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From September 3, 1914 to September 3, 1917

By BARR FERREE A chronological survey of the bombardment of Reims from September 3, 191 to September 3, 1917, giving the details of the bombardment day by day for th entire period of the siege. This is the first book in any language dealing with th bombardment of Reims in its entirety, and presents a remarkable picture of dail life at Reims under the shells.

The book includes a general introduction on the bombardment, a sketch of the history of the cathedral, churches and other notable buildings, and a history of the destruction of the cathedral and other important structures in Reims.

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Is it to President Wilson implores us to out off the ten. that we must appeal? Is he taoles of the German ootopus the Ruler who, made supreme that was strangling us before in power by the great unselfish the war, but our rulers are nation behind him, oan diotate slow to take his advice. Gerthe terms of peace, and also man interests seem strangely diotato what treatment a orim- proteoted ; and those who, like VOL, CCIV.-NO. MCCXXXVIII.

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Of the suffering of the been constantly told that it mothers, who oan speak! was upon that Free Trade that

Of the millions of men who the German Empire became have died, many have been strong and powerful. young-80 very young-nine. Now we have & Committee teen, twenty, and twenty-one appointed to inquire into Trade years of age. Who oan measure After The War. This Com. the tireless patience and love, mittee is presided over by Lord the self-sacrifice, the devotion Balfour of Burleigh, and has of mothers to their young sons? apon its list many business Who can measure the anguish men. In the report which of those mothers at seeing them they have issued, we read the cut off before they come to following words :man's estate, to gratify the “We now proceed to discuss ambition of a homioidal maniao the polioy which should be such as the German Emperor adopted as regards the par has proved himself to be, hold. ticipation of aliens in oommering in one hand the mask of cial and industrial occupations Peace before his face, and in in this oountry. In our opinion the other, behind his back, his it would not be desirable that bag of poison-gas?

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sidered, then indeed the women If the Free Trade policy of this country will be betrayed. which was pursued by us We did not know before the with Germany before the war war the obaraoter of the Ger-namely, letting their mana. man people, but we know it factured goods come in free to now, and we cannot believe this country while they taxed that it will be safe to return to the things we sent to them- pre-war days, to trade with is continued, will they not them and to admit them to quiokly build up again their this country. They have been

i Chapter VI., Article 146.

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condemned out of the mouth which they have followed in of one of their own country- former years. mon-Dr Mueblon, & Director If the following cases are of Krupp's great armament considered to be printable, works, before whom their plans, what can thoso have been their polioy, and their lives whiob the Committee oon. were laid bare in all their sidered to be unprintable ? brutality

Ought not all the women of Unfortunately, millions of this country to have been our people have no time to made fully aware of what read the ovidence of the un- was done in Belgium? We speakable orimes committed by were told over and over again the Germans in the countries by Generals in authority that they have invaded. If people an invasion was quite possible are working ten hours a day and almost probable, and, inin & munition faotory, they deed, there can be no doubt cannot be expeoted to read up that the Germans counted on the newspapers and to pick being able to invade this out, from the mass of matter country as a certainty. Is it with which the newspapers are not well, therefore, that the filled, the few items which are women of this country should of real importance.

have been prepared for what How many people have read they might expeet from the the Report of the Committee hands of these people ? and appointed by the British Gov. knowing these things, will ernment to inquire into the they consent to allow these German outrages, principally people to swarm over to this in Belgium ? Probably very country when Peace is defew. And dreadful as these clared, because it may be to reports are, we are told that the advantage of the investmuoh was omitted because it mont of capital? was unprintable. Is it not well No evidenoo was taken that that women should know what the Commission did not conwas done by the Germans sider absolutely reliable. when they did get control of

“At Haicht several children had a civilian population, an in

been murdered. One, of two or three Belgium and Northern France ?

years old, was found nailed to the We must remember that the door of á farmhouse by its hands German army is a civilian and feet, a crime which seems alarmy. The whole manhood of most incredible, but the evidence for the country passes through the accept."

which the Committee felt bound to army, and romains in it for one, two, or three years, accord. In the following case the ing to circumstances. They witness stated that he went then return to ordinary life, to a farmhouse in Belgium: and come over to this country as waiters, hotel-keepers, com

“The Germans knocked at the

door of the kitchen, and the farmer, meroial travellers, olerks, and the two men, the girl, and myself, all the numberless occupations all rushed out of the kitchen into

another room and hid ourselves there “I saw the dead body of a child in the dark. The farmer's wife, who about two years of age. A German had a baby in her arms, which she lance, similar to those used by the was suckling, was not quick enough Uhlans and other German cavalry, to get away, and she had not escaped was in the child's body, and was with us. There was a small window, stuck into the ground through the which looked into the kitchen, from body. The wound was still bleeding. the room into which these people got. “A young child-a boy of about The witness continues : I looked into three or four years-lay partly in a the kitchen. I saw the Germans manger and partly over it, in a seize the baby out of the arms of stable. His two hands and feet the farmer's wife. There were three were cut off." German soldiers-one officer and two privates. The two privates held the Another witness stated : baby, and the officer took out his "On opening the back door of a sword and cut the baby's head off. farmhouse I saw four Germans The head fell on to the floor, and the climbing over a wall and trying to soldiers kicked the body of the child escape. Three got away, but the into a corner and kicked the head fourth I shot down. Lying on the after it. After the baby had been ground I found four children-three killed we saw the officer say some little girls and a boy. Each had thing to the farmer's wife, and we their hands cut off. They were saw her push him off. After five dying, but not quite dead, their or six minutes the two soldiers seized hands still hanging to their arms the woman and put her on the by the skin. There was blood all ground. She resisted them, and they round on the ground. There was then pulled all the clothes off her no one with the children, either in until she was quite naked. The the yard or in the house." officer then violated her, while one soldier held her by the shoulders and Still another witness stated : the other by the arms. After the

“The Germans were retiring and officer, each soldier in turn violated

we were pressing on them. We her, the other soldier and the officer

entered about midday. A young holding her down, After the woman

girl about seventeen came up to me had been violated by the three, the

crying in the village. She was officer cut off the woman's breasts. I then saw him take out his revolver

dressed only in a chemise. She

told me that seventeen girls, inand point it at the woman on the

cluding herself, had been dragged ground. The witness says that he knew nothing more, as they then ran

into a field, stripped quite naked,

and violated, and that twelve of into the field, and from there saw

them had been killed by being the farmhouse had been set on fire. The soldiers were cavalry, because

ripped up across the stomach with

a bayonet. In the same village, on they had spars on."

the same day, I saw a man in & Another witness stated :

barn dead. The corpse was burnt,

and his legs cut off. The village “We were passing the Flying people told us that his legs had been Ground outside Liége when I saw cut off, and that he had been thrown & woman, apparently of middle age alive into the fire." - perhaps twenty-eight to thirty years old - stark naked, tied to a In another locality a witness tree. At her feet were two little testified to a number of men children about three or four years being brought out of houses old. All three were dead. I believe the woman had one of her and shot. breasts cut off, but I cannot be sure “Altogether thirty-two were killed of this. Her whole bosom was cov. -all men. I counted the bodies ered with blood and black marks. afterwards. After the shooting, Both children had been killed by seven or eight were finished off with what appeared to be bayonet wounds. the bayonet. Immediately after the

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