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would be grieving over our steamers and seven sailingdisappearance, and, we feared, ships, and olaimed many more must have given us up for ships sunk as a result of her lost. The same afternoon we mine-laying. walked baok to the beach to Never was there & more see if we could go aboard the dramatio turning of the tables : stranded ship to retrieve our the Germans were now inluggage, but the sea was far terned and we were free. The too rough to allow of this, and German officers were sent off the German and Spanish orew under guard to an inland town, had not been taken off. While and the sailors sent to a oamp on the beach we saw two float- in another part of Denmark. ing mines exploded by a Danish The sailors did not attempt to gunboat. We had not only disguise their joy at the turn had a narrow escape from the events had taken. On their Germans, but also from the return to Germany they would dangers of a mine-field. The have had a few weeks' leave, next day was again too rough and then done duty in a subfor us to go aboard-in faot it marine or at the front. Now, was so rough that the lifeboat they were interned in a land went out and took everybody where there was at least muoh off the ship, both Spanish and more to eat than they could German. The Spanish first have hoped for in Germany, mate was thus saved, and after and their dangers were at an all did not serve his sentence end till the war was over. in Germany. It was reported They were marched under an that a German submarine ap- armed guard of Danes up and peared to take off the German down the village street several officers, but it was too rough times on one of these days; to lower the boats, so this could they were all smiles, singing as not be contrived.

they marched along. The Igotz Mendi was now The next day a hurricane deserted, but she had reverted was still blowing, and going to her original owners and was aboard was still out of the no longer a German prize. She question. The ship was blown would have been the only prize farther inshore, and it began the Wolf had secured to take to look as if she would break home--a neutral ship with only up and we should see nothing a few tons of coal on board, of our personal belongings. and a few married couples and The day after, however, was siok and elderly men as pris- beautifully fine, and we left oners. Not much to show for Skagen harbour in two motor & fifteen months' oruise, and barges and boarded the ship, even that was denied the Ger- which was in charge of the mans; though the Wolf had Danish authorities. After oertainly oarried home a valu. some diffioulty, for the ship able cargo and some hundreds was in a state of great chaos, of prisoners, had sunk geven we secured all our baggage,

authoriharge of them

some han pala somnish

which was landed that night warm - hearted hosts. From at Skagen much to our relief, Skagen our passage was aras it was badly wanted. We ranged by the British Conhad set foot on the Igotz Mendi sular authorities. We stayed for the last time.

& few days in Copenhagen, The position of the ship was and then travelled through & anique one. She was & Sweden and Norway, leaving neatral ship, a German prize, & port somewhere in that stranded in neutral waters country for another somewith a crow oomposed of Ger where in this, and 80 to mans and neutral prisoners, London, where we arrived in and carrying passenger prison- & oharacteristio pea-soup fog ers of many enemy nationalities .on the morning of March 10, -English, Australian, Ameri- after incessant travelling by oan, Japanese, Chinese, and train and 898 for a week. Indian. The Danish authori. We feared that as we had ties adjudged her, on the day escaped the Germans once, after her stranding, to be a they might make a special Spanish ship; and before leav- effort to sink us orossing the ing her the Spanish flag North Sea; but fortunately was hoisted at her stern, the the U-boats left us alone, first time that or any other though fow, if any of us, flag had appeared there since turned in during those last that November morning when two nights. the Germans bad captured No comment need be made her far away in the Indian on the German procedure of Ocean.

dragging their prisoners, Daring the week we had to month after month, over the give evidence to the Danish 060ans. Such a thing had authorities oonoorning our map- never been done before. Some ture and treatment on board. men had been kept prisoners We were overwhelmed with on the Wolf for nearly a year. kindness by the Danes, who It was hard enough on the mado no secret of their sym- men, but infinitely worse for pathies with the Allies; invi- the women. Ono had been tations to dinners and parties eight months, one seven, and flowed in, and we could not others five months in caphave accepted them all if we tivity, often under the worst had stayed as many weeks as possible conditions. But they we had days. On Friday, all kept cheerful throughout, Maroh 1, most of us left even when it appeared we were Skagen. The whole village certain to be taken into Gerturned out to give us a good many. sond - off. The ladies among Every man is liable to think as were presented with flowers under suoh oonditions that he and ohooolates, the men with is in a worse oase than his smokos, and we left with the fellow-captives. There were heartiest good wishes of our certainly examples of very hard luck amongst us. The retired, after spending twenty American captain had aban. years in Government service in doned his sea oalling for six Siam, and we had decided to years, and decided to make spend some months at least, one more trip and take his possibly “the duration," in wife to see her relatives South Afrioa before proceeding in Nowoastle, N.8.W. They home. Our plans went hopenever got there, but had eight lessly astray, our health has months' captivity and were not improved by the treatlanded in Denmark instead. ment; but although we took Many sailors captured in the six months to get from Siam Pacifio had left the Atlantio to London, the Germans have trade after encounters with the succeeded in getting us home U-boats in that ocean. One of muoh earlier than we, or they, the members of the Spanish antioipated orow had been a toreador, but Fortunately one usually forhis mother considered that gets the miseries of sea travel oalling too dangerous, and soon after one gets ashore. recommended the sea as safer. But never, I think, will one of Her son now thinks otherwise; as ever forget our long capperhaps she does, too! I tivity at sea with our enemies, thought, until our timely or the canned crab, the bully resoue eame, that our own oase beef, the beans, and the roll of was a fairly hard one. I had the Igotz Mendi.



“Keep the paddles swiftly going ;
Rough and fierce the river's flowing,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol dee.
See ! the sun is fast declining,
To the moon his charge resigning,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Aee.
Pull away, boys, nothing fearing,
Though the rapids we are nearing,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Xee.
In the well-plied oar confiding,
Safely o'er them we are gliding,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Aee.
Keep her clear that granite block there,
See, she nears the sunken rock there,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Aee.
Now the threatened danger's over,
Nothing from her course shall move her,

Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Šee.
Soon we'll make the ghat, my hearties !
Spend the night in jovial parties,
Ram bol, Hurry bol, Hurry bol Aee.
(ad infinitum.)

-Assamese Boat Song.

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THE Conventional India of phant possessed a name too: the piotare - books—of 'Little she was called Maria. Henry and his Bearer'-layM aria possessed no howdah, sleepily around them. That is and the two young sportsmen to say: tall, tawny tiger-grass who rode her olung desperately that brushed their elephant's to the primitive “pad” of their forehead; green and feathery lurohing steed, and still more toddy - palms deep dipped in desperately to their doublegolden sunshine ; and, in the barrelled -450g. Readers who distance, & vivid streak of orado may have studied photographs turquoise, which betrayed the of elephant processions in course of a mighty, orooodile- Princely Indian Durbars need haunted river. The noonday retain no illusions about Maria. sun beat impartially upon the She was neither ornamental, jungle, the elephant, and the docile, nor sagacious. On the preposterously blue Brahma- contrary, this old red-eyed slut patra-for that was the river's of a timber-hauler from a teaname. Incidentally, the ele- chest factory near by bore

about as muoh resemblanoe to both voices died away again the tusk-gilded aristoorats of into ominous silence. The Delhi as a charwoman bears to Assistant Superintendent of a duchess.

Police was, at more normal Her temper was uncertain, moments, & pleasant-featured, her gait was like an earth. tired-looking youth. His weary quake, and her belly and legs smile and oternal assumption were shamelessly oaked with of excessive boredom not infreoraoked mud; caught in the quently proved the undoing of keddah 1 at an advanoed age, those unwary Orientals who she was only half broken; and failed to penetrate beneath bis finally, it must be alleged fatigued exterior, He formed against her charaoter that rather & complete contrast to her favourite beverage was the soldier who now shared planters’ gin.

the elephant with him. The She had been handed over latter was a restless enthusiast to the two Shikaris—a young and an inoorrigible optimist of police officer and his friend, a the genus irrepressible among oavalry subaltern-free gratis subalterns: a species off whose and for nothing for a few days' backs work or worry, suooe88 shooting, and already her tem- or failure, roll as easily as porary owners were beginning water off a duck's. This parto realise the truth of the ticular specimen of a wholly adage which points out that it satisfactory type of modern is often far better to give than British youth had but recently to receive. They had been left Rugby in order to join the perambulating the jungle since Indian Army, where, in his own dawn that morning, and the regiment-Hastings' Horsecombination of the sun on their he was popularly known as spines and Maria's sea-sick the Hun - Child. This on heaving shuffle was beginning socount of a certain cultivated to tell most unpleasantly upon martial ferocity of parade both of them.

manner, which was, however, “I say," at length exclaimed much to his own annoyance, the Subaltern, with that dread- very heavily discounted by his ful oandoar which characterises preposterously juvenile appearYoung Humanity in moments ance. He was at present on of aoute distress, “if this siok leave from Mesopotamia, switohback business goes on and had just arrived from Calmuch longer, I shall oat my outta in order to spend & soul out.”

generous week-end with his “I have," came a resigned friend. reply from the other side of Suddenly the elephant the moving mountain. Here stopped dead, and cooked her Maria surpassing herself with by no means coquettish ears. a figure of eight stern waggle "What's up now ?" inquired -as she slid into a nullahthe Sabaltern, raising his head;

1 Keddah. A round-up of wild elephants by domesticated ones.

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