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ohists disclosed their identity shaped sweep of land where with a burst of fire from their the bank was softest, and this automatio pistols. The Vam- had automatically resulted in pire was now almost opposite the formation of a kind of the stranded dug - out, and promontory, where the firmer about one hundred and fifty ground up-stream still stood yards away from it, the river fast. The Policeman's disrushing, rough, hissing, and criminating eye now rapidly foam-flecked, between them. took in the possibilities of this The anarohists' fire was concen- topographic situation, and trated on the launch's bridge, steering the Vampire into the and as the result of a lucky comparatively slack water beshot the serang at the wheel low this newly - formed and rolled quietly under his steer- natural breakwater, he cast ing apparatus. Unoontrolled, anchor there, and waited to the Vampire swung off her see how she took the strain. oourse at onoe, and again bade Thrice they were obliged to fair to become the toy of the pay out more cable, but at elements. The Subaltern, how- length the launch coased dragever, seized the abandoned ging down-stream, and oame to wheel and drove her bows into a fairly firm anchorage. “I'm the current anew. At this pushing off in the dingey," fresh strain upon them, her explained the Policeman hurindignant engines banged and riedly as he strapped his rerattled as though they were volver to his belt; “if we hug going to fall through her what's left of the bank we bottom.

ought to be able to drift “Wait till I get a chance of straight down on the top of a shot back at the swine !” those chaps. You might stop raged the Hun-Child, soarlet on board and look after things in the face between his fury while I'm away." and his unaccustomed labours. “Be d— d if I do!” ro“ Thank God, here's another plied his frankly insubordinate lasoar. . . . Here . . . take hold special constable, and a minute you ..." and handing over later both of them fell pell. the wheel to a native sailor, he mell among the serangs and ran to join the Assistant police sepoys in the rooking Superintendent, who was mus- rowboat below. tering his half-dozen constables Although the water under amidships.

the bank had been slack By this time—as a result of enough to admit of the steamthe Subaltern's saving of the launch anchoring there, it was situation — the steam - launch -as the Hun-Child remarked had orawled several hundred tersely—“no immoral joy-ride" yards above the stranded dug. in the open dingey. The moout, and here Fortune began ment they cast off from the to favour the representatives launch a hissing swirl carried of the Law. The flood had them over the top of the 8000ped out a great orescent, flooded bank, and bore them

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nearly a quarter of a mile struggle which took place by inland. Here, however, the moonlight in three or four feet ourrent beooming weaker and of mud and water between the more erratio, the serangs were late oooupants of two capable to row an indiroot oourse, sized boats is obviously no easy which took them appreciably task. Suffice to say that the nearer the anarobists, who still Subaltern more than once reallay below them down-stream. ised his ambition of a “heartThese latter could be seen to-heart talk” with his foes. making desperate efforts to Firearms - as such — played refloat the dug-out, but it ap- little part in the mêlée, because peared to be irrevocably fixed nearly all of them were jammed where it had first grounded with mud and thus rendered At intervals both sides sniped useless. The police, however, each other in the moonlight, were using the butt in such but with no effect that was bases as the collision had not apparent. Meanwhile the parted them from their cardingey was rowed back to a bines. Where they had lost strategio point from which it these weapons they drew their seemed probable - after ob- bayonets from their belts and serving the course of minor stabbed; the anarohists struck flotsam as it passed—that the back with pistol - butt, carcurrent would eventually carry blade, and in two cases with them straight down upon their Russian sword walking-stioks. prey. Bidding the serangs The Hun - Child was being ship their oars and draw their rather badly punished by two knives, the Policeman steered heavily - built men, who had the little boat into the very collared him low and dragged heart of the next eddy, simul- him down. With great promptaneously announcing his in- titudo he had kioked the first tention of “letting her rip.” in the stomach when attasked,

Ho let her rip, with the most and blaoked the second's eye; astonishing results for all oon- but having lost his rifle he cerned. The dingey slipping was unable to inflict mortal into the oddy sprung round injury apon his assailants. twice like a teetotum, and then They for their part were atin a flash before either friend tempting to use their superior foe know exaotly what had ority in weight and numbers happened, she had charged the to thrust his head under the dag-out broadside on, with all mud with the objeot of smoththe acouraoy and velocity of & ering him. At one time it well - direoted torpedo. After looked as though their efforts that, as the Hun - Child said might be crowned with success, -borrowing metaphor from for the Subaltern was built on · Alice in Wonderland '-"most the lines of a light-weight things twinklod.”

'ohase rider rather than & To desoribe with any degree wrestler, whereas both the of lucidity the varying for- Bengalis turned the goale at tunes of a life - and - death twelve or thirteen stone. For. Subana towards bild'his no wash when

tunately, however, at this the affray had taken place oritioal moment the Policeman had not handioapped the managed to struggle to his men armed with carbines or assistance. Vaguely-as one bayonets half so much as the sees things in a dream-the anarchists; for, as a class, the Subaltern 88w his resouer latter always relied on & stumble towards him ; but he stream of bullets from their soaroely recognised his no automatios to settle the police's longer blasé friend in this agile hash when they came into shadow that leaped suddenly collision with them, and pisupon his assailants' baoks, and tols are singularly ineffectual stabbed both scientifically in weapons when used for anyswift succession with a vene- thing except their natural mous-looking serang's knife. purpose. “Thanks, old ohap, coughed The Hun-Child was the first the Subaltern, half stifled by to recover his breath during slime, but still remembering this temporary pause in the prothe philosophy of his Surtees : ceedings. “This," he gasped, “Luvely weather for bees- peering through & reeking ain't it?"

mask of mud and weed like How long the fracas lasted some diminutive Father it would be rash to hazard Thames, “is no sort of a any opinion. Three anarobists job for cavalry; but hang managed to flounder away that! Come on, you chaps. from the mud-flat and appar. 'Ware corpses! Worry! worry! ently reached the flooded Tear 'um an' eat 'um !” He mainland; but it is more made smothered hunting noises, than probable that they were and, straddling frog - like drowned there later, because through the squelobing ooze, they were never heard of Aung himself upon the last of again, and the flood rose the enemy. The next thing much higher before the night he realised was & shattering was over. Of the rest, five of blow across the side of his the gang were unquestionably head, delivered unexpeetedly dead, and three still remained. by a hitherto ooncealed lifeThe latter stood sullenly at preserver, and this was fol. bay, their backs against the lowed by a complete inwreckage of the boats; but difference to his immediate at this junoture both sides surroundings. were 80 exhausted by their “tangle-foot” exertions in the Maria had watched the deglutinous bog, that a brief parture of the Vampire with armistice ensued automatic- feelings of unmitigated relief. ally. The Police had their At the best of times she casualties, too, but they were disliked all forms of work not 80 heavy as the enemy's. intensely; but that she should The faot that firearms had now be expected to spend her been rendered valueless by usual week-end holiday out the oonditions under whioh shikaring with hosts who pos.

mashed past Maria then turning dite Anyway," moonchor chains

sessed no wine -oellar worth olass virtues which obtain in mentioning, seemed to her a this country are drawn from positive outrage. When, there- a luoky-bag on the principle of fore, & few days later, she a lottery, I don't suppose it'll peroeived a small curl of make much difference whether smoke upon the horizon, she my name's sent in or not." watched it with grave mis- “Rot!”replied the Subaltern. trust; and when it proved to “Simla's not so bad as you be the Vampire returning on make out; besides which the the current with the speed of Police medal isn't an obsoure & destroyer, she raised her thingummybob for middle-olass trunk to heaven and used whatsitenames.” an expression of which any The Vampirethumped heavily lady elephant - she was & against the bank and hooted lady-should have been thor- her syren to express her satisoughly ashamed. The launch faction at her safe return, and flashed past Maria's standings Maria hooted back at her-for on the bank, and then turning different reasons. paddled its laborious way back “Anyway,” continued the to its old moorings again. The Subaltern as the anchor chains Hun - Child was reolining on dribbled out in a rumbling deck, his head swathed in stream of noise, “I've had a run bloody bandages. What his for my money this whack of medioal adviser in Mesopo- leave. Messpot'll be tame after tamia—who had originally in this blasted province of yours. valided him for shell-shook- On my way here the train was would have thought of his tipped off the line by a landpatient's present idea of a rest. slip, and nobody seemed in the oure is only open to conjecture. least surprised; then we nearly However, notwithstanding his ran over that tigress in old broken head, the Subaltern ap- Morrison's car; after that, I peared in the best of spirits, as, got slang over five acres of real for the twentieth time that estate by that d-d elephant; morning, he helped his friend and finally, I've ended up by re-read & demi - official and being sandbagged, mudlarkin' guarded communication from about on an oyster-bed, with a his immediate superiors. lot of lousy black Fonians.”

“ They're obviously fright- His host laughed apologetifully buoked with you,” he was cally. “Yes," he admitted, saying. “If you hadn't snaffled “I'm afraid we are a bit jungli them, it looks as if there'd have in this part of the world. You been some dirty work with the never know what's going to Gɔvernor's special train next happen next. We've a local week. I bet they reoommend proverb-'one d-d thing after you for the Police medal.” another'—from an earthquake

“As I'm given to under- to a hurricane. To be quite stand," said the Policeman candid, I'm getting a bit fed oynically, “that all the many up with it myself. Still,” he obsoure rewards for middle- added more cheerfully, “I don't

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expect to stiok here for ever. an awful slaoker messing about As you know, I've applied here doing nothing in partio. twice for the I.A.R.O., but ular in war time." 80 far they've told me that I The Hun-Child giggled. “If couldn't be spared for the this sort of game is your idea army. However, I'm having of slackin' about and doin' another shot onoe the rains are nothin',” he said, rubbing his over, and I may have better bandagod forehead, "God forluok next time.

bid that I should over meet “I should have thought," you when you're feelin' ener. replied the Cavalryman rather getio! And now," he concluded dryly, “that you were already indefatigably, "let's push off earnin' your oats pretty use- on shore and give Maria some fully in your present stable.” more exercise. She's lookin'

Oh, we Policemen have our as gross as a travellin' M.P. I uses, I suppose. Who was it know what she wants before I called us the soldier's little go back to Caloutta, and that's brother? All the game, I feel a real good wheelin' into line!”

Indian Army Reserve of Officers.

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