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doorway, which had gone all to reassure her, saying he was orooked. There was also a big quite close, but soon made out split in the wall, which was that she wanted to tell us considerably wider by the time that he had saved her. He we had finished, but it did very had gone to the top of the well, and we soon got through house when the first shell our work for the morning. arrived and oarried her down

The cellar full of wounded in his arms four flights of was very impressive. The dark. stairs, and returned to fotoh ness was only lit by a little another woman who was also streak of light through a crack a peasant, having been wounded in the wall, and one could just in the streets. The old woman see the wounded wrapped in kept saying, “But I am so old, sheets or blankets lying in rows and yet he risked his life for along the walls. When Mrs me!" The first shell had taken Hollings and I appeared at the most of the roof off the house, door we heard ourselves being so he had indeed done a brave hailed by a higb-pitched feeble thing in going up to the very voice, and on going to see who top to fetch her. The next was calling we found a poor old shell that hit the house entirely peasant woman sitting up on wrecked the room where she à sofa; she had her head ban- had been, and the whole of the daged, and with her wrinkled staircase. The name of that face and bare skinny throat Captain was Captain Fadda and outstretched arms, with the . (a Sardinian), and tbe old thin streak of light on her, woman was an Austrian peasshe looked like a Rembrandt ant. It is only an example of pioture. The heavy darkness how the Italians treat the and the hardly-seen figures of Austrians, whether they are the other wounded lying all their prisoners or only the round her added to the piotur- peasant people in the conquered esqueness of the scene. She territories. We saw unfailing was terribly afraid that we kindness to them wherever we should go away without her went. We had many Austrian having been able to say what prisoners to radiograph, and the she wanted, and was so agi. surgeons and orderlies treated tated lest we should not under them with exaotly the same stand; she kept on repeating, consideration that they gave “the signor Capitano." I tried to their own men.


Once we had been into We establisbed an orderly in Gorizia our work in that town the house, and used to sleep booame continual, so the Gen- there often when our work kept eral gave us a house there in us very late or when & big September 1916, which we kept attack was expected, so as to until we left in Ootober 1917. be on the spot for bad cases.


were there came juge

heromone, the floor lenda como uno

had hopeflier Skily

We often had to use our X-Rays the staircase. They always for the unfortunate inhabit. used to invite us to go up to ants of the town, ohildren who the roof of that hospital when would play in the streets, and our work was done, as it women who had been caught afforded the best view in Gorwhen returning from the Muni- izia of the enemy's trenches; cipio, where coal and food was but to me it was a doubtful served out to them. One poor pleasure, as, being very high woman for whom we were up, I always felt what & called in had eloven wounds in horrible long way it would her back. She had been asleep be to fall if a shell oame just in bed and a shell had pitohed when we were there. . into the basement of her house, The Austrian shooting was and the pieces had come up very good. I remember one through the floor and through house, the house of a General her bed. Women were very that they meant to get, and hard to radiograph. It was there they had put one shell something in the consistency into the dining-room, where it of their flesh. We found the went to ground behind a oase same difficulty with some men of empty syphons and did not who had very fine skin, and explode; another fell in the nearly always had to give ten General's bedroom, which he or fifteen seoonds longer pose had happened to leave half an for their radiographs.

hour earlier than usual that Some of the hospitals were morning (luokily for him, or hit pretty nearly every day, he would have been caught, and we often wondered how as this one blew the side of the surgeons were able to do the house out), and a third their work, as they could never exploded in the garden in know when a shell would front of the room where ho choose to come into their oper- worked. No one was even ating-room. I have been one wounded, but it was not the or two of them just mad with fault of the shooting! nerves and rage, asking how Our journeys in and out of any one oould expeot them to do Gorizia were anoeasingly full good work under the circum- of interest, and we hardly went stanoes; but as a rule they in or out during those first took it very calmly and months without something shrugged their shoulders say. happening. ing it was “Destino.” One There was one day that hospital in partioular was stands out in the memory of always oatohing it, and we both of us. We had sent never could imagine why it Whitehead and an orderly on was not moved. Twice when with the apparatus, and we we arrived there its operating were following quietly after in room had been blown out, and the ambulance car. We had onoe our radiographio room; got nearly down to the bridge at another time & shell had over the Isonzo, the Grafenberg come in and smashed part of Bridge as it was called, when

ating-room. The into their would aploded in out), a Dervence of them have 800 per. good couldes eesking with her anded, but some

had got rid

of the wounded

a hurried into

& sentry stopped us and said, turn, Mrs Hollings jumped out “The bridge is not passable, and ran up to the bridgehead, it is being shelled.” We pulled where the wounded were being olose in under the banks for collected. They paoked eight shelter (they are luokily very into the car and some others stoop just there) and composed into a lorry, and I started off ourselves to wait until the with my lot to the nearest bridge became healthy again. hospital. I had looked round The sight was a very fine one, for my oompanion, but she was the shells plopping into the only just visible up at the water all round the bridge and bridge, which they were still the splash going mountain- shelling, helping with the other high. Other cars came and wounded, so I went off without ranged themselves in behind us her and deposited my load at and well under the bank. A the hospital. The oar behaved Staff oar bustled up, and the quite well until I had got rid oooupant, a stoat old colonel, of the wounded, when it protumbled out and hurried into a ceeded to turn round and round dug-out. An Italian ambu- in the hospital yard, and I had lanoe driver, a Red Cross officer to get two soldiers to disencalled Gotland, came up and tangle the wheels for me. On talked to us, and we were the way up to the hospital, in watobing the shells with much passing the English ambulance interest when the ory went up section, I had shouted to them for an ambulance. There were that there was work for them only two ambulances there, at the bridge, and by the time ours and the Italian one; we I had unloaded my men and bowed politely and said “Your started to go baok the Englishturn,” but his oar turned out men had already gone. to be already full of sick When I got back the firing officers he was taking back had stopped, and I was reto hospital in Cormons, 80 lieved to find Mrs Hollings we hastily emptied the radio- waiting for me by the side of graphio table and one or two the road. She had stayed at other things that we had in the bridgehead with a man the car on to the ground, and who had been very badly hit, bundled up the hill to the until he died; that is why she bridgehead, whence the ory had not been able to come up had come. We stopped just with the ambulance. short of it in a place where I The very next day we had knew I could turn, as the oar I an episode of the same descripwas driving had the unpleasant tion: a shell burst in the road habit of turning round and in front of us, and a worker round on her own axis when in the road had the top of his asked to turn to the right in a head blown off. We did what tight place, and plenty of room we could, which was not much, was needed or she would have and put him into our car taken us into the river. While under the shelter of a wall, I was engaged in my cautious where he could lie comfortably without any one to worry him, way or the other: there were and Mrs Hollings sat with him; kicking mules, backing horses, bat there was nothing to be and huge lorries or oamions, done, and he died in about while the usual carabiniere half an hour without having seemed to be absent for once. shown any sign of conscious. I descended from the front of ness or pain. There was the oar into the crowd, and another man hit at the same found there was barely room time, who was much hurt in to get between the various his feelings at our not paying carts and motors, so tightly more attention to him. He jammed were they. At last I had been hit between the wriggled my way through, and fingers, a piece of shell having discovered an agitated caratorn the flesh. He whined like biniere with a small lantern, an offended baby, but was soon carefully shaded, in his hand. oomforted when I paid atten- On my appeal to him to make tion and poured iodine on it way for us, he said it was imand tied it up.

possible, that the jam had been The approaches to the bridges there almost an hour already, were generally crammed with and that he was quite helpless inoident, and often, especially alone. I suggested that if I at night, were very diffioult went to one end of the blook driving. The road was gen- with my electrio torch, and if erally crowded with troops, he stayed at this end, perlorries, and mules going both haps we might get them on the ways, usually in dead silence move. He agreed hopefully, and pitoh darkness, as no light and back I toiled through the was allowed of any kind. The crowd, telling them as I passed high soreens on each side of to be ready to move direotly the road blooked out even the the one in front moved, even if flashes from the guns which it was only an inoh. I forget lit the sky, and except for the how it was eventually done, noise of the distant enemy but between us we soon got batteries, broken oooasionally them on the move, and we by the roar of one of ours managed to get our motor stationed alongside the road, through and down to the the only noise was the shuffling bridge. There it was so dark of many feet and an ocoasional we could not see where the muttered ourse when some one bridge, a pontoon, ended or bumped into some one else. began. Out I had to get again

One night, about 11 P.M., I and walk over just in front of had left Mrs Hollings in Gor- the car with my eleotrio toroh izia, and was on my way back lit inside my hand, so that to Cormons, with Whitehead only a little red glow showed driving. It was pitohy dark, Whitehead where I was and and when we got down to the where the centre of the bridge banks of the river we found was. I was in a blue funk, ourselves in an unholy jam. beoause it was so slippery from It was impossible to move one wet that I nearly fell at every step, and if I had gone down shell caught a cart immediately the oar would have been sure behind us, and at the same to run over me, as Whitehead time another landed in the owned he could not see an inoh road immediately before us. in front of his face, and my It must be remembered that light was very small !

the nearest Austrian trenohes We always had adventuros were barely a mile beyond on that bridge: one time a the town.


The Italians used to send was a branch of the Hospital operating sections very olose Citta di Milano (a hospital up to the Front. They con- given by private subsoriptions sisted of two or three of the from the people of Milan). best surgeons, and established They wanted their own plant themselves in the most ad- at the main hospital, so asked vanoed posts, so as to treat us for ours, as being more the abdominal wounds and the easily moved in case of nocesworst head wounds. They gity. We went to look at the said that if you could operate tunnel before they took it in on abdominal cases within an hand, and a more unpreposhour, or at most two hours, sessing spot oould hardly have there was a chance of saving been imagined. It had been them which they certainly used formerly as a railway would not have if sent back tunnel, the line running to a field hospital in a shaky through it to Gorizia; then, ambulance before being oper. during the fighting for the ated on. These sections used Plava Valley, the Austrians us very much; and later, when had used it to house infantry. we had more apparatus at our After that the Italians used disposal, we used to lend oom. it for guns, and later for a plete plants to some of them, male stable, so the mess was sometimes with an assistant to knee-deep! It was about 300 do the work for them, or, if we metres long. It will give you had not an assistant free, we an idea of the general state used to leave a plant with them of the ground when I tell and go there ourselves when you that outside I had slipped there was a big attaok ex- going up the railway embank. peoted. They established them. ment, and, having fallen on my selves in oellars or in the same hands and knees, I could not house as a dressing station, or get the smell of putrefaction sometimes in a oave.

off my hands for two or three For the Bainsizza attaok one days, try as I might. of these sections was estab. The top and sides of the lished in a tunnel, and we were tunnel were all soot, and the asked to place an apparatus ground, in places where there and two assistants in it. It was not solid slime, was

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