chlcago, won the championship with W. L.

Bowman of Boston, second and J. H. Staten Island...

11,000 woodward, of New York, third. Bowman Brooklyn A. .....

.800 1 and Woodward tied for second, and BowPaterson .....

1.800! man won the extra bout to decide the tle.

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Won..... 1000

Played.. SAS



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Time. T R ecord holder.


W. D. Eaton........ 50 yards.........

May 9, 1891. 0:00:0536 V. S. Rice...........

Feb. 20, 1904. | Richard L. Murray....... March 17, 1906. L H. Cary......

Oct. 10, 1905. 75 yards...

B. J. Wefers....

Jan. 25, 1896. | Archie Hahn....

March 11. 1905. 100 yards...... 0:00:09% Daniel Kelly......

June 23, 1906 ISC. H. Sherril.

May 17 1890. 150 yards...

J. Owen, jr......

Sept. 13, 1890. 200 yards.....

W. Baker.......

Nov. 8, 1890.
SB. J. Wefers.....

May 30, 1896. 220 yards...

Daniel Kelly......

June 23, 1906. 300 yards...

B. J. Wefers......

Sept. 26, 1896. 400 yards...

· W. Long..

Oct. 4, 1300. 440 yards...

. W. Long...

Oct. 4, 1900. 500 yards...

E. Burke...

June 17, 1897. 600 yaris...

E. Burke....

Sept. 19, 1896. 700 yards...

E, Myers.....

Sept 16, 1882. 880 yards....

C. H. Kilpatrick..

Sept. 21, 1895. 1,000 yaris.

L. E. Myers...

Oct. 8, 1881. 1,320 yards...

P. Connefr...

Aug. 21, 1895.
1 mile,

Aug. 28, 1895. 2 miles...

Alex. Grant...

Sept. 26, 1903. 3 miles...

W. D. Day.....

May 30, 1890. 4 miles...

D. Day.....

Nov. 16, 1889, 6 miles....

E. C. Carter.......

Sept. 17, 1887.
6 miles...

Oct. 21, 1893. 7 miles...

E. C. Carter........

Nov. 6, 1886. 8 miles...

E. C. Carter..

Nov. 6, 1886. 9 miles..

S. Thomas.........

Oct. 26, 1889. 10 miles.

W. D. Day.....

Oct, 26, 1869. 20 miles...

J. Gassman....

Feb. 22, 1881. 30 miles..

J. Gassinan.......

Feb. 22, 1884. 40 miles...

W. C. Davies.....

Feb. 22, 1882. 50 miles.....

P. Golden..

Feb. 22, 1883. 60 miles.....

J. Saunders........

Feb. 22, 1882. 70 miles.

J. Saunders.....

Feb. 1882. 80 miles.

J. Saunders....


1882. 90 miles....

J. Saunders....

Feb. 22, 1882. 100 miles......


J. Saunders..... ....... Feb. 22. 1882.


Record Holder.

· Date. 70 yards.... 0:00:1244 F. J. Mott...

. April 18, 1898 220 yards.... 0:00:3635 Wm. Young.

Aug. 3, 1905 440 yards.....

H. L. Curtis........

Sept. 26, 1891 880 yards..... 0:03:02% F. F. Murray......

Oct 22 1883 1 mile............. 0:06:29% F. P. Murray..

Oct. 27, 1883 2 miles......

F. P. Murray..

May 30, 1884 3 miles. 0:21:0976 F. P, Murray.

Nov. 6, 1883 4 miles... 0:29:40% T H. Armstrong, jr....

(Nov. 6, 1877 5 miles......

W. H. Purdy...........

May 22, 1880 10 miles...... 1:17:40% E E. Merrill......

Oct, 1880 20 miles.......

J. B. Clark..

Dec. , 1879 25 miles......

B. Clark.,...

Dec 5, 1879 50 miles...... 9:20:22 G B. Gillia ................

May 11, 1878 100 miles.............


G, B. Gillie................... May 11, 1878 HURDLE RACING.

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Record Holder,

50 yards.
+0:00:07 M. 8. Catlin..

... Feb 20, 1904 60 yards...

*0:00:08 % JA. A. Jordan. ................ Oct. 9, 1887 80 yards.. +0:00:1144 A. A Jordan..

Oct, 9, 1887 100 yards.... *0:00:1312 H. L. Williams.....

Sept. 20, 1890 120 yards...

0:00:1546 (A. C. Kraenzlein 1 220 yards.... 0:00:2335 A. C. Kraénzlein...

May 28, 1898 300 yards...... 0:00:36%% H L Hillman, jr....

Nov. 10, 1906 440 yards..... 0:00:54345 JH L Hillman, ir

../Oct. 1, 1904
*Hurdles 34 feet high; others 24 feet.



Broad, Jun. 10 in.

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vard her two. The won by 12:11.

Record Holder,

Standing high...I 5 feet 514 inches,, R. C, Ewry.......

Sept. 7, 1901 Running high,... 6 feet 5% inches., M, F. Sweeney....

Sept. 21, 1890 Pole vault..... 12 feet 448 inches.. (Le Roy Samse....

June 2, 1906. Pole leap..... 27 feet 744 inches.. William Baird...

| Dec. 30, 1901 Standing broad.. 11 feet 4% inches.. R. C. Ewry .....

|Aug. 29, 1904 Running broad... 24 feet 744 inches.. (M. Prinstein....

(April 28, 1900 THROWING WEIGHTS. 16-1b, hammer,.. |172 feet 11

inches., J, Flanagar ....

July 31. 1904 12-1. hammer... 187 feet 9

inches.. T. L Shevlin...

May 31, 1902 12-1D. shot....... 55 feet 2 inches.. (G. R. Gray.....

June 11, 1892 16-10. shot....... | 49 feet 6 inches. W. W. Coe.. .

Aug. 5, 1905 24 lb, shot..... 38 feet 2% inches.. Ralph Rose.....

Dec. 30. 1904 Discus .......... 135 feet 5

inches.. M. J. Sheridan...

Sept. 22, 1906. 56-10. weight.... 38 feet 738 inches. . J. Flanagan ............ Sept. 10. 1904 International Championships for 1906. The intercollegiate regatta on the Hud

mi son River was held June 23, off Pough A strong team of representative Ameri-l son R.

keepsie. Cornell won can athletes took part in the Olympian

the 'varsity and Championship games held in

four-pared races, but lost the freshmen Athens,

race to Syracuse. The three races resultGreece, during the last week of April and

ed as follows: the first of May. The men were selected

'Varsity Eights-Won by Cornell; time, by a national committee from the best of

19:36%. University of Pennsylvania, secall the land, and carried everything before

ond: time. 19:43%. Syracuse, third: time, them in the Greek capital. The competi

19:45 45. tions in which they scored resulted as rol

Freshmen Eights-Won by Syracuse; lows: 100-Meter Swim-Won by O. M. Dan

time. 9:5136. Cornell, second; time, 9:55.

Wisconsin, third; time, 9:55 %. lels. Time, 1:13. Throwing the Discus-Won by M. J.

Four-pared Race-Won by Cornell: time,

10:34. Sheridan. Distance, 136 ft. 2 in.

Syracuse, second; time, 10:48%. Standing Broad Jump-Won by R

Columbia, third; time. 10:554 Ewry. Distance, 10 ft. 10 in

The annual Yale-Harvard races were Pole Vault--F. B. Glover was third

held at New London, Conn., June 28, Har-400---Meter Run-Won by P. H. Pilgrim,

vard winning the 'varsity race and losing r. Time, 0:53 %. 1,500-Meter Run-Won by J. D. Light

'Varsity Eights-Won by Harvard; time, body. Tyme, 4:12.

23:02. Yale, second; time, 23:11. 1,500--Meter Walk---Won by G. V. Bon

Freshmen Dights-Won by Yale; time, bag. Time, 7:03.

10:3995; Harvard, second; time, 10:41. 800-Meter Run-Won by P. H. Pilgrim,

Four-oared Race-Won by Yale; time, II., with J. D. Lightbody second, Time,

12:15. Harvard, second; time, 12:31. :014,

A Canadian crew entered for the Grand 110 Meter Hurdle - Won by R. G. Challenge Cup at Henley and a PhiladelLeavitt. Time, 0:16%.

phia oarsman entered for the Diamond

Sculls. The races were held on The famous Marathon race, about 26


Thames River at Henley, July 2 to miles, was won by G. Herring, of Toronto, in 2 hours 51 minutes. W. G. Frank, an

5. In the Diamond Sculls W. B. American, was third,

West. of Philadelphia, was beaten in his The American team won the interna

first heat by Roy Adams, of Australia, by tional championship. scoring more points

| 244 lengths. The Argonaut crew of Tothan any two of the other teams entered.

ronto, won its first heat for the Grand The results were: United States, 753

Challenge Cup July 2, beating the First points; Great Britain and Canada, 36;

Trinity crew, from Cambridge, by one Greece, 27 42; Sweden, 26; Hungary. 13;

length, in 7:20. The second heat was also Austria, 12; Germany, 7%; Finland, 6;

won from the Thames Rowing Club crew, France, 5%2; Italy, 3; Belgium, 1.

July 3, in 7:04. The following day the

Trinity Hall crew, from Cambridge, beat Intercollegiate Championships.

the Canadians by half a length in 7:09. In The Intercollegiate Championship games the final heat, July 5, a Belgian crew from were held by Harvard at Cambridge, the Sport Natique, a boat club there, won Mass., May 25 and 26. To the surprise of the Grand Challenge Cup from Trinity ail, first honors were won by Cornell, Hall. This was the first time this trophy whose athletes scored 38 points. Univer- had ever been won by a foreign crew. sity of Pennsylvania was second with 23 The annual regatta of the National As-points; Harvard third, with 21, and Yale sociation of Amateur Oarsmen was held fourth, with 19. Syracuse Ecored 11 August 10 and 11 on Lake Quinsigamond, points; Colgate, 8; Amherst, 7; Princeton, at Worcester, Mass. The principal races of B; Swarthmcre, 4; Dartmouth, 3: Lafay- the meeting resulted as follows: ette, 2; Stevens, 2.

Senior Four-oared Shells-Won by

Ravenswood B. C. of Long Island C ROWING.

Time, 8:36.

Intermediate Eight--oared Shells-Won Important Races of 1906.

by Argonaut R. C., of Toronto. Time, Cambridge beat Oxford in their annual

7:34. race on the Thames, near London, April 7, Association Single Sculls-Won by H. S. by 32 lengths. Time, 19:26.

Bennett, Springfield, Mass. Time, 10:10.

- two of the other teams entered; Challenge Cup July 2.

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