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in the Atlantio again. When should be ashore. We were we arrive in Norwegian waters then about 30° N., and we the German prize crew will be parted from the Wolf the taken off this ship after the same afternoon. It was al. Wolf has got home, the ship ways a great relief to us all will be handed over to the when we parted from her Spaniards, and you will all keeping our ship's company be landed in Norway, from of prisoners intact. For the where you can easily make men amongst us feared we your way to England.” Here might all be put upon the was quite a new plan - how Wolf to be taken to Germany, much truth there was in this leaving our wives on the Igotz declaration will be seen here. Mendi. This, so we had been after. From now onwards told, had been the intention definite promises began to be of the Wolf's commander when made to us concerning the the prisoners were first put on end of our captivity_"in & the Spanish boat. He had month you'll be free"; "the ordered that only women and next full moon will be the prisoners above sixty and under last you will see at sea," &o. sixteen should be put on the

We were, of course, pro- Igotz Mendi; but the German ceeding north every day, keep- dootor, a humane and kindly ing in mid-Atlantio, always man, would have nothing to well off the trade-routes, though do with this plan, and deof course we crossed some on clared he would not be reour way north. We did not sponsible for the health of meet the Wolf on the 22nd, the women if this were done. as our Captain evidently ex. So we owe it to him that peoted to do, and we waited wives were not separated about for her several hours. from their husbands durBut next day we did meet ing this anxious time, as the her, and we were then told Commander of the Wolf had that in eighteen days we inhumanly suggested.

A last effort was made to sure that the Spanish captain persuade the captain to ask the would not go back to Cape Wolf's commander to release Town even if he promised to the Spanish ship here, take all do so. the prize crew off, and send us On the next day, January 24, back to Cape Town, for a sug. relief seemed nearer than it had picion began to grow in our done since our ospture, four minds that Germany and no- months before. I was sitting where else was the destina- on the starboard deck, when tion intended for us. But our suddenly I saw ooming up out captain would not listen to this of the mist, olose to our star. suggestion, and said he was board bow, what looked like a

Spaniapparently not had the heat rushed me to room, and

bers appare indeed he intele the wireleser ni atten

oruiser with four funnels. The ports and that each mounted Spanish officer on the bridge a gun.

In the middle of the exciteneither apparently had the ment the Spanish chief mate German sailor, if indeed he was had rushed on to the bridge even on the bridge at that into the wireless room, and moment. I rushed to inform while the wireless operator was the Amerioan sailing-ship cap- out of the room or his attention tain of my discovery, and he had been diverted, he took from confirmed my opinion that it their place all the six or eight was a four-funnellod warship. bombs on board and threw The Germans were by this time them overboard. It was a fully alarmed, and slowed down plucky aot, for had he been disa little; the captain, evidently covered by the armed sentry also thinking that the vessel while doing it, he would un. was a cruiser, went to his cabin doubtedly have been shot on to dispose of the ship's papers, the spot. On the next day an the crew got into their best inquiry was held as to the disuniform to surrender, and it appearance of the bombs, which looked as if help were at hand at would of course have been used last. We were all out on deck, to sink the ship, and the chief delighted beyond words, and mate owned up. He said that saw the ship-it must be re- he did it for the sake of the membered that it was a very women and children on board ; misty day-resolve itself into as the sea was rough their lives two two-funnelled ships, ap- would have been in danger parently transports, one seem- if they had been put in the ingly in distress and the other lifeboats when the ship was standing by. Soon, however, bombed. He was confined to they proceeded on their course his cabin for the rest of the and orossed our bows fairly voyage, and later sentenood by close. We were then all the Commander of the Wolf to ordered to our cabins, and three years' imprisonment in we saw the two ships steam Germany and a fine of 2000 off to the westward without marks. From this time all the having spoken us or given Spanish officers were relieved of any evidence of having soon their duties. Q8 at all.

The Germans had told us It was a most bitter disap- that, in the case of the prize pointment, comparable to that being captured while the of shipwrecked sailors on a weather was rough, the ship desert island watching a ship would not be bombed or sunk, expeoted to deliver them pass as they had no desire to en. out of sight. But it was a danger the lives of the women great relief to the Germans. and children amongst us. In We never discovered what faot, so they said, the ship ships they were, but the would not be bombed under American said he believed any conditions when once the them to be Amerioan trang. Wolf had got all the coal she


wanted. Nevertheless, the next communicate. With the Wolf's time we met the Wolf a new usual luck the weather modersupply of bombs was put on ated next day, and the ships board our ship. At the same stopped. Just as the Germans time, an extra lieutenant came on land always seemed to get aboard, additional neutrals the weather they wanted, 80 were sent over to help work they were equally favoured at the ship, and the prize crew sea. This was noticed over was inoreased from nine to and over again. nineteen.

Those who had written let. The Kaiser's birthday, which ters to be sent on the Wolf fell on a Sunday, was marked sent them over on this day, by a most terrifio storm. The and the Spanish chief mate 8028 were between 30 and 40 expeoted to be sent on the feet high, and it seemed im- Wolf, as we might not meet possible that the ship could her again. Luckily for him, live. However, notwithstand- however, he was not tranging terrible rolling, she shipped ferred, and neither he nor we very little water, though all over saw the Wolf again after of the prisoners were alarmed the morning of February 6. at the rough weather and we heard from the Wolf the rolling of the ship. From that she was getting very this day onwards we lived short of food, and that there in a condition of great misery, was much sickness, inolud. and death stared us in the ing many cases of sourvy, on face many times. It got board. colder and colder every day for The next day we entered the a considerable time; the food Arotic oirole. The cold was got worse and worse and we intense, the temperature fall. were on short rations, the ship ing as low as 14° F. in some of beoame more and more dirty, our cabins. There was no smokes ran short-only some heating apparatus on the ship, ancient dusty shag brought with the exception of a couple from Germany by the Wolf of small heating pipes in the and some virulent native saloon. The cabins were ioy tobacco from New Guinea re- cold. The ourtains froze to mained and conditions gener. the ports, all the cabin roofs ally became almost beyond en- leaked, it was impossible to durance. Darkness fell very keep the floors and bedding early in these far northern dry, and in our cabin, in addi. latitudes, and the long nights tion, we had water constantly were very dreary and miser- flowing and swishing backable. From this time onwards wards and forwards between we had very dirty weather, and the iron deck of the ship the worst storms seemingly on and the wooden floor of the Sundays. On February 5 we cabin. On many nights we again met the Wolf-we had emptied five or six buckets sighted her on the evening of the fall of ioy water from where 4th, but it was too rough then to it accumulated under the

ong as low as temperature was Groohale trom ofte blowing online

settee which had to be used as tempting the Northern passage a bed. At last I persuaded between Greenland and Icethe captain to allow one of the land. About 11 A.M. we sailors to drill & hole in the stopped and hooted for the side of the cabin, so that the Wolf, as a fog had oome on. water could have an outlet on We waited for some hours in to the deak. The ports of the the ice, but no answering cabins had all long ago been signal came; so the captain painted black, in order that no decided to turn baok, as he light might show through at thought it impossible to force night. We had to sit in these & way through the ice. Wo cold and dark cabins during the therefore went back again day, and often there was no- on our course, the captain where else to sit, as the weather hoping that the wind would prevented us from being on dook, change and cease blowing the which was frequently covered ice-floes from off the shores of with frost and snow. The Greenland. After a day or eleotrio light was on for only two on this course we rea limited time each day, so, as sumed our attempt to go to the ports could not be opened, the north of Iceland, evidently it being far too cold, we asked to escape the attention of the and obtained permission to British ships which the Gerscratch a little of the paint off mans expected to encounter the ports in our cabin. This between the south of Iceland made things a trifle more bear and the Faroes. But before able, but it can easily be imag- long it became evident that ined how people who had been ice was still about, and in living in tropical olimates for the darkness of the early many years fared under such morning of February 11 we conditions. It was nothing bumped heavily against ioe short of oruel to expose women several times. This time the and children to this after they attempt to go through the had been dragged in captivity Northern passage was abanover the seas for many months. doned, and the ship turned The captain had ordered a round to try her luck in the part of the bunkers to be passage whioh was not expeoted cleared, so that the prisoners to be so free from British might sit there in the cold attentions. weather. But the place was To add to our miseries, the 80 dirty and uncomfortable, oaptain told us on February and difficult of 200088, in ad- 11, for the first time, that it dition to being in darkness was, and always had been, and quite unprovided with the intention to take us on Beats, that most of the pris- the Igotz Mendi to Germany, oners preferred the crowded there to be interned in civilian little saloon.

prisoners' camps. He told us, On the morning of February too, that the women and those 7 we for the first time ens of the men over military age countered ice - floes, when at would be released at once ; but we all declined to believe certain extent alarming, beanything else our captors told came more marked, and the us, as they had deliberately thud with which the ship met and repeatedly deceived us by the seas more and more loud assuring us at various times -80 loud, indeod, that on one they were going to land us occasion the captain thought in Spain or Norway, or some we had struok & mine, and other neutral country. At rushed from the saloon to the daylight on the 11th we bridge to ascertain what were still among ioe - floes, damage had been done. The but going away from instead oaptain and orew had by this of meeting them; and on that time become very anxious as morning we saw in the dis- to the fate of the Wolf, as tance the coast of Iceland, no news had been received the first land that we had concerning her. Day after day seen since the Maldive on which the captain told us Islands & week after our he expooted news went by oapture-i.e., more than four without any being received. months before.

But on the evening of the We now shaped a course 19th the captain informed us for the coast of Norway, keep. that he had picked up a wireing to the north of the Faroes, less message announcing the and on Sunday the 17th we safe arrival of the Wolf at a again ran into a very heavy German port. The Germans storm. Ever since the storm seemed singularly little elated on the 27th of the month at the news, and hardly ever before, the propeller had been mentioned the subjeot again oonstantly racing and sending after that evening. This was shudders through the ship so different to what we had from stem to stern. On this expected, that most of the day this feature, which was prisoners did not believe the always disconcerting and to a Wolf had got home.

The Germans were now get- possible from any place in ting very anxious as they which British ships might approached the blookade zone. appear. But unfortunately They affeoted, however, to not one did appear, here or believe that there was no anywhere else, to rescue us, blookade, and that there was although we felt certain in no need of one now that our own minds that some of Amerioa was in the war. our ships would be present “No one will trade with us," and gave us in these parts of they said ; “socordingly there the seas, which we believed is no need for a blookade." were regularly patrolled. It Nevertheless they were at was & bitter disappointment great pains to keep as far as to us that we saw none. But

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