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deck, not a glint of light seen by & passing ship, to showing anywhere.

which the Wolf looked, 48 When the Wolf considered she was intended to look, exherself in dangerous waters, aotly like an innocent tramp. and when laying mines, even when in action her bulwarks smoking was forbidden on dropped, giving free play to deok. All the cabins had a her guns and torpedoes. There device by which, directly the was telephone communication door was open, the light went between her bridge and every out, only to be relit when gun and every part of the the door closed. So it was ship; she carried a huge searchimpossible for anyone to light; her masts and funnel leave his oabin with the door were telescopio, and she could open and the light on. There rig an extra funnel. She car. Fas nothing to do in the ried large supplies of bombs, evenings after the last meal, hand - grenades, rifles, and which was over before eight small arms, had hospitals with o’olook. There was nowhere two dootors on board; among to sit, except on the dark her crew of more than three deok or in the dark cabins, hundred were representatives for it was so het that the cabin of every trade; she was thordoors had to be kept open; oughly well equipped in every and the evenings spent on way; the officers had the best the Wolf were certainly very and most powerful binoculars, dreary. Most of us felt wo and absolutely nothing seemed would rather be in jail on to have been forgotten. There shore, for then we should be were, it was said, only three in no risk of being killed at of the officers who were Imany moment by our own perial Navy men — the Compeople, our cells would have mander, the artillery officer, been larger than our cabins, and the lieutenant in charge and our food possibly not of the prisoners. All the much worse ; and our jail other officers and a great would at least have been many of the orew were from stationary and not rolling the German mercantile marine, about, though, it must be who had travelled with, mixed confessed, the Wolf was & with, and lived with Englishgood sea boat,

men in many parts of the She had been one of the world. To this fact we un. Hansa Line before the war, doubtedly owed the kindly was about 6000 tons, with a treatment we received on speed of about ten knots at board — treatment whioh was the outside. She had been infinitely better than we exthoroughly adapted for her peoted to receive. The mawork as a raider: had four jority of the officers and men torpedo - tubes and six guns were certainly kindly disposed (said to be 4:7), not to men- towards us. There is no doubt, tion machine and smaller however, the fear that we might guns, none of which could be be taken by a British cruiser

about, 97% and above been other ohnenere. Alcharge good read the it, modelling the one of them and the


outside adapted for four

prits certainl There

also had something to do with whenever the Wolf sighted or this treatment; for if we had captured a ship, and when gun been treated badly the Ger- and other drill was carried on), maas knew they would have and armed guards supplied cange to regret it. We were with hand - grenades sent forbidden to talk to the crew, among them. Their fate, if bat under cover of the dark the Wolf had gone into action, negs some, a great number of would have been too terrible to whom spoks English, were contemplate, and it is certain only too glad to speak to very few of them could have 03. We learned from them been saved. that the Wolf had been out a The Wolf, with a company year, that they were all very of over 700 on board, sailed u fed ap” with it, tired of the away on & south - westerly life, tired of the sea, tired of course for the next two days, the food, longing to get home, and the usual routine of the and longing for the war to ship went on, but no further end. They had, too, no doubts drills took place. Soon after as to how the war would end, daybreak on Nov. 10, & sailor and were certain that the Wolf locked us all in our cabins, would get back to Germany armed guards patrolled the whenever she wished to do so. deok, and a short time after

They were certain three an officer came to each cabin things would bring them vio- and informed us that there tory — their submarines, the was a steamer on the star. defection of Russia, who would board side which the Wolf insoon be made to conolude peace tended to capture. He told with Germany, and the fact us the Wolf would fire on that in their opinion America her to stop, and provided all had entered the war too late. of us with cotton wool to insert

The interests of the Wolf in our ears while the guns were were now to a certain ex. being fired! We waited for tont identical with our own the sound of the guns, but noththat wo should not meet an ing happened, and in about Allied cruiger. À notice was half an hour the same officer posted in some of our cabins came along and said to us, saying in that event the “Don't be fearful, the other women with their husbands, ship has stopped and there will and some other prisoners, be no firing I” Our cabin doors would be put into boats with were unlocked, the men on the 2 white flag, “if weather and upper deck were allowed out, other conditions permitted." the ladies were requested not The other prisone aver- to show themselves, and anviz., those under

and other officer ran along the deck on the 'tween

Jould saying, “We've catched her, have had no

bing we've oatched her—& neutral saved.

Save this time.” The “catched " beon.

der vessel had stopped and was hat.

Jone lying very near the Wolf. The name on the stern proclaimed Germans to save the Hitachi her to be the Igotz Mendi of and take her as a prize to GerBilbao, and she was flying many, as they had always dethe Spanish flag. In a short sired to do. The Igotz Mendi time & prize orew left the had left Lorenoo Marques on Wolf in her motor - launch, November 5, and was duo at and proceeded to the other ship. Colombo on the 22nd. After they had been aboard her Before 9 A.M. on the morning a few minutes, a message game of the capture both ships had back that the Spanish ship was turned about, the prize now from Delagoa Bay to Colombo, being in oommand of the Gerwith a cargo of 5800 tons of mans, and were going baok on coal for the British Admiralty the course the Wolf bad followed authorities in Ceylon. The since the destruction of the chagrin of the Germans may Hitachi. Discussion was rife be imagined when they realised among the prisoners as to wbat that they had captured this would be done with the new ship just too late to save the capture, and whether the ComHitachi. Here was a ship mander of the Wolf would rewith ample coal, which, had it doom his promise to transfer been oaptured a few days be the married couples to the fore, would have enabled the “next ship caught.”.



the Nazareta Pashed to the wolf onderlied couple light bagerie

The two ships steamed along once began, and a wireless in company for the next three installation was immediately days, usually stopping towards rigged up by the Germans on sunget for communioations and the Spanish ship. Coaling sending orders. At daybreak proceeded all that day, and the on the 13th both arrived at German officers and crews on the Nazareth Bank, and before both ships were very busy. 9 A.M. were lashed together. On the morning of the 14th On soch occasions the Wolf orders were given to the never dropped anchor, so that married couples on the Wolf she could be up and away to get their light baggage at the slightest warning; the ready for transference to the prize ship was always the one Spanish ship, as she and the to drop anchor. On the pre- Wolf might have to separate vious Tuesday the Wolf had at any moment. Our heavy been lashed alongside the Hit- baggage would be transferred achi; here, on this Tuesday, if time allowed. Evidently was the Wolf lashed alongside something was in the air, some another captured ship in the wireless message had been very same place! Again the picked up, as the seaplane was daring and coolness of our cap- being brought up from the tors amazed us. Coaling from 'tween decks and assembled in the Igotz Mendi to the Wolf at great haste on the well-deok.

being brought the seaplane

di to the ing from

sferred the Colonther mon cessation, when the Wolf passen

The Wulfchen went up aboat pioked up overy message with4.20 and returned about 5.30, in a large radius, but of course and in the interval our heavy never sent any, would have luggage had been brought up pioked up this message, and from the Wolf's hold ready to the Wolf would probably have be transhipped to the Igotz risen to the bait, with the Mendi. At dusk that evening result that she could have been the married people were trans- caught by an armed vessel ferred to the latter ship. The sent in searoh of her on that next morning we were still track. For it must have been alongside the Wolf, and re- known that a raidor was out mained there till the morning in those waters, as the disapof the 17th, our heavy baggage pearance of the Hitachi could being transhipped in the in- only have been due to the terval. There had also been presence of one. transferred the Colonel of the Coaling proceeded without A.A.M.C. and three other men cessation till the morning of in ill-health. The message the the 17th, when the Wolf moved seaplane brought back had off a short distance, Passenevidently been & reassuring gers on mail boats familiar one, and we heard & long with the process of coaling time afterwards that the Wolf ship at Port Said, Colombo, or had pioked up & wireless any other port, can imagine from a Japanese cruiser, pre- the condition of these ships sumably looking for the Hit- after three or four days' inachi, only thirty miles away. cessant coaling day and night. Hence the alarm! Unfortun- The appearance of the Igotz ately for us, if this report were Mendi was meanwhile undertrue, the cruiser did not turn going another change. When aside to look in the most ob- captured she was painted vious place where a ship like white, and had a buff funnel, the Wolf would hide; so once with her Company's distinmore the Wolf was safe. guishing mark. She was now

If only there had been a painted the Allied grey colour, couple of cruisers, carrying and when her sides and funnel & seaplane or two, in each had been transformed, the two ocean, the Wolf could have ships sailed away, and on the been seen, and her career evening of the 17th, after final brought to an end long be- orders and instructions had fore. The same end would been given, parted company. probably have been attained For some days after this painton this occasion, if a wireless ing was the order of the day message had been sent from on the Spanish ship, which Delagoa Bay to Colombo, say. was now grey on every part ing that the Igotz Mendi had visible. left the former port for the The oaptain of the Spanish latter, with 5800 tons of coal ship was relieved of his duties on board. The strong wireless and also of his oabin, which installation on the Wolf, which the German captain had annexed, leaving the owner rigged up were quite insuffithereof the chart - room to cient for the purpose. There sleep in. He was naturally were no cabins except those very chagrined at his ill-for- provided for the officers, tune, especially as he said who generously gave them he had been told by the up to the married couples on Consul at Lorenco Marques board, taking quarters much that the course between there more crowded and much less and Colombo was quite clear, desirable. The cabins were and had not oven been in- quite suitable for one occuformed of the disappearance of pant each, but very cramped the Hitachi, though she had for two, the one oocopied by been overdue at Delagoa Bay my wife and myself being only about a month. Consequently seven and a half feet square. he had been showing his navi. Each contained one bunk and gation lights at sea, and with one settee, the latter being a out them he would probably sleeping - place far from comnot have been seen, as it fortable, as it was only 51 feet was about 1 A.M. when the long by about 20 inches wide, Wolf picked him up. The re- and the floor space was very maining Spanish officers took Darrow and restricted. There their watoh on the bridge, al. were four cabins, two on each ways with a member of the side of a narrow alleyway prize orew in attendance; the about two feet wide, while one Spanish engineers remained in married couple occupied the charge of the engine - room, chief engineer's cabin further again with a German always aft, quite & roomy apartpresent, and the Spanish crew ment. The four men above remained on duty as before mentioned occupied a space There was a prize crew of nine under the poop; it could not Germans on board, the Cap- be dignified by the name of tain, Lieutenant Rose, who cabin. It was very small, only had also been in charge of the one occupant could dress at & Hitachi after her capture, and time, and immediately in front the First Officer, who had also of it was a reeking pig - sty filled that post on the Hitachi, with three full-sized occupants. being the only officers.

The passage to it from the The Igotz Mendi had been saloon on the upper deck was oompleted in 1916, and was a often a perilous one in rough ship admirably fitted for her weather and in the dark, purpose, which, however, was for there was never any light not that of carrying passengers. showing on board at night Her deoks were of iron, scorch- during the whole cruise. This, ingly hot in the tropics, and then, was to be our home for ioy cold in northern latitudeg. the next few months. We did There was no place sheltered not know for how long, but from the sun in which to sit we regarded the prospect with on deck, and the small awn. & certain amount of equanimings whiob were spasmodically ity, as the ship was unarmed,

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