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ya . medicine, and all that is injurious is entirely excluded. It exerts a powerful and controlling influence over the human system, producing the specific effect of an anodyne with entire safety and perfect success : it also comes cheaper to the consumer, is more readily administered, and more certain in its operation, than Opium in substance; and its great superiority to Morphine, Laudanum, Paregoric, Black-drop, Denarcotized Opium, and other opiate preparations, will be immediately observed on a comparison of their effects. · Morphine, which is more generally used than any other preparation from the native drug, does not contain all its active principles, and therefore connot alone produce all the peculiar and characteristic effects of so triamphant a remedy.

Three of the useful and active principles in Opium are entirely excluded from Morphine, 'viz: Codeine, Narcein, and the native Meconic Acid; hence in many cases is observed its inefficacy to produce the desired effect; but all these being retained in a natural state of combination, with the Morphine in the Elixir of Opium, its superior effects on the system are immediately apparent.

Those who take Opium and its ordinary preparations, cannot be ignorant of the fact, that its distressing and pernicious effects result from the operation of its deleterious principles, and that the tremors, languor, and lassitude with which its devotees are afflicted, and for which they repeat the dose to relieve, are sensations of its own creation. But in consequence of the exclusion of those deleterious principles from the Elixir of Opium, it is not liable to derange the functions of the system, nor injure the constitution and general health. And to those persons who, from necessity or other causes, have been accustomed to the use of Opium, this preparation will afford a gratifying substitute : it operates effectually as an anodyne, relieving pain and spasmodic action, which is the grand desideratum in its use.

TESTIMONIALS. The particular attention of the reader is requested to the following testimonials from some of our most distinguished Physicians and Surgeons.

Having witnessed the effect of Dr. J. B. McMunn's Elixir of Opium, we are of opinion that it is a valuable preparation, and recommend it to the patronage of the profession.


Physician to the city and Marine Hospital.

Late Professor of Midwifery in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y.


Surgeon to the New York City Hospital.

Surgeon to the Marine Hospital, N. Y., and late Surgeon in the U. S. N.

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the Geneva Medical College, N. Y.
New-YORK, February 18, 1837.

Certificate from Dr. Hulse, who used the Elixir for Consumption. In the fall of 1834, I took the Influenza, which left me with Tubercular Phthisis, attended with cough and expectoration, that I have not been free from a single day up to this time. During two years I took Morphine, and occasionally of the other preparations of Opium, with some bene. fit, but as the disease gradually progressed, I became emaciated, and my digestive functions im; paired, and was evidently obliged to dispense with Opium in any form. Since which time,

until I began to take the “lixir of Opium,” which was in August last, I suffered much. I was so much annoyed by coughing at nights, that I was induced to get an ounce of this. I took 15 drops on go, ing to bed, I slept well all night, without coughing or even turning in bed. I have since increased the dose to two-thirds of a tea-spoonful, which I continue to take with the same good effects. I have gained in strength, have a good appetite, which had been bad for more than a year, and I am so much better in my general health, and my cough so much diminished, that I cannot but wish the peculiar properties

of this preparation were better known, both by the profession and the pub: lic at large. I never expect to get well, but the comfort I derive from this medicine is greater than the wealth of India could afford. By it my digestive function is good ; I eat well, drink well, and sleep well, and am able to take exercise, and cough, only to dislodge expectorant inatter, and have no pain. Middletown, N. Y., June 23tn, 1838.

I. F. HULSE, M.D. Wholesale Agents, A. B. & D. SANDS, No. 160 Fulton St., New-York.

Sold in Charleston, by HAVILAND, HARRAL & ALLEN, and by J. A. CLEVELAND.

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