Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Volume 5

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Halaman 243 - Some general rules should be adopted by the faculty, in every town or district, relative to pecuniary acknowledgments from their patients ; and it should be deemed a point of honor to adhere to these rules with as much uniformity as varying circumstances will admit.
Halaman 587 - Studies, by AUSTIN FLINT, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Halaman 260 - ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London. A New Edition, being the Sixth, revised and enlarged ; with 712 Woodcuts.
Halaman 212 - ... form a collection of the greatest importance to the profession. The Librarian of Congress has kindly consented to receive and preserve as a special deposit, in the Government fire-proof building, any collection of medical works the American Medical Association may make, and will catalogue, and keep them in condition to be readily consulted. The accommodation thus offered the Association for accumulating and preserving its library free of cost, is generous and most encouraging. Gentlemen having...
Halaman 251 - Dr. LP Yandell, Jr., Ky , introduced the following resolution : Resolved, That private handbills addressed to the members of the medical profession, or advertisements in newspapers, calling the attention of professional brethren to themselves as specialists be declared in violation of article — of section — of the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association.
Halaman 197 - Second American, from an entirely Revised and greatly Enlarged English Edition. WITH NUMEROUS WOOD-ENGRAVINGS.
Halaman 211 - The medical profession, and scholars generally, are aware of the ephemeral form in which most of the early American contributions to the literature of medicine were given to the world, and, indeed, in which many of the more recent are being published. This condition of much of our professional literature is deeply regretted by all, and particularly by those whose taste and research lead them to refer to this class of works, when the fact is made apparent that whole editions of tracts and books have...
Halaman 421 - ... communication in answer to Dr. Anstie's invitation to those who have studied the action of small doses of Ipecacuanha in vomiting and other diseases to make public their experience. I was led by the recommendation of a medical friend to test the value of small doses of Ipecacuanha ; and I did so, but with the greatest scepticism, and with the fullest expectation of finding these small doses useless.
Halaman 322 - ... the fresh formation of Quinine from albumen ; a temporary arrest of the changes going on ; a transfer of action probably to the Quinine introduced, so that with large doses deafness and great prostration and almost imperceptible pulse are produced in man, whilst in guinea-pigs death even is caused by the extreme prostration. In small doses, Quinine, probably like alcohol, gives an immediate stimulus when the first chemical action takes place ; but soon the Quinine retards the chemical changes...
Halaman 190 - I could iiot have entertained any hope of producing by electrolysis the least favorable change in the constitutional disease. On the 27th of April, and the 4th and 7th of May, in the presence of Drs. Metcalfe, Nott, and B. Howard, I performed the electrolysis by means of the large apparatus of Kriiger and Hirschman, with elements of Siemens, subdividing, at the second and third operation, the.

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