Allotments and Small Holdings

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Sonnenschein, 1896 - 143 halaman

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Halaman 105 - Board an order putting in force as respects the land specified in the order the provisions of the Lands Clauses Acts with respect to the purchase and taking of land otherwise than by agreement.
Halaman 103 - The county authority shall, in making a provisional order for purchasing land, have regard to the extent of land held in the neighbourhood by any owner and to the convenience of other property belonging to the same owner, and shall so far as is practicable avoid taking an undue or inconvenient quantity of land from any one owner.
Halaman 129 - A reasoned account of the most advanced and most enlightened utilitarian doctrine in a clear and readable form.
Halaman 24 - working class " includes mechanics, artisans, labourers, and others working for wages ; hawkers, costermongers, persons not working for wages, but working at some trade or handicraft without employing others, except members of their own family, and persons other than domestic servants whose income in any case does not exceed an average of thirty shillings a week, and the families of any of such persons who may be residing with them.
Halaman 86 - ... a convenient stock of flax hemp wool thread iron and other necessary ware and stuff to set the poor on work: and also competent sums of money for and towards the necessary relief of the lame impotent old blind and such other among them being poor and not able to work...
Halaman 21 - The sum raised in any local financial year by a parish council for their expenses (other than expenses under the adoptive Acts) shall not exceed a sum equal to a rate of sixpence in the pound on the rateable value of the parish at the commencement of the year, and for the purpose of this enactment the expression " expenses " includes any annual charge, whether of principal or interest in respect of any loan.
Halaman 41 - Act by a council, the Lands Clauses Acts shall be incorporated with this Act, except the provisions of those Acts with respect to the purchase and taking of land otherwise than by agreement...
Halaman 47 - agriculture" includes horticulture, forestry, and the use of land for • any purpose of husbandry, inclusive of the keeping or breeding of live stock, poultry, or bees, and the growth of fruit and vegetables.
Halaman 111 - If on the decease of the owner while the holding is subject to the conditions imposed by this section, the holding would, by reason of any devise, bequest, intestacy, or otherwise, become subdivided, the council may require the holding to be sold within twelve months after such decease to some one person, and if default is made in so selling the holding, the council may cause the holding to be sold (I).
Halaman 17 - Board shall be conclusive evidence that the requirements of this Act have been complied with, and that the order has been duly made and is within the powers of this Act.

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