Monthly Labor Review, Volume 68

Sampul Depan
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1949
Publishes in-depth articles on labor subjects, current labor statistics, information about current labor contracts, and book reviews.

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Halaman 296 - The management of the works and the direction of the working forces, including the right to hire, suspend or discharge for proper cause, or transfer, and the right to relieve employees from duty because of lack of work, or for other legitimate reasons...
Halaman 148 - ... no labor organization shall be certified as the representative of employees in a bargaining unit of guards if such organization admits to membership, or is affiliated directly or indirectly with an organization which admits to membership, employees other than guards.
Halaman 303 - During the period under consideration, changes in the number of hours worked per day and the number of days worked per week, and the introduction of portal-to-portal pay, were significant factors affecting miners
Halaman 541 - It would be extremely unwise to build a fence around the rights and responsibilities of management on the one hand and the unions on the other. The experience of many years shows that with the growth of mutual understanding the responsibilities of one of the parties today may well become the joint responsibility of both parties tomorrow.
Halaman 79 - New York, New York University, Institute of Labor Relations and Social Security, 1950.
Halaman 208 - ... any individual employed within the area of production (as defined by the Administrator), engaged in handling, packing, storing, ginning, compressing, pasteurizing, drying, preparing in their raw or natural state or canning of agricultural or horticultural commodities for market, or in making cheese or butter or other dairy products; or (11) any switchboard operator employed in a public telephone exchange which has less than five hundred stations.
Halaman 438 - ... (e) who is compensated for his services on a salary basis at not less than $30 per week (exclusive of board, lodging, or other facilities) , and "(f) whose hours of work of the same nature as that performed by nonexempt employees do not exceed 20 percent of the number of hours worked in the workweek by the nonexempt employees under his direction; provided that this subsection (f) shall not apply in the case of an employee who is in sole charge of an independent establishment or a physically separated...
Halaman 145 - For the purposes of this section, in determining whether any person is acting as an "agent" of another person so as to make such other person responsible for his acts, the question of whether the specific acts performed were actually authorized or subsequently ratified shall not be controlling.
Halaman 447 - Guaranteed Employment and Wage Plans. A Summary and Critique of the Latimer Report and Related Documents, William A. Berridge and Cedric Wolfe —1948 The Foreign Loan Policy of the United States, /. B.
Halaman 214 - Service is undoubtedly justified in drawing from its experience of the last year is that provision for an 80-day period of continued operations, under injunctive order of a court, tends to delay rather than facilitate settlement of a dispute. Parties unable to resolve the issues facing them before a deadline date, when subject to an injunction order, tend to lose a sense of urgency and to relax their efforts to reach a settlement.

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